So if you guys have not subscribed yet make sure you do so hit the bell icon. So you always alerted to all my new videos and there is going to be a link in the description below. If you guys want to be interested to win one of those two products you just saw, but with that said, lets get right into the video. So ive been a youtuber for about two years now and ive been wanting to make smartphone videos for the longest time and ive just never looked into purchasing another iphone or another android, because ive been decently happy with my iphone experience. But with that said, i dont always want to be locked down to apple, because i like apples ios, but i dont, like the apple ecosystem, that im locked into. I would like to be able to take a look at other android phones and decide if i like an android better than an apple and im, definitely not an apple fanboy. With that said, i hate apple. I wish i could get out of the ecosystem, but im just so far gone that its hard for me to do. Doji sent me the s98 smartphone to take a look at, which is the rugged iphone their new flagship model for 2022. Its super cool so lets just take a look at the back of the box really quickly and see if theres any information we got to talk about before we get started so its got 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of internal rom, and it comes from The eu so ive never even heard of doji before, but i searched their brand up on the internet over the past few days and they got some really cool smartphones.

But im really excited to take a look at this because i saw pictures on the internet and wow was blown away and heres the unboxing experience for me and wow that just looks sexy as hell like the back is incredible. It looks so tactical like take a look at that yeah its got this sticker on it right now, but we can take that off. The entire phone is just so huge like compared to an iphone 13 max pro. You can sit the entire phone on top of the s98 and its still going to be bigger than the iphone with or without a case. I took my phone case off just for this video because it was the exact same size of the phone with the case and by the way guys, i am not being paid by doji to promote this phone. These are my honest views, but this video is sponsored by ridge wallet. Sometimes i have to carry this thing in my front pocket because its just too fat and i dont want to be sitting on it and it feels uncomfortable. You guys understand what im talking about. Sometimes you dont want a super, extremely fat wallet. You want to streamline everything and have a flat wallet thats, where ridge wallet comes in its a super slim design, thats, going to streamline all your cards and your cash inside your wallet and its going to turn it super thin. I just filled up my ridge wallet for the very first time guys by the way.

This is a nice sexy carbon fiber finish: you got a budget option if you want, or you can go more high end and get a nice carbon fiber option like this. They do also have plenty of other colors on their website. This is a gunmetal gray option. I believe super sexy just depends on what youre interested in very nice for fathers day. Both options are very sexy, very unique and if you guys want a discount at checkout, you guys can use my discount code beyond for 15 off at checkout. So if you guys are interested make sure you check the link below so with that said its made out of rubber, but it looks like its made out of leather, its a super premium. Looking finish, i dig the design so much so this kind of looks like the exact same kind of case that i had on my old iphone, so im really loving the design choice and just how sexy and tactical it looks like if you pull this phone out Of your pocket, youre gon na get a lot of questions. People are gon na. Ask you what smartphone is that bro ive never seen that before and youre just gon na get a lot of people looking at your phone, and i think this is a super unique phone. I am really happy with the design. Honestly, it looks super sexy on the sides of the phone youre gon na be able to get a tf sim card slot, so you can actually stick two sim cards and or a micro sd slot in there at the same time.

So you can add an extra card for more internal storage. They got a custom button on the side of the phone, so that way you can assign it to whatever you need. Maybe youre gon na make it the home button. Maybe youre gon na make it a camera button. You get the up and down rockers on the right side and you get the power button on the far right side as well and on the bottom im, assuming its going to be a usb type c at the bottom of this phone. But its got a little flap and they actually give you a little plastic tool, so you can actually plop the case yup usb type c, but its that tight that youve got to use this tool. I dont know if youre gon na have to use that for every single time that you use the phone. But they thought of everything and im really excited to take a look at this phone. And so i hope that its already on, because, if not were gon na, have to charge it speaking of which the charger is a 33 type c charger. But since were in america, im not going to be able to use this. Because this is not what our prongs look like for the wall outlets, so we got to get rid of that and were going to have to use our apple charger that charges with usb type c. So hopefully, that will give us just as fast of a charge to make this video now its time to power this baby up.

Please turn on dont. Make me charge you we might want to hold the power button in instead of the volume button, thatll work ooh. It just buzzed, hey okay, so it is rocking android and its rocking android 12.0 ive never used an android phone before. Besides my old, like lg, envy touch that was like from 2007 2008, its been a long time since ive touched an android, so this is going to be really cool. Now this screen is a 6.3 inch. Lcd fhd screen, which means full hd plus and the resolution, is 1080 by 2430 and the aspect ratio of this phone is 19 by nine, a little different than the iphone. They also have face id, so you can use face id and or fingerprint id thats really cool. I know this is probably standard for you, android users, but i havent never used an android, so dont come for me in the comments im still new, so it doesnt. Look like were going to need to charge the iphone at all. So lets see what else comes inside of here. Oh, it does come with a little screen protector. So if you want to use that you can, but the screen is gorilla glass, so its not like youre going to really need this, because if you drop your phone, its not going to break, i dont know if you guys are aware what gorilla glass is, but A lot of basketball courts use backboards with gorilla glass, so they dont break on very high in quartz, and this smartphone is no exception because its a high quality smartphone, its a rugged smartphone.

So that means its going to be drop resistant to around five feet. Ip68 and ip69 certified. So that means, if you are stuck in the rain or if your phone gets dropped in the bathtub, like i did with my iphone. Maybe a month ago, youre not gon na have any problems because its made for that just make sure that the usb type c port is closed and shut because then itll become waterproof. Finally, oh thats, sexy man, thats sexy automatically knows what time it is, but its in military time, its tuesday may 17th. 11. 30 at night. I film my videos really late, but wow. Here we go heres the android operating system. I have not used an android in years my buddy had one of the old original droids that used to make the drive, and i was so hyped by that phone. I was so jealous of him for having it was so cool. Now whats got to be my favorite part about this phone. Is the back this back at first glance, you think its a camera, but its actually not. There is three cameras in here. Well talk about that in a second. This is actually a screen, so its going to be your second screen. You can check the time you could switch songs with it. You could find out whos calling and click and select a call and pick up yeah its a touch screen, so thats crazy wow. I know this is not probably something thats new for you, android users, but damn for somebody.

Thats been stuck in the ios ecosystem, their entire life, since they got a smartphone, its cool, its really cool. To get your hands on something as different as this, and with such an insane sexy tech design, really tactical. Looking super sexy, very manly, a great gift for any guy in your life that doesnt, like apple. I definitely dont know how to use android to save my life, but uh. We can figure it out. So lets take a look at the camera really quick, since we were just talking about the cameras. So, as i was just saying, it has three cameras inside the first camera. The main camera is a 64 megapixel camera thats going to take all your standard photos. Your second camera is going to be the ultra wide camera lens and its going to be an 8 megapixel camera and your third camera is going to be a night vision, camera and thats, going to be a 20 megapixel camera and ive seen pictures of what it Can do online and i was super excited because it looks like youre literally looking through the lens of night vision goggles, if you guys have ever used night vision, goggles, you know exactly what im talking about very thermal. Looking super cool, this camera looks so nice lets. Take some photos to compare uh so at first glance same picture its not behind iphones quality at all whatsoever, its just it might be super close based on what i see in this image right now.

I think those two images side by side were almost exactly the same uh. I didnt see much of a difference, so the photos that you take with this phone arent bad by any means so lets see what the video camera is like lets see what it looks like and lets film an iphone video while were at it. So you guys can see the difference in the quality of the camera. Honestly, i think the iphone is a little bit more hd and clearer in photos its not that big of a deal, but in video the iphone really does shine when compared to the s98. I dont know if youre gon na be picking this phone up for the camera. Probably not if you guys are worried about the camera, quality and video recording and all that you might be slightly disappointed at the end of the day, but theres a lot of perks. That you get from using android over something like an ios, then im sure theres, probably plenty of other androids out there that have better cameras. This isnt horrible by any means its not as accurate, color wise compared to the iphone, but its not a big deal. Youre, probably not buying this phone for the camera, its not terrible, but i definitely dont think the camera is the best in the world. Plus you get other benefits of using this phone like a 432 hour standby time or 10 hour play time when youre playing games, or something like that.

So it gives you a big powerful all day battery that youre, not gon na, have deplete on you when youre trying to use it during the day. I think youre gon na be happy with the amount of time that the battery gives you on a days use and when you need to charge it, you can charge it from the usb type c down below or it does come with wireless charging. On the back. I believe the regular charging is about 30 watts an hour, and i think the wireless charging is around 15 watts an hour. Based on what i remember. Reading online. This is really cool guys. I think this phone is super sick, especially as someone whos stuck on the apple ecosystem and wants to get off and would love to be able to get off and go to android whenever he wants. This is perfect for a lot of you, tech heads out there who want a cool rugged, looking phone um that will be drop, dust, water, resistant and all that good stuff. If you want to be the topic of conversation at parties, you pull your iphone out, and people see this phone. They see a little circle screen on the back theyre going to be like whoa. What phone are you rocking bro? I think its really cool. I think you guys should check it out. Im gon na have the link in the description below if youre interested but yeah thats the end of this video.

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