My friends, manga lingu monk, design, magandang phone and im excited to show this to you. I know about special features meronetto and by the way, guys. This phone is retailing at 9990. Here in the philippines, for the six gig of ram and 120 gigs of storage, similar unboxing, so kita nathan, unbox, is very simple: white, not white, no nonsense, nothing outright! In your phone ct 50 and its very slim. I love the way it feels sarah and, of course i love the color miracle. Is the aqua green theres also other two colors, the pink and the black. So further inside meronshang slim is a jelly case, just like any jelly case from other smartphone brands and, of course, some kind of sim ejector tool, sim card metadata, usb type c, cable and a 40 watts. The fast charging, brick guys 40 watts still and you need a adapter to be able to use your charger. Billy lanker is my favorite hardware. Nino for the adapter, like i told you on design, is very elegant. The helmet, some french aesthetics. It makes things a lot better than my friends, so magellan cinema design, and i expect this one to be nothing less than a good feeling. The phone on the piston 179 grams is so light, grab it and the other things nito, bingo, saying loudspeaker type c board microphone in and, of course, akane, sim 3. It can only support two nano sim and 4g launcher: expand micro, sd card power, button, slash fingerprint scanner and, of course, some kind of volume, rocker silicone triple camera setup, the 64 mp main sensor, then saharan 16 and pina front selfie, shooter, first impression.

Koditos kenya is display 6.6 inch, fhd, plus hindisha amulet, but screen to body ratio, 94 percent im gon na scream to body ratio. Normally mahita has a smartphone. The gear range around 87 to 19. and probably the only one alamko known screen to body ratio. It shall be mix this one 94 is quite impressive, so giving you the full screen, experience and a hand up more im kind of edgeless display is definitely something that you should consider if you like to watch videos binge watch the ma, korea novella on netflix, and This one is definitely a good device if youre looking for something like that, can i come a lot of videos. Detailed and enjoyable youtube. Netflix grab it even the level three whiteboard security level, langsha the gamapundo hd uses netflix, but the display on this one is definitely nice, even at 60 hertz, london well and browsing on facebook on twitter, on ig, okay, now, okay, smoothness, with my experience, Music Applause, Music. Well, the sound is just average hindi and i would highly suggest that gamete multiplied by maximized, wong immersive experience, while youre watching and of course, customering equally nicely done kind of sound, so either use a bluetooth, tws or your favorite wireless headphones, its all. Okay, now autofocus is being powered by the mediatek helio g85, its a quite a powerful chip, nah thats, a mid range channel and it can really perform. Multitasking has a battery size of 4 thousand milliampere hours of battery, and i know that its not the largest in the industry than 179 grams of tomvo nato.

So probably nearly a battery parameter and it can support as fast as 40 watts fast charging and charging from zero to a hundred. It takes roughly an hour that was not gon na be shocked, has an impressive battery life then, and you have arsenal tagalog for roughly two weeks a day to start his channel, and i was quite impressed with the battery life little phone, nato. It was able to last me for a day without problem on normal usage like browsing. The web social media taking some viber calls then of course, playing some mild games and, of course, taking some photos and it lasts me through the day, impressive battery life and speaking of gaming, the triagon and the long game detail call of duty mobile and asphalt 9. Graphics, settings because i know the media tech helio g85 is just a young mid ranger for gaming, hindi sobrang begotten up on gaming, but it can game so syneco a little bit lower, im kind of graphic settings frame drops and, of course it lags along the way. So the gameplay is nice uh. I love the big screen named phoneto. It was giving me a very nice experience. Screen 94 percent on screen to body ratio definitely is a plus a bonus for any gamers out there and the touch sensing on this one is quite fast uh. I was able to well win a lot of rounds here in call of duty mobile, and i love the graphics here or in augusta.

Even there are times that i got my feedback, my frame drops, and sometimes my coating lags its okay and, of course, little asphalt. 9, i was able to breeze through a several several laps here now that there are times and yeah. Overall, the gameplay was great uh, though its not the best experience on on a mobile device. Of course separate. My gaming phones would be a lot better, but this one can give you you moderate gaming, heavy gamer now and camera network t50. It has triple camera setup 64, mp, maintenance, 8 mp ultra wide lens and 2 mp. Im kind of macro lens shut up 16 amp in a front shooter and peanut button. Camera superb cameras outdoors, yes, true enough impressive outdoor shots using this phone – and i was really blown away with all of those good quality photos that i was able to intake me to support nato panchi anger, color production. I was really surprised. There was a new entry in a phone here in the philippines and was able to perform like a almost a flagship level, and then a camera is definitely something that i was impressed because of nato. Then of course going indoors. Okay, did my indoor shot using the rear camera? I was also impressed with your zoom nettle phone. I dont know even though bug that is a 5x its a bit blurry but okay and, of course, trying to use the selfie camera karabe, magandarinang, selfie, cabernet, Music and, of course, trying some video.

I know novella image stabilization domain, but the images are good, sharp and punchy. Probably you might need to buy yourself a gimbal if youre trying to vlog using this phone, where they shut up vlogging, now guys give away some official pages, and here is the mechanics on how to join so guys. The impressive gadget sidekick details t50 overall, the design is nice. I like the feel and yeah and, of course, screen to body ratio and 94 percent its really jaw dropping the head. Piston, the camera is superb. The gaming is well okay, thats also, but overall, i can well really recommend this for 99.90, it really packs a lot of fun, especially when you love photography. This phone can really perform and you should really consider it, even though its really brand new in the brand. This is running already on android 11, and i can assure you the smoothness will experience that of nato. If you want to buy this phone ill, be popping it on the description box below checking it out. And, of course, if you like this, video dont forget to like subscribe and, of course, click the little bell icon button, you never miss about future videos here, stacking channel.