Video were going to take a look at the easy flash junior, which is a flash card that can play game boy and game boy. Color games on a wide variety of game. Boys and in this video were gon na check it out so lets. Go Music lets see what you get when you buy an easy flash junior. You get, of course, the flash cartridge you get. The plastic insert and theres probably no manual, so oh theres a sticker, and i think youre supposed to put this sticker here on the cartridge just so you know that this is your easy flash cartridge, but im not going to do that. I, like it translucent taking a closer look at the cartridge. It follows the same design principle as the easy flash omega with the translucent case, its a great looking cartridge and its built really sturdy. Very nice. It has one screw on the back the easy flash logo on the pcb very nice and that one screw is so you can open it up and easily replace this battery, which is the real time clock battery. It doesnt have any exposed buttons on the outside, but it does have a reset button which is right there and you can press it by simply pressing the outer shell and, i think, thats, a very nice and elegant solution. The sd card slot is a lot better than on the omega, and you have to push it in and then its in place, so all in all a very good looking cartridge and optionally.

Of course, you can place this sticker here. The easy flash junior will, of course, work on the original game boy and, of course, the game boy color. It will also work in a game boy pocket. It works in a game boy light. It also works in a game boy advance and it also works in an advanced sp. The only game boy it doesnt work with is the game boy micro, because this only accepts gamer advanced cartridges and for that same reason it also doesnt work in a nintendo ds. Sad gamer noises first thing you need to do is format your sd cards as follows: set it to fat32 and set the allocation unit size to 32 kilobytes then set a volume name and choose format. You need to store your roms in folders. I made two folders one for game boy games, one for game, boy, color games and then inside i made a few folders make sure that the individual games are not zipped. They need to be dot gb files. The same goes for the game, boy color games. They need to be extracted as well, no zips they need to be gbc files. Next, go to the easy flash website go to downloads click on easy, flash junior and then download the latest kernel and firmware by clicking the download link open up the zip you just downloaded and copy the update file and the file and copy them over to The root of your sd card, the easygb.

dot file, needs to be in the root of your folder at all times, and the update file is to update the firmware on your actual cartridge were now done at the computer side. So lets put the sd card in the easy flash junior and try it out my game boy, color doesnt have a backlit screen and doesnt really show up very well on the camera. So for this review im going to use my game boy advance. If you start up your game boy with the easy flash junior inserted, you get to this little menu on top, you see three options as the set and help, and you can switch between those with the select key sd is, of course, the contents of your sd Card, if we press select, we go to the set screen where we can set the current time and if we press select again, we go to the help screen, which shows the current firmware and kernel version and where you can download newer versions. Apparently the easy flash junior remembers, which firmware it flashed because in the root of my sd card, was a firmware version called firmware version 4, which i installed this afternoon and now it doesnt show that file anymore, but it is on there. So apparently, it keeps track on which version is installed, which is nice for the file browser. We can use the d pad up and down selects the current folder lets press a to go into the gameboy color folder.

As you can see, it shows a selection of games here and if we press down, we go down into the list, but when we get to the last game it doesnt go any further. We need to press to the right to go to the next page and then we can select roms here so to the right. This page down to the left, is page up and then up and down to select a rom in that current screen. One thing to note is that this easy flash junior is a bit slower than the easy flash omega, and you can see that when you press page down it takes a while to load the page, its not a problem per se. But it is noticeable that it is a bit slower now lets find the rom that we can play lets go for books, bennys, crazy castle. It will then flash the rom onto the card and then reboot the system so that it launches the game Music. I started the japanese game, i hope its a platformer nice now. What ive set up here is, of course, multiplayer madness with the easy flash omega you couldnt play original gameboy or gameboy color games with the link cable and with the easy flash junior you can so lets test it out. Right now i have my original copy of tetris here and i have the downloaded rom on my sd card, two players, two players that works, and that is of course awesome here.

He goes so a few lines should appear on the bottom here, yep there. It is. I won from me the easy flash junior will always boot to this menu. But if you want to play the last game that you played simply press start, it will ask, do you want to start the last game and then you say: okay and it will instantly boot into that game. This was a closer look at the easy flash junior. A flash card that lets you play game boy and game boy, color games on every game boy and because it doesnt use emulation, you can use the link cable to do multiplayer games and, for example, trade pokemon. I want to thank venku retro for sending over this review unit. Thank you very much. Hes. The official easy flash dealer for the netherlands link is in the description so for now. Thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe if you havent already that helps me out a lot. Thank you very much.