So it was absolutely glorious yesterday and we did so much tidying up and put the bunting out, but its a bit grim today, but never mind lets crack on with this. This is a this is something for summer, and so we have this goodmans bluetooth, led flame bluetooth, speaker for indoor and outdoor use. I picked this up in um b m bargains uh and it was 18 pounds wow exclusive to bm goodmans. They were never really the good brand back in the day anyway, so yeah this um. This is just a name and nothing else, im afraid so. Its bluetooth flame effect rechargeable battery indoor and outdoor use. Uh. There is a garden spike included, so you can either have it on the table top or you can actually put it into the grass or the you know the ground over there. If you wanted to have it like that, um i can see from the front. We have the power on and power off, volume up volume down and then the flame control. Very, very simple, so it says here at goodmans. We believe great products should be innovative, attractive and affordable with over 90 years experience in electricals. Our vision remains as clear as ever a familiar name to british consumers. We began manufacturing in london in 1923 and have remained within the hearts and homes of the british public. Ever since we pride ourselves on developing the technology essentials for modern living, our new products work straight out of the box and combine the latest features with some simple functionality.

Goodmans brilliantly simple, well, be the judge of that. Okay, so still got its seal on it, which is good, so we have here the user manual guarantee and safety um Music card and the gizmo charging cable, ouch garden spike. We have a garden spike which goes on like so, and then that goes into the garden. Oh lets take it out of the package and there we have whoops and there we have the led with the speaker on top lets, have a look and see if theres any power in it. Perhaps you have to hold it bluetooth mode, pairing, ah and there we go and theres the light all right. So its just light on and off see if we can turn it off power off. Okay, so you hold it for power on and you hold it for power off very, very simple. First thing: im going to do is charge it up for a while youve got dc of 5 volts, so im going to give it a bit of a charge up and well come back and try it. Okay, ive had this on charge now for about two hours and theres, a rubber seal at the back, which you just flap open, theres, the um micro usb for charging it little indicator light, goes red when its charging and then goes out when its finished charging. So, very very simple: it is waterproof um, but i still wouldnt have it in the rain to be absolutely honest: okay, so functions on it, theres the power button, volume down volume up and the lamp.

Now you can have the flame on at any time, just switch. It on it is only on or off so, even if you didnt want to use it um as a speaker mode, you can just use it as the led and im sure the power on this will last a long time. You get its five hours to charge. Three hours of speaker life – and i can imagine with these little leds that would be hours and hours. I havent tested it, but i will test it and see uh. It may go off by itself, it doesnt say on the instructions at all. So when it comes to turning it on so ive brought my little jbl speaker here, so we can compare the sound because i have not switched it on or paired at all. So i have no idea. Ive got my spare phone here, so its all ive gone into is my bluetooth, so its ready to pair. So what you do, then, is hold the on button for like five seconds bluetooth mode, pairing so its in bluetooth mode and on my phone there we go. It comes up as goodmans flame, so you just press that wait a few seconds connected and it tells you it is connected if you want to turn it off, just hold the button for three seconds and its powered off. If you want to turn it back on three seconds, bluetooth mode connected there, we go connected so then it automatically connects now from the sound of that from what she was saying.

Didnt, sound amazing. Let me lets play something okay, so i have got it here. Set up ive got like a little what ive done like a fake video. So if i press play it is now connected volume, minimum volume, maximum Music do Music, Music, Laughter, Music right, so the sound on it is not amazing. If i turn this off oh and then turn on the little gbl, okay, so im gon na do the same song now with the jbl Laughter Music. So the sound on this tiny little jbl, which was not much more than the price of this. This was 18 and the jbls you can get them for 20 quid in argos. The sound on this is way better, but the flame effect on this, of course, for having in the garden. That is the selling feature of it. So if you were just looking for something which was just, let me turn that jbl off there. We go turn this back on bluetooth mode, connected all right, theres, no bass to it, its very, very tinny, its just a very poor, sound quality on it. But if you just wanted something sort of some ambient music um, then thats fine, but its such a shame, because the led light on it is really good. Im gon na do the next part of the video im gon na pop it on the little coffee table over there when its darker. So you can see it, but the led effect on it is really really nice, its just a shame that they didnt pay.

Just a little bit more attention to the speaker quality, because that was really rubbish if it had had this quality and this lovely flame, absolutely perfect, dont expect miracles from it is a poor, sound quality on it, but the light on it is fantastic. So right, what im going to do now im going to wait until it gets a little bit darker because its still early in the afternoon and then i will pop it on the coffee table uh with some ambient music and um yeah, and we will see what Its like in the night so ill see you guys in a minute Music. So there we go guys. That is the end of the review of the um bluetooth speaker flaming torch. As you can see, that looks really really nice. I can show you well, you cant really see much that its its dark time there, but um yeah. It gives a really nice ambiance um its really quite bright, its a lot brighter than the solar ones. My mama has over there, but yeah absolutely perfect um. As a speaker, i dont rate it much as a flame, its fine and if youve got a group of people – and you just want to play some music in the background. Something nice and light then wont be a problem at all ill turn. The volume up Music there we go guys. Thank you very much for watching.