Um ive used these for a couple of years now and i have got four of them well three, because i gave one to my daughter recently and i use them for when im knitting ive got one in my craft. Room ive got one here that i use for when im, making the swatches or the patterns for youtube and ive got one over beside where i sit and watch the television at night um. It just saves me going looking for them and moving them around. So i just bought three of them and the fourth one i gave to my door. It comes in a little package and its got this piece of paper here and um. It tells you basically how it works and inside it shows you how to put it together. Thats, what im going to do right now just to show you because ive got all the bits here, because this is one ive just bought my fourth one, so to start with um ill. Try to think what i do to start with were going to get the bottom piece and then were going to get the piece for the ridge in it and were going to put it all the way through okay and then were going to get this little ring. Im going to put that on top and then the little orange clip goes all the way over there it goes. I cant believe i just did that. I dropped it earlier in the day and it actually went underneath a chair im going to do this differently.

I cant catch it because of my nails, hold on right, im, going to put it on over the top Music, and then it goes down into that clip and that keeps that in place. Okay, this goes on top of there. Okay, then, the other part of the spindle goes in here. You just got to give it a bit of a push in okay. Now this hole here is for this to go in so that you can just set your rule on it like that. The next pit is this that goes in, like that all the way down, okay and then the metal bit goes in here there we go so ill. Show you the one thats over at the wall here, thats, the one i use when i making the swatches and not so this is your spindle. This is your spindle that you put the bowler roll on and then you just hang it on the magnet and then, if you want to take it off the magnet, just pull it off and it sits in the v hole down there. Ill just show you mine, working over here right there, im, sitting, knitting away and the wall is just unwinding. It does not get tangled up absolutely not get tangled up. The ball will just go round and round whatever, and it just does not. Toggle ive never had it tangled, yet absolutely brilliant love them to bits highly recommended by me anyway, whether thats, genuine recommendation or not, i dont know, but i love it absolutely love it.

So if you fancy trying one out, i got mine off amazon. I think it was, but i originally got it from. I originally got it from ebay. I think it was its called.