If you use that in a game, you should be able to win any game. So I wan na try and figure that out Where theres a CathyCat cats ears are never far so lets review the nekomimi cat ears, Alright, swoosh meowing and quacking. There used to be a version 1. This is version 2, so lets review it. If you want to know about version 1, there is a video i made about it check it out. If you wan na know the differences about version 1 and version 2, So lets check the new one out: Fluffy cat ears, squish and two sensors, one and two Also this time there is no battery, you charge it with a USB cable. If you look closely, there are two cute things you can spot. The light here is in the shape of a cat. The forehead sensor has a little cat paw on it. The forehead sensor needs to go to your skin. My hint is to hide it under your fringe and make sure it touches your forehead if it doesnt it wont work. If theres some space inbetween, it wont work. So make sure the forehead sensor actually does touch your skin Number 2. Connect it to your ear.. You need the sensor to be connected to your ear And make sure that you catch hair here or maybe a mask here. Theres only one switch so lets push it Calibrating. One ear up and one ear down is calibrating Two ears moving is the normal mode.

Both ears going down is relaxed mode And if you are concentrating there is a concentration mode, There is a concentration mode. We are currently …. Oh Ok, I just heard a special sound. I think This time, actually real cat sounds have been included. The idea is to get more cats to come to you, so you can play a bit with cats. Hopefully What if I try and meditate … lets, try … It works. Maybe you have them on to do work from home to make work from home more entertaining or when youre traveling. You can put it on. If you just wan na go cosplay Streaming on Twitch or similar, maybe on a date see what happens if you both wear it on a date, cooking bowling and card games are apparently, and everyone else can see. The reaction and those uh can guess easier. What cards shes, holding good idea, I kind of wan na, do that? Hey there introduce yourself, I am Mako Thats Mako. Today we are gon na. Have you in a little game, lets play. In this game? Please hide the ducky And I will try guess where it is. I am confident I can guess it Really. Is it this one? Do I have to respond Nope? Is it this one Who knows And this one Who knows Sure Well well Its this one? Who knows Its? Not this one? I think its, not this one! …! Ok, ok, ok! Oh no! This thing is giving me away How about this one Its possible.

Ah, ah, ah You are relaxed …. It is …, not this one. Ah Youre relaxing now I am Hm, maybe not that one Lets pick this one. If I picked this one …, I will win all the sweets …. She is trying to hide her emotions There. It was, I feel, a little relieved now that its over You allowed us to film you, so we will buy you some sweets Yeees, But more than that, we got special permission … to talk with the maker of Nekomimi ears, so Lets find out what they say And what kind of secrets they can share with us Nice to meet you Nice to meet you too? Can you tell us more about your Nekomimi ears, Nekomimi measures, brain waves, It can detect ah moments or when you are focussing or when you are relaxing and these ears will express those emotions When you relax the ears go down. They just did. Yeah. When you are very focussed, they will do a meow sound. What was hard about making this product Because there was no product like this on the market. It was hard to develop it. We had to think about how to move them and how often per second they should move. It was tricky to make the movement look natural. Is there something very Japanese about these products? It reads: brain waves, but the result, the actual wearer, cannot see Making a product whose benefits are visible, for others is very Japanese.

In my opinion, How can people have fun with these ears? If you wear them things, someone might be hiding. These ears reveal. It might show where the joker is So simply playing trump is fun. What are your plans with the Nekomimi in the future? Right now we are wearing these in real life right. We were hoping to find a way for them to move in the virtual space too. For example, when gaming online having your nekomimi give impulses into the game, A fusion of VR and Nekomimi, Yes, we hope that we can add real nekomimi reactions into the virtual spaces too. Any other challenges you plan to do. There are a lot of great things. You can do with brain waves. Like what is it like when you are sleeping When you are relaxing or when your are exercising. Maybe we can develop nekomimi that work with that. I think thats a great idea and we need that.. Please develops something like that. I will try, How do you want people to have fun with Nekomimi? Well …? Oh, I just focussed People who love cats can be any age or any gender. We augmented these ears to be like cat ears.. We want many people to feel closer to cats. If we have fun, we will also get along more with cats. Even if you dont do anything, these ears will move, They will express things for you, So have fun with friends using them.

It doesnt always work as smoothely as it did with us in the game, but You can definitely understand certain parts of it. That was a lot of fun theres a lot of ways to play. If you are curious about it, there is another video here that you can check out with more info, where I checked out the very first version of the nekomimi that came out a couple of years, ago. Thanks for checking us out. If you are curious about more check out in the describtion box, we and others got to offer and more about these ears. It was lovely to have you here, dont forget to subscribe and theres another video here. If you are interested in the Nekomimi cat ears that I have done when I reviewed number one Check that one out too.