I think this is probably one of the most useful cost effective tools that you can buy to keep your usb port on your cell phone from wearing out. This is mandatory not to mention that it is just phenomenal quality for the price. So this is the three foot: version comes with two charging cables and two magnetic top c bits. Im gon na get up close and personal that here in just a minute for 12.99 on amazon.com link in the description below so uh. This video is for my fellow gig workers and the gig economy. Youre gon na be youre gon na be working on your phone eight hours a day and youre going to want to charge your phone quite a bit, but plugging and unplugging eventually takes its toll on your usb port. Whether you got a lightning port or a type c port, either way they do make these for every for everything i just got mine. I got my cables specifically for top c, but they make variations. I needed to find a solution and find a solution fast, because id use my port so much on one phone that when you put when you put the charging cable into the port, it would fall out by gravity alone. I knew i was wearing it out. You could stick your cord in it and wiggle it around, and there would be plenty of play from that phone to now. I wanted something i could put in my phone permanently and connect and disconnect, and i had shopped around for several different magnetic chargers like this and uh.

Most of them that are made have a a round bottom. They dont allow for it to fit in your cell phone case uh. These are definitely oval and they fit perfectly in my cell phone case. They last about one whole year, where theyre magnetic you wouldnt believe how much lint and dirt is around you. That is actually magnetic because you drop your cell phone magnetic dust from the ground can get in the port. I will show you up close and personal and if youre in a car – and you drop the magnetic end in your floorboard, everything in your floorboard thats magnetic will gather up in that. So you got to keep that clean and after about a year, i do recommend you dispose of what you have and replacing it with brand new because it gets so cruddy. You wont want to keep it and it loses proper connection. Everything ill show you all really up close and personal here in just a minute lets go all right folks. I have no idea how to pronounce that k. U? U? L a a lets find out how to pronounce that cooler, cooler! Okay, the brand name is cooler. I would have never knew that google is a very handy tool. Folks lets open it up, im, not really going to have to get enough lets open. These up lets see here. Yes, my table is now scarred and well get to these here in just a second of course, it says cool on the tip and has a k on the other tip it is braided, looks very nice feels quality and there theres the magnetic insert.

Let me once again: we got ta get the trusty knife. Try our best not to cut ourselves. God bless people so magnetic they stick together all right. So the idea is, i wanted to uh not have to plug anything or unplug anything from my phone. So you can see it right now, but theres a a lot right there. It turns green when its making proper contact just like that. So that goes in your phone. You unplug and plug it as you need, as you see fit, do not let either of these pieces hit the ground every piece of magnetic dust will get collected in them. Let me show you what im talking about so first, let me show you my phone just how cruddy that is. In there i mean thats, just and even one of the pins are bent now that ive got it. Magnetized lets go a little bit closer ooh. My phone is filthy. I did not know that was that bad just for comparison, just in case just in case this looked clean to you, put the brand new one right beside it. This has hit the ground a few times and and ive actually had to take a safety pin and get in there and scrape out metallic rocks and stuff. But you learn as you go. You get really good at keeping this from going places, dig and click dust, but that is the reason these things would last forever.

In theory, they absolutely would um, but because they are magnetic that is the downside to them. You i do recommend you changing them out. Every year, even if theyre still working, this one is not making proper connectivity anymore and you have to turn it sideways ill. Show you what im talking about here in just a second so heres the nastiness in this now i could clean these out. I could, but it is a pain to get that out of there. Forgive my fingers, theyre cracked, its an absolute pain to get that crap out of there and honestly its not worth it its, not making proper connection anymore, so heres. What its doing right now see that green light here lightly, when ive been connecting it. That lot will go off, thats completely connected flush and, for some reason, its not making proper connected connection, and you literally have to bend it a little bit and i think it just shorter the circuit, it sure did it made it shut off because it wasnt connection Right and there it goes again it actually, it actually made my power bank shut off, auto shut off so its time for new baby its time for new. I think the courts messed up im, not a hundred percent but im not willing to take brand new magnets and find out if its the cord or the bit im pretty sure its a little bit of both but theyre wore out.

So much and uh its just time, for you guys, and i mean to tell you its a pain, its an absolute pain to get those out absolutely once theyre in theyre. In so out with the ode and with the new so were going to take the brand new one, it might be ideal to clean that just like take that off and clean it lets lets. Do that. So i got some all purpose cleaner here lets get this. I did not know my cell phone was that that filthy lets get this nasty off there hows. It look, looks like ten times better than it did since were putting all new it might as well make it fresh and clean just like that. Dont be forceful with it, but it is tight, so i feel like im putting too much force. I want to back off and approach it differently. You should feel it click really good one time in this case it click two times because depends on both sides connected now. I never have to take this out of my phone and this port will never wear out everythings, making proper connectivity and it charges fast like faster than i expected a magnetic cable to charge, but i dig it but yeah. I use magnets a lot on my job. This is just a solution for me. I want to share with everyone else. For 12.99 you get two. I usually put one on my computer and one in my car.

So when im in my car i dont have to plug and unplug, i can just take the magnetic charger and charge it when i need to charge when i get home. Ive got one of these and virtually every phone in my house hook in one of these into every device, such as a computer, laptop, etc. That allows me to connect and disconnect everything. Everything in my house takes a usb type c or anything that i use on a daily basis gets this treatment 12.99. You cant beat it guys. So what do you all think is it neat? Would this be useful to you in any way? Oh yeah guys. I just wanted to share that with you its one of my favorite gadgets for dirt cheap, very affordable. If i can buy it, so can you, as always the link is in the description below if you want to go, get one for yourself and for all the spec junkies out there, the transfer rate is uh. Lets see if i cant find it. The transfer rate is 480 megabyte per second damn good. If you ask me this little gadget changed my life in a very small and subtle way. It changed. My life made my life a lot more easier and i can keep it on the go now without worrying about wearing out my usbc port and okay for all the spec nerds out there. This handles uh three amp fast charging 480 megabyte per second data transfer.

10. 000 plus the curve, whatever that means an led lighting. Referring to that green light, i wonder what that curve means im, assuming how many times you can plug and unplug it. Oh 10, 000 plus uh bending, i guess, uh durable, nylon, braid special strain relief design can bear 10 000 plus bending tests i mean it is. It is high quality maximum output, 3 amp charging speed is 65 faster than other similar cables. Im ive been using these cables for years and im just now, finding out new things about them once again, link in the description below. If you all interested in reading up on this buying your own et cetera, et cetera, it weighs 1.97 ounces thats a 4.2 star rating on amazon im, definitely impressed. I highly recommend you look into it. Support the company seem to be really cool. I havent bought a bad product from them. Yet ive got several cords in my house with a coolant name uh on them and ive used them for an entire year before they go bad, so i cant recommend them enough, but with all that being said, thank you guys so much for stopping by and watching. If you made it to this far in the video i just want to. Thank you. Thank you.