Ive been on the lookout. For the perfect monitor so that i can still use my mac laptop, but at the comfort of my desk ive had many favorites and ill link them all below, but what i really wanted was an apple display. The problem was the only one apple sold was the prodisplay xdr, which starts at 6 grand way out of my budget, which is why i was thrilled when apple announced, the studio display still pricey at 15.99, but much more affordable, hi im michael josh, your gadget, matchmaker And in this video well find out if the new studio display is your gadget match Music, my studio display came in this brown box and just like most apple devices, just look for the arrow and tug. This breaks the seal so that we can get to the actual box inside by the way, depending on which stand configuration you choose, the size of the box will vary. If you take a look at my two studio, display boxes, youll find that the type of stand is printed as a photo on the side of the box, again pull on the arrows to break the seal and before opening its safer. If you slide it down on its side, so you can lift the cover up like this inside youll notice. Two more arrows that point outward just nudge, both in the direction of the arrows doing so allows you to free the display from slumber, underneath theres, a packet and inside are some user guides.

A sticker and an apple polishing cloth do note that the apple polishing cloth only comes bundled with the nano texture option thats, because this finish requires a little more help in terms of cleaning versus, say. A regular microfiber cloth over the years. Apple has sold different kinds of displays for the mac, including the original apple monitor for the apple ii in 1998 they actually announced a product also called the studio display, and it looked like this, my favorites though, although i never really owned one were the cinema displays This one came with a transparent stand later on. It was followed up by this model, which design wise is the precursor to todays. Studio, display apple sold, a thunderbolt version of this display up until 2016, and most of these displays were priced at an average of 9.99. In the few years that followed, there were no apple branded displays until in 2019 apple announced the pro display xdr, but as it was intended for a specific set of creative professionals, it was also much pricier. 2022S new studio display is meant to fill in that gap. Left behind by the cinema display Music, alright. So what is the apple studio display? Well, its a 27 27 inch 5k monitor with 600 nits of max brightness and a pixel density of 218 ppi. Its probably one of the prettiest monitors that one can buy today and its got apples. Dna through and through with an all aluminum build clean lines and gentle curves slim black bezels frame, the display, theres, no apple logo or product name printed up front thats reserved for the back of the device.

There are no buttons and only four usb c ports on its back, one of which supports thunderbolt 4, which also delivers up to 96 watts of power. So, for example, it can fast charge an m1 max powered macbook pro, while also delivering enough power for that laptop to run at max capacity. The other three usb c ports support a 10 gigabits per second connection, which you can use to connect external storage devices. Other peripherals and networking up front theres, a facetime camera built in and grills on top for fan, vents and speaker grills on the bottom finally, to enable features like spatial audio and center stage, theres a built in a13 bionic chip, the same chip used to power, the Iphone 11 series more on these features in a bit, but first i wanted to talk to you about my experience using the studio display when i first saw it in person. It seemed smaller than i had expected and maybe thats, because ive been reviewing pretty large monitors. Recently, thats not to say 27 interest, isnt large enough, i think its a well balanced size for my needs and even if ive said, i prefer 16×10 displays for some reason on this monitor 16×9 doesnt bother me colors are great and like on the iphone. It has true tone, so the display can adjust its color temperature to match lighting conditions with the sun shining brightly outside and the studio lights hitting me directly. I think its time to take a break cool down and talk about this videos sponsor the toras coolify 2.

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The studio display is the only monitor, at least that ive reviewed. That comes with a built in web camera, and i do know that the likes of dell and asus have monitors that do, but all those monitors look like they have an external camera stuck on top of them. Nothing is quite as sleek and unobtrusive as the built in web cameras of the studio display right. So apart from that built in web camera, embedded right here on top of the display are three mic arrays, designed to ensure crystal clear calls. So, with all of that said, lets see what video and audio quality is really like. So this is a sample recording using the built in microphone and camera off the studio display im using zoom the video conferencing application and recording the audio straight from the microphones on the monitor. As you can see, if i walk around the frame because of center stage, the camera will follow me around. I can kind of move up, i can kind of move down and it should be able to follow me. There is a caveat, though, because center stage requires an ultra wide angle, camera. What the software is doing is zooming in to keep me at a size that one would expect on a video call up, but that of course comes at the expense of video quality. But you be the judge. Let me know in the comments section below how i look and how i sound Music apple claims.

These speakers, built into the studio display, are the highest fidelity speakers ever created for the mac and theyre not lying. The sound quality from this guy is, unlike any other, monitor that ive tested recently lets. Take a look at the setup, its got six speakers four are force, canceling woofers for bold articulate bass and two are tweeters for accurate, mids and crisp highs. Great sound, plus its 16×9 aspect ratio means its the perfect display. If you want to watch movies and videos, these speakers also support spatial audio. So if the content youre watching or the music that youre listening to supports it, youre going to get a surround sound like experiments Music, if you shop for a studio display on apple.com, you will be presented with a lot of options, but dont worry well walk through Each one right now option: one is the type of glass standard, glass or nano texture. Glass standard glass is 15.99. Nano texture is 300 more in simpler terms, its just a choice of glossy versus matte. I have them here side by side, while pricier, i prefer the nano texture glass, because i use my studio display beside a bright window and this option is excellent at removing any unwanted glare. By scattering the light as it bounces off the display notice, with both monitors, turned off, you can easily tell which is which the glossy standard glass option reflects my face: the nano edge model doesnt, but even with them, turned on its the same thing and at my Desk, i can see the strip lights and my lego city reflected on the glossy model.

So for someone who deals with editing photos and videos, i can see how that might be distracting on the flip side. The glossy finish does give colors more pop and the matte finish does render text less crisp, but only if you zoom in so my recommendation is, if you dont like reflections. If your desk is beside or behind a bright window or if youre like me and are a content creator and need to film displays from time to time and have a lot of lights that you dont want reflecting on it, then you definitely will want the nano Texture option, however, for everybody else, i think you can save some money and go with the standard model. Music option two is stand type and you have three to choose from tilt. Adjustable is the basic option: tilt plus height adjustable costs, four hundred dollars more and finally theres a vase amount, adapter option, thats the same price as the basic option. Obviously, if youve already invested in the vasa system, then get the vase amount adapter, i have the other two tilt adjustable option. Just adjust the tilt 30 degrees. The tilt plus height model, can do so too, but it also can go up like this from the standard. 18.8 inches all the way up to 23 inches. This mechanism is called a counter balance arm and it ensures that adjusting the height feels smooth and weightless. I really like the height adjustable stand, because it ensures that, whether im sitting at my desk or at a standing desk, then i can adjust the height of my monitor to suit my needs.

That said, if you think your desk setup isnt going to change, save yourself the money also because of the size of the counterbalance arm youll, find that the stand of the nano texture model extends deeper by one and a half inches to be exact. So thats also something to consider, depending on the size of your desk. One last thing: while i hear it is possible at apple, certified service centers at apple stores stands are not user replaceable, so make up your mind before you buy so who should buy the new apple studio display, listen starting at just under sixteen hundred dollars. The apple studio display is still on the pricier side of things where monitors are concerned. That said as an apple user, who has long wanted the perfect monitor for my apple setup, but who couldnt afford the pro display xdr? This was a no brainer and its the perfect complement to the mac studio, the mac mini or any docked apple laptop. I love the fact that it has center stage built in that way. I dont need to connect an external camera to take conference calls and apples claims are true. It does have the best speakers on any apple device to date, which means it doubles as an excellent display for watching movies too. I know there are a lot of haters out there, but i really do love my apple studio display and i think you will too. The apple studio display starts at 15.

99 and weve, given it the gadget match seal of approval, and that was our 2022 apple studio, display, unboxing and review. If youd like to see more videos like this one, you know the drill folks subscribe to our youtube channel and hit that bell icon so that you get notified as soon as we post new videos. Follow me on social media for all the behind the scenes. Fun stuff, and as always for news and updates, make gadgetmatch.