I believe many of you have been pondering and wondering why you should go for one system over the other or probably youve, seen your friends buy this system and you feel like that is what you should go for as well, but today well be doing a review On the whole and the totality of what fits what and then what will suit you for a smarter year, so lets start with the mark when you are considering style, security and then a more robust system that has to do with a particular ecosystem. That is when you go for a marking touch system. Well, that does not mean that it is better than your windows system, because for windows you should know that and understand that when it comes to interpretability when it comes to budget size and when it comes to installing what you want and when you want to that Is when you should go for your windows system, so lets talk about security um. We understand that mac systems are believed to have to be more secured than the windows systems, but this is actually not so because fewer persons, fewer people use mac and therefore you dont have more malwares written for mac systems than the windows systems now, on the other End, you should understand that windows systems are called open, end systems because you have very large number of softwares that are being written to suit the windows systems down for mac in todays tech world.

We believe that whatever software is being written has consideration. First of all, for windows users than for mac users in terms of budgets, we consider the windows to have a higher power over the mark systems, and this is because windows systems allow you to be able to scale and get your systems according to their finance. To your financial resources, on the other hand, max systems have fixed prices and they cost you more. A max system can go for as much as 1.2 million naira, whereas a windows system you can get at say, 300 000 era. Look at that gap and if you are looking at the size of your pocket, what would you go for in terms of productivity, max systems give a high productivity, whereas windows only allow you to switch between apps, just as you want, then, when you consider size, we Believe that mac has its own way of rolling over windows, but in the same capacity you understand that when it comes to hardware resources, you can adjust your windows systems, just as you want them in terms of ram in terms of the hard disk processor. Anything even down to the motherboard, which can fit into your central processing unit board. In terms of software, we believe that windows systems have an edge over mac systems. Why? This is so is because you can download variety of softwares for windows systems, whereas limited softwares can be downloaded on your mac systems.

So when getting your software, you know that the cracked systems usually suits windows systems more. But when you want a very genuine software, mac systems are the ones to go for now. Moving on to what kind of system will suit things you do lets talk about graphics, editing, photography, production. All of this will require a very strong system like the mark system and for my gamers out there. I believe you know what im, what im about to say? Definitely windows will be your preferred choice for gaming. Perhaps you are a student or someone who just needs it for some small business package. I believe you should go for windows because you may not need to do heavy duties that the mac system will be required for so what about the children lets? Not leave them out of this conversation for our children, who have to submit homeworks and classworks. I believe windows systems will be perfect for you, because we believe that for little tasks such as submitting homeworks, which can be done on your microsoft office packages as excel or microsoft word, i believe that windows will be the perfect option for you. So for my people out there who have got class and who feel that they want status or for some symbol, quality out there. I know that your mac is the preferred choice whenever, wherever do you not understand the difference between the mac system and the windows system and which one would be perfect for you, im toby taka for a smarter you how much of technology do you understand? I took a look at my linkedin and they said they didnt see.

I cant forget the words evidence of your work on techhub. We help you understand how tech can impact your life, your phone and your sim card is going to be a bigger asset and with the power that we have with social media with the digital space right now, you can be anything you want to do. One of the other things we see is that people have more faith in tech companies and how much you can through tech impacts, your community, the people who watch my videos, the people who see me and see what i represent. Those are the people that are online techhub.