Youll need a pack that was designed strategically built to take a beating and has plenty of room for all your gear. The sleek clean great looking design is just a bonus with the grand 5500 backpack youll be ready for any expedition. This 90 liter pack weighs under 5 pounds without the included, poncho and removable front pouch its a true four season, backpack with features and options that set it apart from other packs, it can haul all your alpine equipment, including skis, snowboards and snowshoes, the rugged pack. Shell is made from 420d oxford, with 1 000 millimeter waterproofing to stand up to the roughest terrains in the most extreme parts of the world. Oversized zipper pulls on the exterior pockets and main compartment. Zipper are easy to use even with gloved fingers. Youll love the reverse? U main compartment zipper that allows easy access to all your gear. The ground 5500 provides superior comfort and a precise fit with tension. Adjustments at the shoulders chest and torso aluminum stays provides strength and support right where you need it. The split wishbone waist belt sits comfortably on your hips and a thickly padded lumbar area provides exceptional, lower back comfort. Other comfort features include thick shoulder pads with load, adjusters and air channels along the back to maximize air circulation. Its also hydration ready up to 3 liters with an integrated hook and loop hang tab so that you can easily hang your hydration bladder inside the pack.

Instead of a rain cover, weve provided a tarp poncho that will cover you and your backpack. In the case of a downpour, it also doubles as a minimalist shelter. The ground 5500 is a pack like you. It welcomes the terrain that makes the average person shutter the grand 5500 backpack, like all teton products, comes with our limited lifetime warranty, which is our promise that you can count on us. If you ever have any issues. Please reach out to our awesome customer service team and well get you back outdoors and on the trail and thats an introduction to the ground. 5500 backpack get outdoors and enjoy life. Howdy folks olga here with six moon designs to talk to you about our skyscape series of tents. The skyscape series of tents comes in two versions: the skyscape scout or the skyscape trekker. The difference between the skyscape scout and the skyscape tracker is the materials we use for the tent theyre, both essentially exactly the same design. The only difference is the skyscape scout is made out of a 190t polyester fabric, which is a great entry level tent and its very durable. This is a great tent for boy scouts or people that are beginning ultralighting in their lives. The skyscape trekker is made using siliconized polyester fabric in a 30 denier weight for the canopy and a 40 denier weight for the floor. As you can see, the skyscape is a very uniquely designed shelter. It has a diamond shaped interior canopy, which allows the user to have ample space for themselves and all their gear.

But when the weather is nice they can roll back the door in the vestibule to be able to stargaze at night, while theyre out in the field. If weather is really bad in full storm mode, the dual vestibules come all the way down to provide protection for the user and their gear. The nice thing about having the two doors and the two vestibules is: you can have all your wet gear on one side of the tent in an easy way to access in and out of your tent. If you need to go to the bathroom during the evening or things like that, the skyscape series is also a very long tent, so its become a very popular tent with people that are over six feet. Tall um weve had users up to six eight use this and say they have plenty of room inside at night. One other major design feature youll notice about the shelter is that the apex of the tent is offset in a 60 40 split. The reason for this is by moving the offset to 40 to your head and 60 to your feet. As you sit up in the tent, you have more usable head space without brushing your head against the wall. Overall, the skyscape is a great shelter. It uses two trekking poles to set up or two accessory pools that we sell having the two pole design makes it a very easy shelter to set up a very sturdy shelter in the wind, and it can hold it to a variety of different conditions.

Once again, this is all good. With six more designs go wild live young Music. The camping chair by moonlens is lightweight and durable, making it a great choice for a trip. This portable chair is compact enough to put into your backpack or carry on luggage its conveniently stored in a carry bag and weighs only two pounds. The setup process is quick and easy and does not require any tools. The metal poles conveniently snap into place and foldable mesh holders instantly take shape. The moon lens chair is very durable, with its high strength, aluminum alloy frame and supports up to 242 pounds. The seat is made with 600d oxford cloth and soft net for the added comfort and both mesh holders are foldable its super easy to clean the chair. Our versatile chair is perfect for camping fishing, hiking, tailgating concerts and random adventures. Music. The unique ergonomic design provides you with superior comfort experience. While you enjoy your time outdoors, relax in comfort with the moonlands camping, chair, Music, delivering a better experience at camp. We engineered the winglock valve to feature ease of use, reliability and unparalleled functionality. The valves, intuitive inflation and deflation uses familiar motor skills, making them as easy to use as a water bottle cap. The winglock provides the perfect amount of airflow during inflation and deflation, allowing you to inflate the pad up to three times faster than our classic valve. To provide easy inflation, we built the wing lock with a one way valve preventing air from escaping during inflation.

Twisting these wings allows the mattress to quickly deflate by opening the one way valve the shape and design of the valve cap make it easy to operate even if youre wearing gloves the valve itself is positioned, comfortably off the sleep surface, keeping it off your back during Nights at camp, unlike valves, built into the surface of the sleeping pad the wing lock, can be easily repaired if damaged. This keeps your pad in your pack and out of the landfill as mountaineers and backpackers. We understand how backcountry conditions can push your gear to the limit. The valves were put through countless tests, ranging from extreme heat and cold to dealing with dirt and grit to make sure they met our high performance standards to use the winglock valve to inflate your sleeping pad open the valve cap. By twisting it counterclockwise use a pump, sack electronic pump or breath to inflate your pad. The one way valve will prevent air from escaping our studies. On years of thermarest pads have shown that breath. Inflation is perfectly safe for you and your pad once the pad reaches your desired level of support simply twist the valve cap clockwise to close Music. If you need to bleed a little air to find your preferred level of support open the wings and gently twist, the valve counterclockwise, to allow a small amount of air to escape close. The valve once youve reached your desired level of support when its time to break camp youll need to open the one way valve to do this.

Youll want to twist the wings all the way open once the wings are open. You can twist the valve cap counterclockwise to deflate your pad roll, your pad from the bottom towards the valve for even quicker deflation, with over 500 nights of backcountry testing and building more than a hundred prototypes. We know that the winglock delivers the durable performance and easy to use design that you need for your backpacking and camping adventures: Music, Music, so Music, Music. This is the lifestraw flex, filter with gravity bag. Just fill the bag with water from here or here or here, roll it up, hang it up and enjoy safe drinking water just like that. The flex filter with gravity bag is a compact, lightweight and versatile water filtration system, and we mean versatile. The lifestraw flex with gravity bag includes the one gallon gravity bag with leak. Proof, quick connector, a 27 inch hose with quick connector, the lifestraw flex filter and a syringe for back washing the flex filter with gravity bag can be used in four ways: use it with the gravity bag as a stand alone, straw with a plastic bottle or in Line with a hydration bladder trusted by outdoor adventurers, international travelers and emergency response workers, the flex filter with gravity bag has been used and tested all over the world. Drinking water straight from these sources sound risky, its not weve, taken similar technology that we use to provide safe drinking water to millions here and just put it here.

With this technology, water passes through a membrane micro filter with microscopic pores that traps bacteria parasites, micro, plastics, dirt and sediment Music. Then an activated carbon plus ion exchange filter, absorbs chemicals and bonds to heavy metals like lead, reducing even more contaminants from your drinking water. Your purchase has impact for every lifestraw product purchased. A child in need receive safe water for an entire school year.