This thing is a very popular brand. The nordic ware reviewed several of their products uh. This is a circular egg boiler. You just throw it in the microwave and it should kick hard boiled eggs lets see if it actually works. Uh. My goal this month is to get 50 patrons or patreon members patrons. I guess you should call them at just search the number nine m. A l l s, i want to pick up 50 patrons so if youre, one of them, if you want to support my content dollar on up, go to nine malls or just search patreon for the number nine m, a l l s if you dont know What patreon is definitely visit? The website, if you do you have an account, just add me to your list of supported uh creators 9malls. I really appreciate that if you do nothing else, uh visit, my amazon influencer store check it out visit the amazon influencer store. You can window shop, you can see the hundreds of products that are that ive reviewed in a cool easy to look easy to see format so check that out all right so on the review. So this thing is a microwave, a cooker. You just fill the boiler with one and a half cups water then place eggs in the metal tray snap together, our stop top and our snap top and bottom boil using the time chart generally its five to seven minutes or soft boiled, which i like uh soft Boiled eggs allow boiler to cool for two minutes and then youre ready to go so lets open.

It up see whats inside see if this thing actually works. If youre new to this channel, please subscribe support my content at, 9malls check it out and so yeah its really kind of from the looks of it kind of like cheap plastic. Looking check that out its kind of cheap plastic, you got some cheap metal in here flimsy, maybe thats a good thing. Let me just zoom out a little bit, so you can see it but yeah just flimsy metal um. I do like the box, though. I think nordic ware has a cool looking uh brand cool name. I guess thats a plus lets see alexa. How much does the nordic wear microwave egg cooker? The top result is an order for microwave egg boiler for capacity white, its 16.10 wow 16. That is insane uh. Definitely dont spend 16 dollars. That would be a shame. Theres many many options of cooking in the microwave ill. Just show you one real fast or its, not a microwave, but it cooks as fast as the microwave cooker. Let me show you real quickly, Music. This is my go to uh soft bowl, hard boiled egg cooker. This thing works amazing, its sold under many different brand names. This thing works great and you can get it probably less than the 16 price point all right. So one and a half one cups of water lets go for five minutes. I dont want these to overcook. These are some jumbo eggs and you just snap this on the lid or snap, the lid on and youre ready to go.

So here we go, lets put in the microwave, see how these things cook is this actually worth getting. So here we go nordic ware microwave, a cooker five minutes in the microwave all right, so im taking it out of the microwave lets, see if it actually works ill. Let cool for two three minutes, its still quite hot! So definitely you dont want to tip it and have water spell spill all over you because most likely youll be. I dont know if its boiling but itll be close to that all right so check that out, yeah very hot. I would actually let it sit. Maybe longer than two minutes um, but for the sake of this review, i am going to attempt to peel these eggs. Im gon na run them under cold water, all right so yeah, im just to run them under cold water, just to cool them off a bit Music and yeah. These are definitely soft. Boiled um, the shell is sticking a little bit yeah. You can see theyre a little theyre. Definitely soft boiled um. The shell is sticking a little bit so im going to carefully peel it. I do like them soft boiled, so this is not totally out of the range of what i like, but i think maybe they could just use a little bit more time all right, so there we go at least we got one perfectly all right so check that Out soft boiled egg that is as soft as youre gon na get it all right, so maybe just a little bit more but lets give it a taste test.

Here we go three two one yeah cook it just a little bit more, but its quite good. Quite tasty i mean it doesnt, taste, raw or anything like that, yeah and im sure some people like him, this runny, but five minutes, i would say probably six minutes it would have been perfect. So one of the things that i like doing with plastic um, you know microwave cooking gadgets – is i kind of smell them, so so uh yeah this? You can get a little bit of aroma of plastic coming off this thing, which is not something i really like. Generally, when cooking you get kind of a chemical smell, its not bad its just that usually is a red flag for me in cooking in the microwave, but since these are eggs and youre steaming its probably not going to be as a bigger as big issue. With that than if youre like cooking directly, you know on the surface, so just something considered its, not bad, but you can definitely smell something. So once again, i would get the other egg cooker that i showed you in the beginning of the video um. This does work, so i guess im kind of on the fence. With this thing, i think the price 16 is better options. I do not think its worth that price so for most people id say, pass, get something else: theres better options out there. If youre set on this brand, if you like, i want to support this brand, this is the best brand uh then maybe go for.

It spend 16 bucks, but i would say 90 95 of people out there. I would say pass, go with the options. I showed you in the beginning: youll get better results and probably spend less money. One things it does say is its bpa and melamine free, i believe nordicware. Is it made in the usa, im not sure im, not 100 sure alexa? What is nordic ware according to wikipedia nordicware? Is a company based in the minneapolis minnesota suburb of st louis park, notable for introducing the bundt cake pan in the early 1950s. It was founded in 1946 by henry david dalkist, who trademarked the name bond in 1950. His wife dorothy his brother mark and their friend donald nigrin, okay, so im seeing its made in taiwan right there uh, but you do get a nordic ware five year warranty, so that is actually pretty cool that they back up the product. So once again, most most people id say pass if youre absolutely set on this brand and something like this id say: fine spend 16 bucks, but for most people id pass all right.