Super mario 3d world, plus bowser’s fury one of my all time. Favorites is hit in store shelves and the eshop this friday, although i’ll be playing it early on thursday, so make sure to subscribe and turn your notification bell on please in today’s video i want to tell you all the new features being added to this game: everything They have done to supercharge and make this their best port ever yeah nintendo ports a lot of stuff. They bring wii, u games over, but they’ve never poured so many development hours into one of their past games and they’re really expanding this in incredible ways. So smash that, like button, if you’re excited for a new mario game hitting nintendo switch – and let me know in the comments down below, if you plan to pick this one up, i think it’s fully worth it. But once you hear this list, man, i think you’re gon na have to agree with me and if somehow, you still don’t like this game by the end of the video, i don’t know what i’m gon na do with you. I might have to take you to the top of a mountain and feed you to histocrat and if you haven’t played 3d world, this is histocrat we’re, going to start with some lesser known, facts and move our way through bowser’s fury all characters in super mario 3d. World their running speed has become faster. Look. Nintendo is trying to fine tune this experience and continue to expand on one of the best foundations of a mario game.

We have seen yes odyssey and galaxy sunshine 64.. They get all of the the fanfare and the love, but 3d world like more and more people are coming out of the woodwork and saying like this game is insanely good. It has so much variety and it’s one of the best and now they’re making it better by improving that run, speed uh to just make it a snappier experience. Also, all characters can now climb higher with the super bell. So once you go cat, mario you’re gon na be able to climb a little bit higher you’re gon na, be able to jump and dive a little bit farther, and this is supposed to just make everything flow. Better plus speed runners out there, you’re gon na have a new set of speed to work with now. We also have these touch screen segments, and maybe you don’t know that they have been replaced at first. I was like how are they going to handle these areas where you have to touch platforms blow on platforms, because it was the wii? U gamepad and you had this secondary screen – well they’ve added gyro to replace all of that to make it more simple, to make it easier, and now everybody can just kind of aim and shake and make it work as it is intended to work now. We also have a brand new inclusion with the captain toad levels i feel like. Nobody is talking about captain toad levels.

This is where captain toad started. Treasure tracker is a fantastic game. They improved upon it with the switch version, adding a pack of levels and it’s. Just such a super cool, different kind of platforming it’s all about puzzle solving and you might have a limited move set, but you got to use that brain and now the captain toad levels incorporate four players. You got captain toad blue toad from the main adventure, but they’re, including green toad and yellow toad. So now everybody can kind of get in on the antics and try to solve these levels. These little cube levels little escape room type levels together. I think that’s going to be so much fun and also probably insane because this game already gets crazy with multiplayer but it’s going to be bananas when you have a limited amount of moves and you’re trying to rotate the screen but everybody’s trying to rotate the screen. Goodness gracious, i feel like that, will be so much commotion on the couch. Come on i’m telling you just just let your little brother, a little sister play the captain toad levels with you. You guys you’re gon na love each other so much more afterwards, and it does incorporate online multiplayer as well. That is a big get for this game. It is the only 3d mario game with true co. Op and they’ve made it online and the online works and the online’s good and it’s the full game.

You don’t have to worry about some super mario party style, a half banana online mode. It is full banana and you can play as peach toad mario luigi and maybe some secret characters with anybody around the world who has mario 3d world plus bowser’s fury, and that is awesome. Let’S move to bowser’s fury for a bit because hey bowser’s fury is probably the biggest new feature of this game. It is a three hour campaign. Centered around lake labcat, mario and bowser jr are trying to figure out what the heck is. Pissing, the big king koopa off because fury bowser is massive, so massive. It is a health bar which is really weird to see in a mario game, but this new mode is a hybrid of 3d world, plus odyssey it’s, a campaign that can be accessed from the main menu screen, which is great if you’ve, already completed, played a bunch Of 3d world – and you want to just start with the new new you can do that. I love that. Nintendo has not locked this off behind any sort of completion wall. Although completing this game, this campaign will take about six hours and it’s got different areas. These lighthouses and it really is merging sort of the platforming style of 3d world with odyssey, and you have that full range of movement in odyssey, but incorporating power. Ups, like the super bell into more flexible environments and open framework levels i’m, so excited for this.

This is where i’ll be diving in first, where i’ll be spending most of my early days with mario 3d world plus bowser’s fury because we have to explore 100 cat shines. There are 100 challenges to solve and you got to collect all the cash signs. If you want to go for that 100, which does have something to unlock, i won’t spoil it, but there is something that happens when you get 100 cat shines and the challenges start off simple, but then they do progress and get more and more difficult. Now this is a lot like mario odyssey, and it really feels like this is a big kingdom, almost dlc from the game dlc we never got but dreamed of now being added to mario 3d world and when you’re trying to get those 100 cat shines you’re doing It because you want the gigabell, the gigabell is a new item for the game. It won’t be in 3d, world it’ll just be in bowser’s fury, but this is how you make mario super saiyan. This is how you make mario massive, and this is how you’ll, eventually duke it out with bowser. Now he can show up and start raining fire down, which is really cool. It feels like this just like dark mode that you know kind of almost breath of wild style where all the bad guys are all enraged and and he’s blowing flames and there’s. Even certain blocks and challenges that you need fury bowser to be angry for because he’s got to destroy um some blocks that can only be beaten by his fire, but it’s, just a really cool sight to see bowser this big and then mario, this big as well, But you won’t be tackling fury bowser alone.

You’Ll have bowser jr along for the ride, and maybe you didn’t know that bowser jr is always there. He can be played as a co op character. Just local bowser’s fury does not have online co op, which is a bit interesting, but it makes sense, given that bowser jr has a more limited uh purpose. I guess in the game so he’s always there, even if someone’s not playing him and there’s an interesting menu option where you can change his level of ai. You can make him more helpful or less helpful, like i’m, going to be playing where he’s on the lowest level of ai, because i want him there. Obviously i mean he’s not taking no for an answer, but i don’t want him to really go and kill a bunch of enemies or be too much of a boost. He can boost by finding items for you, and that brings us to the new item bar that has been added into bowser’s, fury now in mario 3d world. Maybe you forget that you can have two items and you can actually swap between these. So you’re, like hey i’ve got a fire flower, but i’ve also got you know. I want my tanooki suit, so i can swap between these two or you want to throw a super bell in there. You can pop between two power ups, but in bowser’s fury, you have a whole bar that allows you to store fi, all five different power ups and you can have multiples of them.

So it really allows you to kind of just search through and as you’re completing these more difficult cat shines. You’Ll be able to find the right item and the right power up to suit your situation and help you kind of navigate the world with not only what works best. But what you feel most comfortable with, because mario 3d rule is all about finding the character that works for you. As i mentioned, there are a bunch of playable characters. They each have their own specialities, like peach, can float, toad, can run fast, luigi can jump high, and now you can capture all of it with a brand new photo mode. This works across the original 3d world campaign and the new bowser’s fury campaign has a ton of fun filters. You’Ll have to pause and move around and kind of add things to the environment. Snap some great photos share them on social media. I mean it just makes sense that nintendo is getting in on this, and i think, with all the awesome iconography of this game, like i’m, in love, with the way that they do the key art for the game. The way that the stamps look, the way that the wallpapers look like it just has a really beautiful color palette. I love the models from the game and i love like the aesthetic, where they merge kind of like the white backgrounds um with the very vibrant and kind of coming at you, mario items and and and i can and like imagery.

It it’s really really pretty. And i think this is gon na allow for a lot of people who love photo modes and other games to experience at the nintendo, and you can do a lot more than you can like with your animal crossing screenshots where that’s, just like hey, you know, sit Down and uh look at the camera and snap, like you, do have a few filter options there, but this seems much more fleshed out and i really really am excited to see what people can create. So there you have it that’s, all the new stuff being added, and if you take that list in totality it’s a lot of stuff because we’re not even talking about what’s already there a phenomenal mario campaign in 3d world with a boatload of levels, you got insane Creativity on display – you have so many green stars to collect stamps, to find flagpoles to reach and, of course, the whole competitive aspect where, even though you can play co, op like there is this little bit of like hey, i got ta beat you out by getting The crown getting a higher score, it’s, really a fun game to share with your friends and it’s, totally cool to play it by yourself and the fact that you have bowser’s fury on top of this, the fact that they’ve refined some of the movement in 3d world, The fact that they’ve expanded the captain toad levels like they really went all out with this port, and i think people are going to be so pleased with this game, it’s being treated much more as a new mario product than say new super mario bros.

U deluxe, which just felt like hey this, is something we’re just pushing from the wii? U onto the switch they put extra effort here, probably because it is a part of the mario 35th anniversary plan and they wanted to deliver something really awesome and fresh and new. Since they weren’t ready to give us odyssey 2 or a brand new 3d mario or the supposed new 2d mario, we got bowser’s, fury being added onto 3d world and expanded i’m so excited to share all this with you. So smash that, like button, if you’re ready for 3d world, let me know in the comments down below if you’re picking the game up and let’s play it together. On thursday, i can’t wait to see you there. If there’s any questions you have or things you want me to to make sure i check out. Let me know also – and i hope you guys are having an awesome day. This is a fantastic week for switch little nightmares, bowser’s fury, persona 5 strikers reviews are glowing bravely default. 2 is right around the corner and before you know it monster on a rise. This quarter is jam packed, but it begins in earnest with mario 3d world and bowser’s fury so let’s enjoy and have fun with this one i’ll see y’all there until that time stay safe, stay, healthy, stay, smart out there.