So by the way this is a temperature sensor. So it sets the temperature inside the room as well hello testing. So you can see its coming up out of the camera and its pretty good volume. So if you have a newborn or better, if you have two children and you want a baby monitor, then this is something you may want to consider. It was a daunting task. Trying to pick the right baby monitor, we went through two, but this is the one we settled on for several reasons: number one its got a split screen, so you can have two cameras feeding to one monitor its a five inch lcd display and you have a 300 degree pan and a 90 degree tilt on this camera. The range on this is incredible, so we have a big backyard there and the baby nurseries upstairs. So this has a thousand foot range, which is unreal. Its the third feature very important to me, was the ability to move and rotate the the camera with like a directional puck, and this also does it. So this has a feature where you have the screen off. If theres, an audible notification screen will turn on, and only at that point will you actually see whats happening in the nursery or whatever room that you have this camera in? This is really good, because, when youre sleeping and you have the baby monitor beside you, you dont want to have this whole thing, always on two reasons: its going to burn through your battery and then number two, its just an eyesore, because its bright and youre trying To sleep, the only drawback for some people may be the fact that this is only 720p for us.

Definitely not a drawback. A 720p is still high def resin. You can still zoom in on that lets. Look at the some of the features outlined on the box so again: hd 720p resolution 20 hour long battery life, private, secure connection, because you cannot stream on the phone on this camera. So basically it goes from camera to the screen. Thats. It instant, visual, sound alerts. Very cool feature that if the camera senses that there is any audio like the babys crying or breathing loudly, then it will turn this on and youre going to get a notification as well and then again long distance transmission, a thousand feet the four times zoom theres, A two way talk as well, meaning that you can speak through the baby monitor and it comes out into the camera because of the speaker inside the camera and again the two split screen. If you have two cameras, its a five inch lcd display and again you have a 300 degree pan and a 90 degree tilt on this camera. 5 000 milliamp battery and the aspect ratio is 60 minutes by the way. This is a powered by a 5 volt. 2 amp connection um, so its through a usbc nice clean packaging 30 month warranty all right so whats in the package, you got a camera, a baby monitor an ac adapter for the camera, usb charger and charging cable. For your monitor, you got a one minute on screw the user manual on a quick start all right.

So there is not much to this camera, its a very simple plug and play because again youre not pairing to any wi fi connections, except for its own camera. Pretty small looks like an egg: this is for the transmission, so you get the extra range by the way. This is a temperature sensor, so thats the temperature inside the room as well theres a button on the back its called pair on the opposite side is a micro usb. So this is how you maintain this connection. Um this power, theres, your speaker, and on the back. You have a little mount, so you can hang this on the screw and now lets take a look at the monitor. So please keep the monitoring camera at least 1.5 meter five feet apart to avoid microphone feedback charging cube usb c charge it right there, but you can charge this off of any usb power bank. Of course, there is a stand here, so thats very convenient right for the side over here. Is your volume, control, plus or minus? This? Is your power and weight function? This is your antenna to get that extra range and then youve got your rotational puck. That controls the tilt of the camera. This is your menu. This is your zoom button. This is your two way talk over here are leds, one is for audio, one is for power, and then i think thats thats thats it for this, and of course you got some mounting hardware, which is basically just screws and then another charging cube with a micro Usb right here this is all connected, and this plugs into here, so that is the unboxing of the five inch drill.

All right so now were gon na connect this to our monitor, it does take seven hours for this to charge. Just so you know you can see that it is charging lets turn this lets. Take this off and lets turn this on all right and its instant. You see that and theres no leg. You know why theres no leg, because its not going through a network, its actually just connecting straight into this so right over here in the corner. You can see one as in camera, one your connection and then this is the temperature inside this room right here. You can see that im speaking, so this is the audio level. Now, if we wanted to move this, we use this and then that is going to turn and im actually hearing myself speaking out of the camera, so were going to mute this because were obviously getting feedback all right, so thats, muted, so lets see how much we Can rotate this 300 degrees wow? That is some that is really good. Well, all the way on the backsplash Music all right, so that was very good in case youre wondering you can do this manually as well and then well go up for the tilt, the babies, Music, all right. There is a spot for an sd card as well. Right here, just trying to figure out where it is so, the mic for the camera is over here and then theres a an ir, because so this is uh infrared as well.

It automatically turns on and then light so thats also pretty cool. If i can get, it turned on no hello testing, so you can see its coming up out of the camera and its pretty good volume all right. So that is the video thanks. So much for tuning in. If you like to see the footage from this and uh, anything else feel free to watch.