What i really like about this endoscope is that it comes in a case, so i dont lose it easily. I always know where it is: it comes with a 16 and a half foot long cord. That is a really long cable that is really nice. It also comes with a built in screen and a built in battery, so i can always use it. I dont have to hook it up to a phone or anything like that, and it does have two cameras: its got one on the end, its got one on the side and the cameras have lights on them as ive been using. This ive noticed the following. So, first of all, anything wider than two inches in area is not really that great, it kind of starts getting darker out of focus. It actually says on the amazon page. I think it goes from like one inch to three inches or something like that. So when i tried it in the ac vent, it worked. Okay, i could kind of see some things, but the ac vent was kind of too big. For this to be able to see everything, i also put it in a pvc pipe outside. I was trying to look at what was blocking my water shut off it wasnt, quite as good as i was hoping like. I could make out that there are some pine cones down there. Some rocks that my kids lovingly throw down there. Everything else ive used this on has worked really quite well.

I put this in between the rafters in my house and theres, a lot of bugs and spiders and stuff yay uh thats, probably not great. I also use this to check out some things under the cabinet, and this worked really well. I could see what was there, i put it in a toaster just for fun, just to see what it would look like and yeah theres some crumbs in there, as i would expect, and then i also put it in a coke can which turns out. This is probably about the perfect size. Looking inside the coke can everything look, nice and kind of in focus and well lit. I also put this in the garbage disposal, and the nice thing about this is that this is completely waterproof, so i was able to actually turn the water on turn on the garbage disposal. While this was inside kind of check out whats going on now on the amazon description page, it says this: the endoscope camera can capture 2 megapixels chris pictures and 1080p hd fluent videos, so i dont really know what hd fluent means, but uh the image quality is Really not that great now to be sure, ive used a handful of different endoscopes and they are all not that great. So this is kind of the same as what you would see from any endoscope. The other thing the amazon product description says, is the boroscope adopts the second cmos chip which supports the highest recording frame rate and solves the problem of picture delay, so theres definitely a bit of delay and youre, probably getting about two to three frames per second.

So again, this is the same as what ive seen with other endoscopes or boroscopes, so i would say, if youre looking for something with amazing image or camera quality, this is gon na, be the same as what you see with everything else. I imagine there are some on the market that are more expensive and better, but overall, using this is really nice. Its got a power button. You turn it on. It has a rotate button. If you want to rotate what the angle is on the screen, if you hold down the rotate button, it will actually switch to the different camera, the one on the side or the one on top and then, if you hold it down again, it will kind of Do a split camera mode, so it will show both cameras at the same time, theres also a picture button. If you do a single press, it takes a picture if you press and hold it records a video. All of this goes to the sd card, which is actually included with the product, which is nice. I didnt have to buy an sd card for this, and both cameras have lights that come on it. You can adjust the brightness of the lights im, not sure why you would want to turn it down, but you can, if you want to, it, also has a menu. If you want to change some basic settings, you can go from 1080p to 720p. Its not gon na make any difference at all.

So overall, im really happy with this endoscope. I think its great camera quality. Yes, it could be better. I dont know why endoscopes dont have good camera image quality but theres that i would like to point out that i did receive this unit for free to do this review. So thank you debstech for sending this to me.