Neo phones aim to offer even more value than that and we have the newest model. The realme gt neo 3., the neo 3 doesnt have a top tier chipset, but its still feature packed. So is this the better deal over the regular gt2 model im will for gsm arena and lets find out in our full review Music. The ryomi gt, neo 3 lineup, may seem a bit toned down compared to this years, realme gt2, but they still deliver some pretty solid specs. The vanilla neo 3 comes in a couple of varieties theres, one with a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and 80 watt charging. Then theres this more pricey version, which has a smaller battery but crazy, fast 150 watt charging. There are three standard color options available, but if you want to get fancy theres a naruto themed special edition for fans of the popular series that comes in a scroll shaped container. The naruto phone is of the fast charging variant and, besides the signature, design theres a special themed, ui neat stuff. Our gt neo3 is in the vibrant, nitro blue finish, which is quite eye catching its no surprise that a phone named gt has some racing stripes on it. The back of the device is made of curved glass and the finish is soft and smooth to the touch it does a decent job of hiding fingerprints too. The frame here is made of plastic and overall, the phone is pretty easy to handle its neither too heavy.

Nor too thick you dont get any ingress protection here, but there is one neat feature: the nfc antenna covers 360 degrees around the top of the phone for easier contactless payments on the front is a 6.7 inch amoled display with a 1080p resolution, gorilla glass, 5 protection And a fast 120hz refresh rate, the fast refresh rate acts to make your swiping and scrolling smoother, and you can dial down to 60 hertz when youre, not interacting with the screen to save energy. Higher tier ltpo panels can dial down further and you dont get support for high frame rate gaming here, but otherwise this display really is quite premium. Of course, you get the great contrast since its an amoled but theres also 10 bit color depth and support for hdr 10 plus real me has gone above and beyond with this displays. Color accuracy too, whites and grays are accurate without the tint we often see elsewhere. Plus the brightness is impressive for this price range. We measured a maximum of 460 nits in manual mode, and this can boost up to around 800 nits in auto mode plenty for comfortable viewing outdoors under the display, its just an optical fingerprint reader, its quite responsive. Our only complaint is that the placement is lower than youd expect, just like the other realme gt phones. The neo3 has a pair of stereo speakers with the top one doubling as the earpiece. The speakers earned a score of good on our loudness test and the sound quality is decent for the price.

With some noticeable bass, Music for storage, you get the option of 128 256 or 512 gigs, but thats not expandable through microsd. The interface of the gt neo3 is realme ui 3.0, based on android 12, the same as what youd find on realmes other new devices. It brings mostly cosmetic changes on top of your typical android ui. Of course, you get. Recent android features like the privacy dashboard, which makes keeping track of and managing your permissions much less of a headache. There are plenty of options to customize the looks of the interface too, from minor tweaks to entire themes and gamers get a handy in game overlay which allows you to manage things like do not disturb options and even performance settings on the fly. The chipset is what makes the real me gt. Neo3 stand out from the other models, its technically lower tier, but the performance here had a surprise: the phone packs a mediatek demensity 8100. This is in contrast to the realme gt2, which runs on the snapdragon 888 of last years. Flagships youd expect benchmark scores on the neo3 to fall behind, but in fact, its able to hold its own against other flagship killers in both cpu and gpu tests. Its multi core cpu performance is particularly impressive and whats, even better, at least for gamers. Is the thermal management, like the other new teas, the neo 3 has an advanced passive cooling system, and sustained performance is much more stable here than what you get on your typical flagship.

So, overall, this quote: unquote. Downgrade of a chipset is actually quite competitive, especially for a mid ranger. Like i mentioned before, our gt neo3 is the variant with the smaller 4500 milliamp hour battery. It was able to earn a score of 102 hours in our battery life tests just average for a mid range phone, but with this model real me more than makes up for any shortcoming as far as battery life goes with a huge power, brick that comes in The box, it might seem absurd or even reckless, but really claims its quite safe and wont catch on fire anyway, it might just be the fastest charging weve ever seen on a smartphone. We were able to charge the gt03 from zero percent to full in just 16 minutes, thats, even faster than what weve seen from xiaomi and other competitors. Now, on to the cameras which include a 50 megapixel main cam, with multi directional phase detection, autofocus and ois, an 8 megapixel ultra wide cam and a 2 megapixel camera for close up macro shots, the quality from the main cam is great. Photos are sharp and detailed with nice. Looking colors even indoor scenes with less than perfect lighting conditions come out. Looking good in general, the neo 3 seems to go for a more contrasty look. Exposure is overall on the darker side. The dynamic range is still wide enough, though. Portrait shots come out, okay, but we would have liked them a bit sharper.

Still the color reproduction is generally good and the edge detection is solid. The quality from the ultra wide cam is just mediocre. You get punchy, colors and the photos are usable, but these are soft and lacking in detail. The 2 megapixel macro cam is in a similar spot, its nice to have for the sake of a different perspective, but the photos arent great theyre washed out looking with not much detail in low light. The gt neo3 will add some automatic night mode processing to photos from the main cam. The results are pretty good. The photos are sharp enough with plenty of detail. Nice, looking colors and low noise highlights and light sources are well balanced too, like the daylight photos. Exposure is overall on the darker side, which results in a contrastier, more natural look but might not work well. In some situations there is a dedicated night mode. You can toggle on and theres not much of a difference. Quality wise besides a slightly brightened up exposure in some scenes without the night mode. The ultra wide camera is hard to recommend images are noisy, extremely soft and washed out. Looking the night mode boosts the overall quality by removing a lot of the noise, improving the sharpness and widening the dynamic range its far from ideal, but its usable, the 16 megapixel front facing cam is the same as both last years model and this years gt2 to Our surprise, the quality of selfies is much better here.

Theyre well exposed sharp and detailed with wide dynamic range. Moving on to video recording 4k footage from the main cam is downright impressive, with excellent detail, contrast and dynamic range and nice looking colors. The exposure is a little dark, though the ultra wide cam is limited to 1080p. Recording the quality here is underwhelming theres, visible noise and the dynamic range is on the narrow side, so thats the realme gt neo3. It offers plenty of flagship killing features, including the high refresh rate, amoled stereo speakers and great main and selfie cameras, and even though the chipset isnt top tier its able to provide surprisingly competitive performance. The other highlight feature here is the blazing fast charging. Unfortunately, youd only get it on this version of the phone, which is more expensive, actually its around the same price as the real me gt2, which the neo 3 is trying to out value. So, in the end, the realme gt neo3 is a great flagship killer phone, but unless you cut the charging it doesnt provide more bang for your buck than the real me gt2, its just different, still its worth a recommendation.