This is a crappy lens thats, not the case. Im really happy with how this has been performing thats. Why im making this video, usually i dont, make mobile accessories related videos a lot until i find it really helpful as well as really nice, so that you can buy go ahead and try it with your camera as well. So i have the redmi note. 7 pro here – and this is the 12x zoom lens – and this is 12x fixed lens – that means you cannot change the focal length of this lens, but the zoom ring that which is really nice here with the proper grip you have. So this is actually a focus ring, not the zoom ring. This is a focus ring. You can adjust the focus so that you get tack sharp images every single time. Now this lens i bought on I will leave a link in the description section of this video. You can actually check that out there. It will take, i think, around 10 to 15 days or rather 20 days up to 20 days to ship it to your location, to reach to your location, because it ships all the way from china direct from the manufacturer. So its a simple and simple fixing lens. You have this clip over here in order to attach to the mobile mobiles camera lens. So there is a nice thread here which is very stable because for 12x zoom without stabilizer you need to be very steady and stable, while holding the camera so just fix.

This thread, and what you have to do is the lens: where is the camera lens? You just fix it over here, like this uh make sure you are fixing it properly ill. Just show you how to do it exactly uh lets switch to the camera application on the redmi note 7 pro, as you can see its not looking proper dont worry just make sure you are fixing it really good and properly just fiddle around it. So, while fixing, if you see the blurry shot, dont worry, what you have to do is just like how i said this is the focusing ring. This is very important, ill, just move the focusing ring now youll see how clean and how sharp the image becomes. As you can see its really well, the quality of the glass is really amazing for the price we are paying. As you can see. Obviously there will be a little bit of vignetting here of that particular lens itself. Youll be seeing that dont worry. You have the 48 megapixel on this redmi note 7 pro so that you can post edit slightly if you edit its enough youll, be getting really nice. Looking images, as you can see how close we have gone to the subject, im holding very steady and click. The picture right now boom there you go if you are finding the focus to be not so sharp, as you will see here, slightly rotating the ring, slightly rotating the focus ring and once im happy with how the focus is just click a picture right now.

I am actually outdoor here. There is lot of lot of wind here, ill, try to focus it properly and hold it as steady as i can so again. Lets click a picture now without the focus ring. As you will see how far the subject is. This is where this 12x zoom really comes in handy and, as you are seeing here, that color board is really really far ill. Show you just right now with the image so as youre, seeing its really really far again with the 12x zoom youre. Up close this much so just a quick video on showing you what 12x quality zoom lens can do, this interests, you can go ahead and buy just like, i said ill leave a link in the description section of this video. You can go ahead. Click on there and then bye uh all right. If this kind of videos helps you hit that, like button dont forget to click on that subscribe button also share it with your friends. There is also another lens that i have ordered 10 in one lens kit: again: quality landscape. Hopefully it will give really amazing images ill be making a video very soon. So dont forget to click on the subscribe button, also hit that like and share with your friends. All right guys see you all in another.