So if you watch my channel or youve, read my work all the way back to 2020. You may remember that when i reviewed the huawei mate 40 pro, i called that from the best looking phone of the year and it had my favorite in hand feel i really love the hardware of that phone, but i couldnt use it full time because of software Restrictions, namely the fact that you cant run google mobile services in that phone. So imagine my surprise that now almost a year and a half later, i kind of finally got a version of the huawei mate 40 pro that doesnt have that software problem anymore. This is the honor magic 4 pro okay, i know i know so honor its a new company, now its an independent company no longer with ties to huawei but theres. No denying that the automatic four pro has a lot of the dna of the huawei mate 40. Pro so the main thing i loved about the huawei mate 40 pro is that the display wasnt just curved on the left and right side, but also the top and bottom curvature on the bottom, really adds an extra level of comfort when youre using the foam, because Youre swiping up from the bottom a lot. So the fact that its curved on the bottom means that your finger is swiping up on like a rounded edge instead of if youre doing the same action on the iphone 13 pro max or galaxy s, 22 ultra youre swiping up on a hard edge.

Now its a very little thing, but it really adds the overall in hand comfort of this phone. It feels like its rounded everywhere, theres little hard edges now. The second thing i really like about the huawei mate 40 pro was that circular camera module. I, like circular camera modules, i think it looks symmetrical its quite visually striking and thats. Definitely the case here of the honor magic 4 pro. I think the honor magic 4 pro immediately its tied with the oppo finex 5 pro, in my opinion, for the best looking and best feeling phone of 2022. now one aspect of the huawei mate 40 pro that a lot of people didnt like, although it didnt really Bother me that much also is here thats this uh longer than usual, larger than usual pill shaped hole, punch cut out thats because this whole bunch cut out doesnt just house a selfie camera, a 12 megapixel selfie camera, but it also houses a 3d tof time of Flight sensor, so it helps map a 3d picture of my face. So that means this phone gives me real 3d face unlock, maybe not quite as secure as the one in the iphone, because iphone still has like four or five sensors combined to scan my face, but its definitely better than a typical flat 2d facelock that you get From the gaussian, showing to ultra or oneplus 10 pro now everybodys going to have different opinions on how useful is facing lock or face show scanning, because right now, where i live, i still wear a mask every day, so its a little bit of a hassle.

But i have to be honest: before we wore a mask, the iphone was pretty awesome to unlock you just have to lift it up, look swipe and then youre in and the automatic four pro really comes close to matching that experience when im not wearing a mask. If im wearing a mask, it still will not lock so its not as intelligent as the iphone 13 pro max, which can already now, you know, recognize just the top half of my face and unlock, even though im wearing a mask its also worth mentioning that this Is just about the only phone in the market right now with an ultrasonic and display fingerprint scanner and a real 3d facility, i cant think of any other phone that gives you both combinations without like in terms of smartphone biometrics. These are the top two and you get both in on the magic four pro. Okay lets go over the rest of the hardware, so the auto magic 4 pro its a little bit thick. It measures 9.1 millimeters in thickness, so its a little bit thicker than a galaxy s2 ultra or like a vivo x80 pro, but its still manageable and at 209 grams, its relatively light and like i said because the phone is curvy all around. I really like this. In hand feel so you have glass front and back unfortunately, the back attracts fingerprints a little bit. It is grippy, but it attracts fingerprints a little bit, but when its clean, this is one of my favorite looking backs around now.

Back to the front, this is a 6.8 inch ltp oled panel, meaning the refresh rate can vary between 60. All the way up to 120 hertz, unfortunately ill cover this a little bit more in depth later, the refresh rate doesnt jump around as intuitively as most other phones. If you set the refresh rate to dynamic, which means automatic adjustment, it will often hover just around 90, which is still kind of fluid, but not as fluid as like, if youre using an opal, finex 5 pro or iphone 13 pro. If you set it to 120 lock in 120, then you get buttery smooth animations, but then you lose a lot of battery life when youre running the phone at 120 hertz at all times, and the battery inside isnt that large its 4 600 milliamp hour. Now again, when i set the refresh rate automatic, then this phone can last me a full 11 hours out and about, but then, if i switch it to 120 hertz like locked, then this thing will only last me: eight nine hours, thats, not enough. The good news is the automatic photo comes with a 100 watt fast charging brake thats in the box at 100, watts its pretty crazy, just plug it in, for, like eight minutes, 10 minutes and youre gon na pump, like 60 70 to your phone, then that would Be enough to fix any battery anxiety, you may have. This also supports wireless charging also up to 100 watt, but you have to buy on this proprietary charger for that now powering the phones, a snapdragon, 8 gen 1, with 5g support, theres, eight gigs of ram or 12 gigs of ram in the phone at the model.

Im testing is 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigs or 512 gig of internal storage in this ip68 water dust resistance too. So so far, all the components i just threw at you. They are tip top premium flagship territory and because honor is now separate from huawei. Were starting to see that a lot of the restrictions that the us government put on huawei no longer applies here. This phone can support 5g, whereas huawei phones are now unlocked to 4g and, of course, the honor magic 4 pro can run google mobile services, in fact, because this is an international version. It ships with google apps out of the box and everything is built in natively. So everything just works: theres google assistant, if you swipe from the corner its basically like any other android phone, that you may come across a couple more style features about the hardware of the automatic 4 pro. Is you have an rr blaster up top? Some of you guys may like that, and you also have symmetrical stereo speaker, grilles, so theyre, the top and bottom of the frame, and they blast out sound at equal volume on both sides. Okay, now lets look at the camera system. Im really a fan of this camera module design is very symmetrical so in the upper left corner its the main camera, its a 50 megapixel main camera f, 1.8 aperture, with image sensor size of one over 1.56 inch. So its not the largest image sensor size around.

But its large enough to pull in a lot of light and you get shallow depth of field naturally on the upper right side is also a 50 megapixel ultra wide camera. F, 2.2 aperture image sensor size a lot smaller now its one over 2.5 inch. Now, because this image sensor is a little bit small, that means ultrawide photos during the day looks fine, but at night you can see details are a little bit soft. You will have to turn on night mode and be shooting in really low light situations down here. In the lower left corner its a 3d tof sensor, so this is also to map subjects in front of you for a portrait photo now. To be honest, i dont really think you need a dedicated 3d tof sensor just for portrait shots. There are plenty of phones out there, including like the google pixel that will give you an excellent portrait shot without a timer flight sensor, but hey its here. It is what it is now right here in the middle, its a 64 megapixel periscope zoom lens. I can give you 3.5 times optical zoom. Now you can see from these samples here the 3.5 time shots are pretty sharp and theyre sharper than the iphones three times telephoto zoom and you go up to 10 times. Zoom shots look pretty good too, and even though this phone lets you zoom all up 100 times its very gimmicky like anything beyond 30 times its already very soft and not usable.

So you can go up to 100 times but whats. The point like the shots, not usable now around the front, is that 12 megapixel selfie camera has a wider than usual 100 degree field of view, which means you can actually film yourself like this handheld and get a wider than usual frame. Its not just like your head and neck thats in the frame looking up some steps right now. How do i sound and the sound youre hearing is coming directly from the mic, so this is a pretty good vlogging camera. If you want to vlog with the front facing camera, but if you want better video quality, then you have to flip the phone around and vlog with the main camera. Now the main camera is a little bit tighter, but the main camera stabilization is really good. With the honor magic 4 pro right now, and are you watching main camera footage 4k30? So you can switch up to the ultra wide middle of filming. So now i am shooting with the ultra wide and you can also zoom in when youre filming 12 to 10 times so im going to stand still zoom Music 10 times 10. So you can see from these samples here. I think the automatic four post video capabilities are quite good and almost net connect with the iphone 13 pro max during the day. So looking at these photo samples, i would say im quite satisfied: the cameras of the honor magic 4 pro particularly the main camera, but the ultra wide camera, if youre shooting at night its a little bit disappointing and the zoom lens is not as good as the S22, ultra so overall the system, i would say its pretty good im happy with it, but its not the best of the best it cant keep up with avivo x80 pro or galaxy s.

22. Ultra now look at software. The automatic 4 pro runs android 12 with arnolds magic ui on top is magic. Ui 12.. To be honest, magic ui is very, very similar to huaweis em ui. This is both good and bad. The good is that this phone has some of the best multitasking gestures around. For example, i really like this swipe over menu you swipe and hold. Then you pull up this menu and from here you can then drag an app to go into split screen mode automatically or if you go to that same menu and you tap on app, then you can open the app in a floating window and you can open A lot of apps in the floating window, this way, including slack, which is awesome, because i need to open slack and floating windows a lot. You cant open slack on floating windows on a vivo x80 pro, so this is just a very intuitive, very useful multitasking system, but unfortunately, some of my biggest gripes for huawei software is still here. For example, i really hate that if you want this notification shade, you have to swipe from the top of the screen you swipe from the middle. You get this system wide search, which kind of its pointless, and for me, i bring down my notification shade. Quite often like, throughout the day, i bring this thing down like 20 30 times a day and if youre using this for one hand its very hard to reach all the way up top to do this action every single time.

So a little shortcoming of this software that is also in huawei software, is, if i long press on an app like lets, say alarmpress on twitter, i dont have the options to jump into the app info on many other phones like my s22 here. If i long press on an app, i have an option to jump into app information right here then, from here i can adjust. You know notification permissions all that so in automatic four pro. If i want to change notification or permissions of twitter see long pressing on it, doesnt give me that menu. I have to back out jump into settings, jump into apps permission all that, but you know these can be considered nitpicks. I do think magic ui, just like emui, still looks pretty aesthetically pleasing you have some customization options that you can double knock on the screen with your knuckles to grab your screenshots stuff like that now the automatic four pro i believe is on sale. Now, in singapore, malaysia and also parts of europe, including the uk, the price in europe is relatively high at 1 100 euros that comes out to around, like almost 1 200 us dollars. So at this price, this is a tip top premium price. That is almost exactly what apples asking for the iphone 13 pro max or the samsung galaxy s2 ultra. Let me comparing specs and features side by side. Thats 22 ultra is gon na beat the honor magic 4 pro a little bit.

Thats 20 ultra has a brighter display. It gets up to 1700 nits and max brightness. This screen only gets up to 1000 nits, its still more than bright enough for most situations, but if you do go somewhere out in the middle of the sun like in las vegas or something you will see the screen a little bit better than the screen. The zoom lens on s22 ultra its quite a bit better than the zoom lens here, and also this phone will give you better battery life and, like i said, the software doesnt have those quirks that i just mentioned. However, theres a lot to like with the online magic 4 pro like, i said, i think this phone looks and feels better in the hand than the s22 ultra. You have real 3d face unlock if youre, someone who dont like to use a fingerprint scanner for whatever reason and you get a 100 watt charger with the box, and you also get a case too and a screen protector. So, if youre buying this phone as it is, you already have everything that you will need to get going. You dont need to then stop by another store to buy a case and all that, but ultimately the android flagship space for that is really really crowded. So i cannot say the honor magic 4 pro is heads and shoulders the best phone out there. However, it is very polished and very well built and designed, and if youre a fan of huawei or honor smartphones, then this is the best that youre going to get right now for the rest of this year and maybe well into 2023.

. So anyway, thats about it. For this review of the online magic 4 pro, if youre interested in more content like this, please subscribe to my channel and follow me on instagram at bens gadget reviews. I have a lot more coming up.