This is gon na, be my first ride figure to do a first impression on this bad larry. This is the eventin adventure e bike, its a fat tire bike with a rear hub, a rear motor well go over the details in a second lets. Just start this initial. Oh this ride. This is cool switch. Gears lets go to pedal, assist too its been 16 miles. An hour pedal assist three 21 miles an hour. Okay were in eighth gear 25 miles an hour im, not even pushing hard. This is the eventin adventure e bike, and after reviewing this bad boy, i can say that i get it. I now get why the e bike craze has gripped to the nation, and i have to say that i am hooked im going to preface this uh by saying that uh eventon did send this bike to the channel for review. For those who dont know me personally, i used to ride extensively. I used to ride a mountain bike quite a bit and its good to get back into the game, and this is my first step into the e bike foray and i was looking for the last bike. I had was a fat tire bike and the adventure by uh eventin knocks this out of the park. Now the price category for e bikes there theres a wide gamut and the adventure by eventon hits that sweet spot the build quality and the the price and the battery, as well as the powerful motor you get uh to me, makes the price point well worth it Ill have a link down below.

If you want more information about the prices and stuff, because by the time you watch it, it might change. This comes in three sizes, small medium large. This is the large version and they also have a step through uh model, as well. Now im going to go through this from top to bottom front to back and tell you just a real quick about some of the options and then were going to show you. My first ride with it, and it was impressive to say the least so first off the overall build quality for this bike by a venting is extremely impressive. Everything is aluminum, well go over the type of aluminum and the weight of everything in a minute. So, first off the build quality on this bike was extremely impressive. Well, go up front here in the handlebar area, left to right. First off the handlebars are equipped with rubber grips in most e bikes that i saw these are typically leather and they have a rubber grip with a little bit of cushion to. It was really good, especially yesterday. It was like 90 degrees in human. When i was out riding and putting 13 miles on it, that extra grip on my hands got a little sweaty was was well worth. The addition uh to the immediate right of that is your thumb throttle now. The thumb throttle will go over, but uh limited to 20 miles an hour, but you can go faster, which is the cool part uh immediately to the right of that is your control panel.

You can power on the bike turn on and off your headlights adjust your pedal, assist and more through the the menu the brakes are by tectro and they are fully hydraulic front and back hydraulic brakes, which is pretty impressive. Continuing on in the center. You have your colored backlit display and the display it shows your level of charge for your battery. Your speed, as well as the level of your pedal, assist your trip distance, your overall odometer and more depending on your menu setting youre at you have your front headlight, which is integrated into the bike to the right. You have your eight speed, shimano transmission. You have your rapid shifts here, theres one for your index finger one for your thumb and then you have your other grip. The bike includes front and back aluminum uh fenders, which is a nice option and the tires are ginormous. They are kenda tires and they are four inches wide by 26 inch tires. Also your suspension. You have a front fork with lockout feature and it has 80 millimeters of travel which will help soften up. Your rides uh your frame. Now this is an all metal design. I will tell you that it is heavy, it is 73 pounds, but its a battery and its integrated in here seamlessly. Well. Take it out here in a second now. The battery right here is 720 megawatts. It is a lithium ion battery and you can charge it on or off the bike, and you really cant even tell that its there.

It doesnt stick out like a sore thumb on some other bikes from other companies. Now the saddle, even though it is marked as a ventin, it is made by velo, and it does have the quick release option so that you can adjust this on the fly without many issues at all, continuing down to the back. We have our rear fender. We have an eight speed cassette, which is awesome. There are e bikes out there that dont even have multiple speeds, so to get one that you can ride. Just like a bike, if you dont want to use the power is a great option. This is insane now the motor is in the rear hub and you can see its a buffering motor its a 750 watt sustain motor, but it does peak out at 1120 watts, which is really cool when you kick it in, and it can fast charge in about Three to five hours, depending on your state of charge. Now the bike does ship, with two keys that secure your battery in place. This is the power button which well show in a bit here, but to take the battery out you just pop the key and remove the battery now shes a beefy girl, but the range and speed that this provides is really really impressive. Putting it is just as easy bottom first and there you go nice and sleek and theres the charging port. Now the bike itself is remarkably solid and its a beautiful design.

Its very sleek, which i like its minimalistic, the headlight, the rear light and the brake light, are integrated right into the frame. Now the adventure ships as a class, two bicycle e bike. But if you use the the app that you can sync with the bike and go through the menu, you can easily configure this to a class three bike and enjoy the increase in speeds. That brings now the frame is a 6061 single butted aluminum alloy again its 73 pounds, so its a beefy bike, and it has a max payload of up to 400 pounds. So we can, you can pack it in pretty good. Now lets talk about the speed now, like i said it: ships as a class 2 bike, so it is limited on throttle only to 20 miles an hour. But if you access the increase or max out the top speed, easily reach speeds of 28 miles an hour with the pedal assist and depending on how you use it, you have a range of up to 53 miles, which is extremely impressive, even more impressive. If you dont pedal at all – and you just use the throttle, you can get speeds of 20 miles an hour and depending on environmental conditions, like hills, weight of rider, etc. You can get up to 27 miles in range just on throttle Music. So, like i said in the opening i get it, this was extremely fun to ride, especially riding an e bike for the first time, and i will add that the videos you saw of me putting in very minimal effort all happened while im recovering from a torn Right hamstring, so i literally put in minimal effort and was easily able to reach speeds of 32 miles an hour.

Never once got out of the saddle to pedal hard and was extremely impressed with this. Also, the price point well talk about the price point again check the website because it might change, but this is a sub two thousand dollar bike, and while that is a lot of money for a lot of people, if youre in the e bike category of your Shopping thats, a sweet spot for the amount of options youre getting here its to me, an extremely solid choice. Again, i was thoroughly impressed. There are a couple things that ill point out that might some might consider a con, because this is an honest review. The the crank sensor, so the crank sensor for the pedal assist it takes sometimes like a one and a half crank before itll catch in and boost you, and that was. I found that more on a hill hill start than anything else, but it it. It definitely kicks in and you definitely feel it and it will take you for a ride, its extremely impressive another thing, the throttle when you just use the throttle alone. It does take a second or two to kick in and it slowly will ramp up its not 20 miles an hour right out of the gate, which is both good and could be seen as a detraction. Depending on how you want to ride the bike. But to be able to just kick back and hold down the throttle with your thumb and go 20 miles an hour for 25 30 miles is, is really really cool and impressive.

I cant say enough good things about this bike. I really am impressed by it uh. My kids are already fighting each other who can ride it regularly. Thats. Another thing, like my my daughter, works about two and a half miles from the house, and she can easily take this to work and really never even have to pedal to do it all these kids dont know understand they dont understand how lucky they are. These days check it out ill, have a link down below for the event and adventure, and it comes in a couple, different color options, and there are other options online as far as racks front and back water bottle, uh, rack and stuff, like that, i think if Youre in the market – and you get a chance to take one of these for a ride, youre going to be very, very impressed, especially for that sub 2, 000 category, uh, guys and gals. Thank you so much for your time. I hope you enjoyed a gadget review. We havent done one in a while uh and this one is gon na help me get back to the outdoors and get back to you doing what i used to love to do and that was to ride my bicycle uh, quite a bit um. So thank you to eventon for sending the bike over im extremely extremely impressed, and i hope that you guys will check it out because i know you will be as well thats it for today, guys and gals to see each other again be safe.

Stay vigilant, carry gun, keep you your friends, your family, your community, safe you! Do it riding on a bike too. Take care.