So if you look at it, it says that they’re gon na talk about uh dan heaps of dan and they’re gon na cause his character that’s coming out. Obviously, and they’re gon na be talking about the new game mechanic that they’re gon na be introducing uh and i thought i’d just have a little uh. I guess video obviously uh, showing you guys what i think this is going to be so here you can see i’m a little capture screen um let’s go into uh. You know what now we’re going to full screen it so we’ll come into here and we’ll. Come into here so this is not street fighter 5 and uh, and he, i guess any street fighter fan, would know that um and that’s all right right so essentially what’s happening here is uh. This is what i think is going to be the major clue as to what is going to be happening in street fighter 5. So um, i just got two controllers set up here and we’re going to go into verses and play versus player. Infinite edition select on all right, so it’s going to be one of two things and um. Some people might call me crazy and some people uh might agree with me. But here we go so the first thing that i think it’s going to be is uh right here, they’re going to add an extra critical art and you’re going to be able to choose which one it is maybe they’ll, do the double and say: hey.

You can use more than one but it’s going to be less damage, or maybe they’ll just give you the option for for two um, but the other thing that i think it could be is. I should probably is this. So if you go into street fighter 4 now this in street fighter 4 ultra 354 – this is only an offline mode thing, so unfortunately, you can’t play people in ranked matches or even casual matches for that matter, or you can’t go into arcade mode with this either. This is strictly a versus mode thing, but, as you can see where it says edition, it says omega now. Personally, this is what i would love the series to do. This is what i want the developers to do. This is my pie in the sky dream of what i think they should do and i’m, not the only one who thinks that now we’re just going to take some time to load this up. Um, it loads really quick because it’s not okay, um, but you might be wondering why i chose canon and evolution and that’s, because in omega mode this is the difference right. So normally they’d have you know hadouken, shoryuken and yatsumaki right omega mode lets. You do different stuff, like this all right, that’s the command normal specific to e4u. Along with this, oh wait, whoops this yeah, you see that upward fireballs, what the heck like that’s, not normal, and then you got this wondering what the heck that was well.

That was a grab, a teleport grab, that’s right extra moves baby and it doesn’t stop. There check this out. Directional projectiles and other kick moves. Essentially, this is a mode that fundamentally changes how characters play. It changes the frame data and it changes the entire meta of the game and, oh, my goodness, um look i’m, probably getting myself way too over hyped thinking about this. But if somehow, these developers have gone into street fighter 5 and said, look it’s kind of it’s kind of vanilla and i guess vanilla is kind of a tasty flavor, but it would be better with chocolate um. This could be like that chocolate to make it a chop top so uh, you know it’s, not just ken and ryu, either like these these characters. Every character gets something different, so ryu gets a speed and strength increase and fei long gets a completely different moveset dicaprio, who was an original character who’s in the story, mode of street fighter 5 gets a completely different move set, which she goes from being a charged Character to uh just a normal input command character, and this is something that can literally change the game. It can change not only the game itself, but it can change the meta of the game and how people approach it now. Obviously, look. This is just some pie in the sky dream. I doubt that uh capcom will actually do it. I honestly think that they are more likely to go with just adding an extra critical art.

However, if there is the smallest chance that they could involve omega mode and change everything up and then also allow us to play it online, that is something that i am freaking hyped for, so look guys. I could be wrong in fact: i’m i’m gon na say that i’m there’s there’s probably like a 99 chance that i’m wrong. Okay, and this is purely speculation on my part. But if there is even a one percent chance that i want to believe it – and hopefully you do too because, like if you haven’t played street fighter 4 ultra street fighter 4, i thought i’d i’d played the crap out of it. I’Ve played it to death um, but fighting people in omega mode is something that i actually hadn’t really done and when i booted it up the other day and started learning all this all the different omega mode combos, it was incredible. It was like playing a new game, and this is something that i kind of believe street fighter 5 needs. I went back to it recently after playing a lot of guilty gear, a lot of dragon ball fighters and even a lot of marvel and the game kind of felt really slow and look street fighter always is going to feel slower than those games. But it also feels much slower than just street fighter 4 going back to street fighter 4.. So adding something like this in could change the pacing it could.

It could fundamentally change characters. Imagine cargae with an actual projectile that isn’t his uh shakunetsu hadouken. You know that that would that alone would change his character in in a lot of people’s tier lists. So um, look, i don’t know guys. Tell me what you think. Am i just going over the moon with these speculations uh. Would you like to see what i like to see, or would you like to see something else out of it comment down below? Let me know um also. I just want to apologize to a clay we’re supposed to do a collaboration with him um, but our schedules just don’t line up right now. So um. Sorry, sorry! Okay, i will you know.