I was actually quite surprised to find that nokia has now pivoted to creating audio products. But of course i was very curious to give it a try just to see whether it stacks up to the quality of the old nokia phone products. That was my first phone. If you look at the entire thing, its actually quite well made – and it does feel quite high quality – and what i have done over the two weeks is also to compare it with my apple airpods and, of course they cost more than 200 300. So when you open up thats what you see, the only thing, probably that i thought was a little less counterintuitive – is that the earbuds are actually placed um horizontal on the case. You take them out like this, instead of slotting them in like the airpods pro, and you can see that there is the the charges here. The controls are actually on the inside of the stem again very similar to how the apples airports pro were like you have to do a gentle squeeze for a couple of seconds and you can activate anc and it will tell you with a very weird accent: a And c on, if you turn it off its just normal, but theres, also a transparency mode uh, which will end they call it the ambient mode, which will record, sounds and feed it into your ear. In case, you need to hear things like taking an order at the cashier which ive done many times.

I was interested actually with the anc of the nokia as well, so this was the first thing that attracted me, because in the past, like about two years ago, anc is still not a big thing and i believe the technology was not there yet. So a lot of headphones were just using noise. Isolation for cancelling out of noise, but apple was the one that first came up with the amc that really worked well, so much so that it became their best seller in terms of audio products and a lot of people. I see use it on a plane as well because of the noise cancelling function, and i was fascinated with it. I definitely was persuaded by their technology to buy the airpods pro. But when i looked at this, i was also pleasantly surprised by how much of a active noise cancelling the nokia e3511 provided, because at its price point i was very skeptical that the anc would be anything but thats. What surprises me, because when i actually put it on – and i like that, instead of relying on beeps and sounds, you can actually get a sense of whether the amc is on or off when you soft press the inner side of the stem. So this is how it looks like when you have it in a case and its quite funny, because the charging is actually at the front where you are opening the case and theres also an indicator light so theres, just a little tiny, um protrusion at the edge Of the case, and when you put it in it goes for up to, i think, 25 hours of play time with anc off and six and a half hours with anc off of active playing on one charge.

My airpods pro definitely cannot sustain that on just one single charge. The other thing that i have done is also to compare how the microphone sounds like by using a voice recorder. I pitted the nokia with my airpods pro and ive, also pictured it against the ear palm tws, which ive reviewed sometime back as well. So im going to play the recordings for you and you can decide for yourself how they sound like, because it will basically be how your microphone will sound like if you were to pick up a call or if you were to do a recording via the earphones. Here you go im using the airpods pro to record the audio using just the headphones function, and i will compare it against the nokia just to see in terms of clarity and sound, which one is better. Okay. Now it is time for the nokia e3511 and im using it to record audio as well the same distance and in the same room, condition to see how it fares against the apple airports probe: okay, so now its with the earpan tws 12.. So this also comes with effective noise, cancelling but im quite doubtful that the sound quality and the recording for the mic is as good as the other two, so lets see right. Actually, personally, i prefer the nokia, because i find it in a mid range of between clarity as well as fullness, whereas i find the airpods pro a little bit too round and full and of course the ear palm is not that clear as well.

It has a bit of that static upon listening a few times. I thought that the nokia was a very good mid range of capturing the voice very well, but also keeping the static out and keeping the tones at the right level. So some of you might wonder: hows the sound quality and, of course, thats also the second most important part when picking a pair of headphones and im happy to say that this headphones. They sound great with headphones of this size and, of course, at a price of below 200. You might expect that the sound would be quite teeny and low on bass and not very clear but its not true. I was also again pleasantly surprised by how good the audio quality is, and everything was quite clear, with a good base and what i did was also to increase the base using an app on my phone. And i do that for all my earbuds as well, including the airpods pro, but overall, even on its average setting. This is actually good enough and it makes for very good phone calls as well. The carrying experience was seamless, it was very easy to pair and to set this up, and you just needed to know remember the controls on the earbuds in terms of the touch controls. It also comes with assistant and yeah. Just everything was quite good, i would say pleasantly surprised would be the two words that i will use to describe this pair of nokia, e3511 and yeah.

Overall, i would definitely recommend for anyone whos looking for a pair of budget but good quality earbuds to check out the nokia e511, because i really genuinely think that they are a good buy and in fact they will make for a good gift as well so thats. My review of the nokia e3511 wireless earbuds with active noise, cancelling get yourself a pair or your partner a pair, and i dont think anyone of you will be disappointed for what youre paying for and what youre getting. Thank you so much as well.