Now i know two videos in one week. I know you guys might not be able to handle this much content but i’m back, and i actually have some good news to tell you guys for once today, so capcom released on their twitter and they’re. Like yo guys, we got an announcement of an announcement, and that is the season. 5 winter update showcase is coming up, so they’re going to show off all the stuff before capcom cup, and this showcase is going to feature dan, the next new character, you’re even gon. Na feature rose there’s, apparently some kind of weird little leak on steam, saying that they’re gon na talk about the next character after dan as well. The new battle mechanic that we’ve been talking about forever that we don’t know what it is: uh, esports news and more so this is a big deal. We thought we had to wait all the way to the end of the month to hear all this information. It looks like we get a cool preview of that before capcom cup, so this will be taking place next week next thursday, on february 11th, at 9, 00 a.m. Pst – and this will be on the usual catcon fighters – twitch slash other social media channels from capcom fighters. So yeah uh in the showcase they’re going to include not only the director and the producer that we’ve seen recently with the with uh ono leaving. We also get the battle director, the dude, the man who removed your precious invincible, dps, the one that has almost every single new character, designed to resemble some type of guild to get character.

Yes, the man who couldn’t count to two during the evil stage will shige himself is showing up so make sure you guys show him some love, even though this probably won’t be live, but probably like a live broadcast of like a video that they made months ago. But uh they did show a picture of the whole crew i’m, assuming they’re, trying to make like street fighter 5 sf5 the letters and since we’ve seen a picture of them doing this. I doubt they got together just to take a picture because that’d be really awkward. So i’m, going to assume this video was made a while back and they were supposed to release it during capcom cup. Unfortunately, catch on cup isn’t gon na be as hyped this year because they had to cancel the offline version and the online is pretty much just a series exhibition matches that we talked before so i think caco’s, like we’re, not gon na get as many eyeballs on This we might as well just get the hype now and uh show off a bunch of the content rather than people waiting last second and then release him after. I think it’ll be a bigger payoff and i definitely agree with this because i think i’m sure a lot of people are bummed up by a lot of the exhibition matches. So i don’t know when they were supposed to show it. There would be no big grand finals anyways, so this definitely makes sense so yeah i mean this content to talk about.

I guess let’s just start off fresh with dan. I mean dan we’ve already seen. We know it started off weird with mobile mobile phone footage and we still haven’t got a trailer yet so i’m sure we’re gon na at least get a tray of the character. I mean we’ve seen a preview of his normal attacks, one of his super suspiciously. We don’t know if he has two supers yet but we’ve seen the tan super preview. Uh we’ve seen some of his special moves, some of his combos but that’s pretty much it. We still don’t know. If he’s gon na be a strong character, i’m doubtful, he will be, but we do know that he’s gon na be a fun character and we do know he’s gon na be a different and hopefully rewarding and uh. You know some depth to him and he’ll be unique to the game, which is great rose i’m surprised by rose i’m. Definitely surprised by it because rose uh is still probably going to come out, like maybe three four months after this she’s supposed to be due out in spring, and i think we probably like seeing a trillion for rose would be like best case scenario, but anything besides. That i may be cool to at least see what she looks like her in game model. I think would be sick, but you know i think, the biggest drought of the game in street fighter 5, like because when dan comes out we’re going to get a balance patch we’ll get a new mechanic right and we’re going to get dan.

So it’s going to be like boom right away, it’s going to be it’s going to feel fresh for at least a couple of months that will hold us till rose comes out. I think when rose comes out, that’s, where we’re gon na hit our first hill because it’ll just be rose. I thought that would release another small balance patch or anything like that. So just be like a little bit and then it’ll be the biggest drought. And then we have two characters come up after that right with oro and akira, and then i think after that it would be smooth sailing um. So i think that’s gon na be the pretty much the biggest bump in the world that we have to go down to so this new mechanic, this new battle mechanic. We talk about this a lot. A lot of people ask you know what do i think it is. What would be good for the game? My expectations aren’t super high about this i’m, not trying to be pessimistic. I’M, just trying to look at it from basically a technical point of view of hey. We know that this season fight was not a plan for capcom they’re, just trying to buy time because street fighter 6 is delayed. So what kind of new mechanic can they add to the game that would be easy for them, but also impactful on the game. Worst case scenario would be like a second v reversal uh.

I think a second super would be a bad case scenario as well. I know a lot of you guys want to see. A second super would be cool, but i don’t think it’ll be impactful on the balance or the game itself, because many of the supers for many of the characters are already they’re just good. They, they combo from pretty much everything you know. There’S some hit grab supers right or maybe an anti air super for zhang there’s there’s, some specific characters that could benefit from this, but most of these supers are all around good for most every single combo, so it wouldn’t really add much um, and you know when I think of these new mechanisms, a lot of cool ideas. People had you know ex moves with two meter or some type of kind of uh focus, cancel pseudo thing uh whatever it is. I just hope it’s something that uses the v system, because the v system is what street fighter 5 is all about. That is the new uh. You know every street fighter has its own mechanic right. Main mechanic and street fighter 5 is the v system. You use your v gauge. I would like something else to use your v gage, because that’s, what the game is all about now is a new mechanic battle. Mechanic gon na help low tier characters. I doubt it usually when it comes to any kind of mechanic added to a game. The top tier characters are always gon na benefit more because everyone can use it, but you know it’s hard to speculate when we don’t know what cat comes at it.

I just don’t think it’ll be something insanely, um, intuitive or complex, or something that they took a lot of time to make just because of the case of of this patch as a whole. But, to be fair, i do think the design of these new characters, starting with dan, is in a good direction and their choices are characters it’s, a good direction that i don’t think they’re being super lazy about it anyways. As for the esports news, i mean they’re, probably going to say something like they’re announcing street. You know there will be a capcom cup 2021 uh we’re gon na still have online tournaments, i’m sure it’s gon na be something along that lines. They’Ll probably announce a prize pool or something like that and i’m sure we’ll get some type of cpt stage again for the year 2021 and the whatever the reigning champion is. Even though i don’t know how we’re going to decide that, since we have all exhibition matches. But i’ll probably be something along those lines and it says add more so maybe we’ll get some preview of some stages. We’Ll probably have um uh some preview of those two whack ass, jerry costumes that they added that they’re going to add to the game and uh yeah i mean i i’m, mostly just pumped for any type of hint of balance changes. Honestly, myself, i mean we just got that small preview of removing the side switch from akuma that’d, be sick i’m, actually very interested to see what she is going to say and if he shows any balance changes his thoughts behind it.

I really want capcom to share their thoughts behind all their changes, because some of them just don’t make sense. Some of them are not consistent with other characters. In terms of nerfing and buffing, i like to just kind of see what they’re trying to do, what they’re trying to accomplish uh throughout all the years of this game, because now we’re on year, five we’re kind of at the end of the game. This will be the second last big balance patch the game will receive and technically it might even be the last, because even when we get that last balance patch at the very end of this season, 356 might already be announced. It might already be a beta by then and no one’s going to be caring about street fighter 5 anyways, and that includes the the final character as well. Now that i think about it, so that’s pretty much it guys. This will be your last second chance to give your thoughts on uh everything that this showcase is going to offer, but this is really exciting. I’M glad that they’re going to show this early before capcom cup now. Does that mean that they’re not going to have anything else to show during capcom cup? Are we going to get another trailer that’d be cool if we at least got like a rose trailer or something, but it wouldn’t really tie in with the hype of like hey. You know the balance patch is releasing right.

Now all those balance patch notes come out early as well and translate it properly, but uh i mean i’m, not gon na get anything crazy like in announcements or street fighter 6, or anything like that. I do you know. Don’T even think about that guys, there will announce something: a game like that that big, that would be something like the sony show or e3 that still exists or a microsoft show it would not be shown at exhibition, catacomb cup. There is no way that’s gon na happen, but maybe we might get an extra trailer uh during that event. That’D be really cool too, but if they don’t, i mean that’s. Okay, cuz i’d rather see this early anyways, so yeah pretty hype. Uh i’ll definitely follow up with that guys next week on thursday, with all the information we got and we can go from there and see what direction this game is going to go for its last year.