This is new from bellroy and its called their desk caddy and its designed to organize your tech and desk essentials. So you can access everything easily and then pack everything away quickly and change locations so ideal for travel for working from home, and especially for remote working and for those that make use of co working spaces. The fact that it can stand up means it doesnt, take up much space ideal for that train, table or cramped coffee shop and the fold down front allows the contents to be easily visible and accessible, and bellroy refers to this as stadium seating. It has really flexible storage with a mix of elasticated loops and divider walls and weve got here a zip pocket the front so lots of flexibility when it comes to storage space, its made from a tough water resistant recycled nylon, and it stands out from many of The tech pouches, which require more space on the desk and it doesnt, have to be purely for desk and tech. It could easily be used as a toiletry bag, its available in these four colors and it weighs 125 grams or four and a half ounces and it costs 49 pounds. So ive just bought this. Its literally just arrived today in time for this review, and i really like it not too big, not too small. It fits in my bellroy work pack and this is going to be my new tech pouch when it comes to pricing im going to quote everything in uk pounds.

But if you want to convert that to us dollars its pretty much the same price plus tax. So if its 40 pounds its going to be around about 40 dollars plus attacks, i think a small pocket. Flashlight is one of the best things you can carry and not just for nighttime use when of course it can be super useful, but also for finding stuff. In that overflowing cupboard under the stairs or dropped under a desk, even making small print easy to read, the list goes on and once youve had one with you for a while youll never want to be without one. Now. This is a new one from one of my favorite flashlight suppliers. This is the tiny two from nightcore. Now, one of the biggest problems with any flashlight is knowing, if its charged or not, and how long the battery is going to. Last and here we have an oled easy to read, display which is unique in a flashlight of this size and tells you exactly how long youve got across each of the five different brightness modes right from firefly up to an impressive 500 lumen turbo, which will totally Light up a room lets have a quick look at the operation. Its pretty straightforward to use youve got an on off switch here and when you turn it on, you can immediately see the oled telling you how long its going to last to that brightness level and then youve got a mode switch here and you can step through The different brightness levels so right now im on the firefly mode, which is the lowest light mode, which is one lumen.

Then we can press the mode button and were on now 15 lumens, which will last eight hours, then 65 lumens. That will last two and a half hours, and then we have 200 lumens, which will last 45 minutes. If you want to get to turbo, you have to press and hold the mode button, and then it comes on at 500 lumens, and it will only last for a few seconds at that brightness before stepping down. Also, we have a lockout function, which means that you can avoid accidental activation when its in your pocket and to lock the flashlight when its on you simply press and hold the power button and it locks mode one and two in two, its totally locked out in One, it still gives you access to the turbo mode, so you can grab it out of your pocket and quickly get it into turbo to unlock it. You press the power button, then press it again and hold it and you can see it unlocks so thats a really nice feature and then also its really nice to see here. Weve got a usb c charging socket. This version in black is made out of steel and weighs in at 27 grams, which is just under an ounce and costs 37 pounds. And if you want to know more about any of the items in this review, then just check out the links in the description. Under the video, this is quad lock now quad lock is a mounting system for your mobile phone and consists of a case of which there are many for many different mobile phones, and it has this secure, mounting system built in and then there are a whole range Of mounts for lots of different use cases now ive been using quad lock for some years now across several generations of mobile phones and its always served me really well.

So if we start with the phone case its pretty much what you would expect its rubbery, it has a kind of micro fiber lining to protect the back of the phone. It has a raised area to protect the cameras and then youve got the mounting system built in. So if i put my phone in here and ive dropped my phone like all of us with this case on and never had a problem, then we come to the different mounting options and lets start with this. This they call the finger ring and it fills the space on the back of the phone when its not mounted in any other way, and it serves two purposes. It allows you to hold the phone more securely by slipping your finger into that ring, so you can be sure you dont drop it and then also it doubles up as a phone stand and that works really well, and i like the fact that it gives the Recess a function when the phone is not mounted on anything theres, not many mounts. I would trust on a mountain bike rattling down a trail, but quad lock, ive used for some years now. Precisely for that purpose, then, i also have a mount in the car, and i also carry this. This allows me to mount my phone on a tripod and then you have this arrangement and it can also work in portrait mode as well so thats a great way of mounting your phone on a tripod.

If you want to take, say time, lapse, pictures or perhaps a group selfie, and then we have this, which quad lock work kind enough to send me for this review, and this has become my new favorite desk accessory. So we have a wireless quad, lock mount on a desk stand and the phone can mount either in portrait or landscape. Youve got a screw here. You can undo so you can angle the phone about its got. A usbc socket on the bottom and youll notice. Weve got a light here on either side to show the charging status and, if youre, going to use this on a bedside table, these lights might keep you awake at night, so theyve thought of that and theres a switch on the back. You press that and the indicator lights go out so, as you can see, this is more than just a phone case, its a complete protection and mounting system for your mobile phone. Next up we have this, which is the zendure passport. 3 travel adapter. Now this was originally funded on kickstarter and becomes generally available about the time of this video release, and it is the perfect gift for the international traveler. The zenjer is both your travel adapter, covering an unbelievable 200 countries and also a charger for all your devices. And what sets this apart from whats already out. There is the focus on usbc sockets, which is nice to see, but also the fact that this can deliver up to 65 watts of power.

Then, in addition to that, youve got the fact that theres five sockets on here and the 200 different countries that are supported and all those things combined in my view, make it a unique product in the market. Right now i was actually one of the original funders of this on the kickstarter campaign and then coincidentally, zendura reached out and asked if i would like one for review. So i now have two: this color is called iron and is the one i paid for, and this blue one here is the one i got sent to review and theres one other color available, which is purple. This one uses the latest gan or gallium nitride technology, which is why this thing can kick out 65 watts from what is a very manageable size. Considering this is a combined charger and adapter. The usbc socket here on the side can output 65 watts and that meets the power delivery standard. So that means an iphone 13 pro like mine, can charge to 50 in just 30 minutes, and this also supports pps charging for the samsung galaxy. There are four additional sockets on the bottom: three are usbc and one is usb a and together these share 15 watts of output power. So, in total we have five usb sockets on here, sharing that 65, what maximum power output when it comes to using the adapter overseas. You have these plug options here, which should cater for most of the countries in the world, and that would include the usa.

Uk europe, canada, japan, mexico, asia and the middle east, and then on the back. We have the sockets to allow all these different types of plugs to fit in here. When a mains power device is plugged into the adapter, it can manage up to two and a half thousand watts which lets face. It is loads thats, the equivalent of a 10 amp draw, after which thermal protection will kick in to cut off the power and then, when it cools down, it will reset automatically its nice to see theres lots of other protection built in here, such as over current Overheating overcharging and over power protection. So a lot of thought gone into the safety of this device and theres an led which shines through the front panel here, which shows youve got power to the unit. So leicester carry, which is always a good thing, when traveling and with loads of power for charging and loads of sockets, you can charge several devices simultaneously. This thing weighs 175 grams, which is just over six ounces, and the price is going to be around 60 to 70 pounds and it comes with this little bag to protect this shiny face plate. Now this list wouldnt be complete without at least one victorinox knife. When it comes to a combination of quality functionality and value, they are unbeatable and without doubt the pioneer x is one of the best of victorinox knives. You can buy with a close to perfect tool set and an ideal size for practical daily use.

The pioneer x is part of the alox range, which means no scale tools such as the toothpick and tweezers, and no traditional red abs scales. Instead, you get these textured aluminium scales and the knife is slimmer as a result, and the tools on the alox series are actually more heavy duty than those found on a similarly sized traditional victorinox swiss army knife. This color i have here signifies it is part of a limited edition range and the color changes each year. This one in orange is from 2021, as you can see from the engraving on the back, and the color for this year, which is 2022, is gray. The limited edition a loxes are more expensive, but they do come in a gift box and a more collectible. The standard color is plain aluminium, with a lacquered finish, and i actually think is the nicest color of all lets very quickly run through the tools we have. The main knife non lock in drop point under three inches so legal to carry in the uk. Then we also have a mini flat head screwdriver and can opener, which is really effective, and then we have a pry tool, large flat head and a bottle opener and a wire stripper. In addition to that, we have one of my favorite tools, which is the scissors. The scissors on the victorinox are some of the best you can buy and they are really effective and then, finally, you get a really useful tool, which is an inline awl with a bladed edge.

So you can use that for making pilot holes. You can use it actually as a mini drill. You can scrape with it. You can open packages with it its a really useful tool. Thats all the tools youve got in here, but theyre all really useful. At three layers, its not too thick and weighs in at 93 grams, which is 3.28 ounces and the limited edition model will set you back around 75 pounds. But the standard is a much more affordable, 45 pounds couple it with something like this, which is a key smart nano clip. This is what i use to carry knives in my pocket to stop them dropping to the bottom. This costs around seven pounds and if you want to see a full review on the pioneer x, then just follow this link this next one ive seen around, but i only got to see close up when one arrived in the mail, and i was really impressed with The quality and with how well it works. This is the ratchet belt system from core essentials: the originators of the ratchet belt since 2013, when they launched their first kickstarter campaign. They have a wide selection of belt styles and colours and buckles to choose from, and i have here two examples. This one here is a more casual version, smooth leather and i have here a more business, like version with stitched leather, its a very simple system, but it works very well.

You simply cut the belt to your chosen length in my case two inches more than my waist measurement and then push the end into the buckle and lock it in place with no tools required. Then it just ratchets to the perfect size and you can adjust it to reflect how many beers youve had the ratchet inlay here is invisible when worn and the quality really shines through here. When you look at this stitching and look at the materials used, it looks like the buckles of which there are loads to choose from are around 20 to 30 dollars and the belts again loads of choice are around 30 to forty dollars so expect to pay around Fifty to seventy dollars for a finished belt, no fathers day selection will be complete without a multi tool of some description. Now. Ive avoided full size tools in this list because i think they are more intentional on behalf of the user and not everyone wants to carry one, but a small, pocketable, affordable and genuinely useful tool will always make a great gift, and the leatherman squirt here is a Perfect example of this small and lightweight at only 57 grams or two ounces. This thing is surprisingly useful. The spring loaded pliers can be used like tweezers on steroids, so holding bending squeezing gripping and fastening are what pliers do, and these do it very well, albeit at smaller scale, and then we have here externally accessible tools so really quick to access, starting with the knife Non lock in and short so its legal to carry in the uk, and then here we have a file with a rough side and a finer side.

Then, on this side we have a flathead screwdriver and bottle opener and then on this side we have a phillips screwdriver, and this also doubles up as a very small flathead screwdriver and then finally, which is an essential for me. Some tiny scissors for snipping. So a really good tool selection, as you might expect, and great quality from leatherman who are one of the best in the business. I cant imagine anyone not loving this brilliant little multi tool, which will always find space in a pocket or a bag ready to save the day. And this costs 45 pounds. And if you want to see a full review of the squirt ps4 and its nearest competition, then have a look at this video here. This next item is a rather unusual knife from james brand, which arrived unexpectedly at gadget towers. But as it happened was nicely timed for this fathers day feature – and this has just been released and is a collaboration with vinyl or record experts vmp, which i understand stands for vinyl me please to say this is a niche product would be a bit of an Understatement, as this knife is aimed squarely at vinyl lovers, who it appears, take great care when opening their new vinyl purchases with surgeon like precision. This is called the abbey and it is a small beautifully designed fixed blade. Scalpel shaped knife made from stainless steel with a vinyl inlay in the handle and when i say vinyl i mean it is made from a recycled record and the knife is housed in this very nice leather sheath.

It comes nicely packaged with a lanyard attached and this collaborative metal lanyard bead. So this, i guess in itself, could become a collectors item. Oh and it is super sharp, in short, its one of the nicest package openers ive seen and for a vinyl collector. This would make a perfect gift. I should finish on this by saying that it looks and feels expensive and it is at 79 pounds so not for everyone. But it is nice to see something designed with intention and not directly aimed at the masses. And if you still need a few ideas, then why not check out this video here? This is my top five from 2021. Well, thats it for this video. I hope its been useful.