Im super excited about this ive done a lot of research, the s versus the x, all that kind of stuff and heres. My very quick conclusion: if you are someone who is enjoying xbox game pass already, perhaps on the xbox one computer, something else like that. This is a really really great option for you. So now i have my xbox one that im going to continue to keep and use for occasional games that i want to play that have discs. Maybe i can get some used or something like that for games that are not on xbox game pass, but ive had xbox game pass now for um about a month, and i am just blown away at how many games how many really good games are on there And just the content that you get for 10 or 15 depending on. If you want the ea play as well, which opens up ea games and then the battlefield games as well. So really really awesome to be able to have all of that. For such a great price is really really cool, so if youre going to do that, this is a phenomenal option to go with if youre wanting to not do online games or if youre wanting to purchase online games. Occasionally, you probably wont want to go with this, but if youre doing things online, this doesnt have a disk drive, obviously thats the difference, but a great great option so were going to unbox this and dive on into it.

So lets go ahead and dive on into it Music, all right now, just taking a second just to look at the box. This looks really really nice. Of course, youve got all of this back here, theyre trying to showcase all of the games that theyve got and they have a bunch of great games. Theyve got the gears games, they have halo games and all sorts of other stuff. Forza is really popular lots and lots of good games on here so check out game pass. If you dont have, if you dont like any games on game pass, then this wont be for you thats thats. My main thing is: if you enjoy game pass, this is a great great option. This is like 300 bucks, which is amazing, because this is a great option for the price, because its just really not all that expensive for what youre getting out of it youre getting an entire console for a really really pretty good price lets, go ahead and open. This sucker up and see how it feels see what we got on the inside: oh yeah, yeah. So this is what it looks like on the inside right here. Obviously, a box is a lot bigger than the actual content of what youre getting, which is something i really like. Why do i like that? Because that means that this console is actually really pretty dang small, so youve got the console itself. Then you open up this back thing right here: youve got a hdmi, cable, nice, hdmi, cable right there and then youve got your power supply right there, which you remember xbox, one xbox 360.

They these big blocks in the middle. Look at this. It doesnt it doesnt have that big block in the middle thats. Amazing thats awesome, so you can just plug this directly in save a bunch of space and that kind of stuff as well, which is nice, you got a some user information there, a little information here of how the controller works, and then you have the controller which Comes in white, i believe thats, the main thing that it comes with for all of these, and this just runs on double a batteries. There are other rechargeable options that you can have. I really wish that it came just directly with a rechargeable option, but not too bad, and then, if you wanted to, you could use right here. You could just plug it in with usbc to where its just plugged in and charged, and this feels really pretty nice. You can definitely feel some texture down here on this and on the overall controller, its got some got some texture to it, but everything feels nice, its an xbox controller, its. What you probably would expect – but back here, if i can get this off back here – is where youre going to put your batteries to make this wireless and give you that extra space and then youve got all your buttons everything youd expect and then down here. Youve got a few extra options for the headphone jack, and then i dont necessarily know what this one is: maybe thats for specific, headphones or like headphones that have a mic microphone on it.

That kind of thing thats. My guess overall feels really. Nice feels like what you would expect power your dreams so thats. What xbox wants you to do is power your dreams at least thats, what they say right here with their little branding, and this is awesome, its got a nice weight to it right here feels really really good. Oh man thats super exciting, so you can set this up like so or you can lay it down. Either way is going to work on the back right here. Youve got your power where you plug in your power. You have storage expansion right there, which is a big thing to mention on this when youre downloading all these games games. These days are theyre massive. A lot of them are, and so this is 512 gigabytes and youre – not actually going to have that much that you can use which kind of sucks for sure. But you do have the storage expansion so thats. Something to keep in mind is youre likely going to need to get some extra storage. Now you can use one of these usb ports over here and plug in a hard drive to do that as well. The one thing to keep in mind with that is, it might slow it down a touch. Ive got one. I was using over there that seemed pretty good, so a couple of different options for extra storage, depending on you know how fast you want it to be.

How reliable you want it to be, and just the price overall of that and then youve got your hdmi out so thats, where you plug it into the tv and then over here you have your ethernet cord, which is great. If you can plug in ethernet. I would definitely recommend that, because that is just going to download your games and connect you to the internet so much faster, so im definitely going to do that. Myself, then, on the front right here, weve got the one more usb port, which is great to have one on the front connecting controller to that. And then you have this button right here, which i believe connects your your wireless controller, like that. If you want and then youve got uh just fans on either side and the top right there – and that is the design of this looks really sleek and i love again, i love the option that you can just nice and easily set this sucker up and be Able to run a gun like that, because its just its just nice, i really like that so overall guys super pumped about this ive done some reviews. This is so much faster, more powerful than the xbox one that ive been using.