So if you were to ask me whats, my favorite mid range phone right now. My answer would be the realme 9 pro plus its just such a well rounded smartphone that im comfortable recommending to most people even to this day and challenging the ryomi 94 plus samsung, has recently launched the galaxy m53 in india and a few other european markets, which Is the successor to the galaxy m52 that made its debut about six to seven months back so can the galaxy m53 compete with the realme 9 pro plus, or does realme remain unbeaten for that one of our team members has been using both these devices for a Month now so lets explore all that in this video right after the quick word from our sponsor eugreen, as you dont get a charger inside the box in most of the phones, including the galaxy m53, many of us are searching for a reliable third party charger and You greens, 65 watt, three port scan fast charger might just be what you need. It supports all the major charging protocols, including qualcomms, quick charge 4.0 and usb power delivery. 3.0. That means that this thing can charge everything from your iphones macbooks and smartphones, and since it is a gan charger, it is quite compact compared to your typical 65 watt power, brick and despite the small size, ugreen has managed to fit two usbc and one usb. A port here so that you can fuel up multiple devices at once.

So if you have a lot of gadgets lying around and are looking for a great portable charger, be sure to check this out. Okay, now lets get back to the review starting from the design, and here nothing has changed from last years: galaxy m52 in terms of the form factor so yeah. This is quite a big phone and one handed usage is certainly a bit of a struggle here. For someone with small hands like me, but despite the large size, samsung has delivered quite a slim and lightweight build quality. Then again i do miss that heft on the galaxy m53 that ive come to expect from such a big phone, also being an m series phone. Its design and color options are not that particularly attractive either. The matte finish at the back is a nice touch, but besides that m53s design does nothing to me when putting it next to the similarly priced galaxy a33. I am sure most people will prefer the overall aesthetics of the galaxy a33 instead, not to forget the m53 is also missing any form of ip rating, unlike the galaxy a33, which comes with ip67 dust and waterproofing. So i do think that, given the price tag of this phone, samsung could have done some tweaks to make the m53 a little more attractive here. As for the display, we all know that samsung makes some of the best smartphone displays out there, and this 6.7 inches super amoled plus screen is no exception.

Its default color calibration does lean a bit on the warm side but theres a color temperature slider inside the settings. So this is no biggie thats amoled experience we expect from samsung is still alive and well too, and its definitely a better panel than the one you get on the oneplus note ce2 and the real me 9 pro plus. I am also happy with its brightness levels and auto brightness adjustment and the phone handles 120 hertz refresh rate just fine without micro, stutters or lags, or anything as such theres a white one l1 certification for high res streaming as well so binging. The latest episodes of stranger things looks first class here. Support for hdr video playback would have been just cherry on top, but i dont think thats going to be a deal breaker for many. Having said that, the galaxy m53 does not earn full points in the media. Consumption department since samsung has gone with the same old mono speaker this time, although it gets loud enough and there is no distortion in sound quality. Even at the max volume. A stereo speaker is a really not a big ask on a phone that costs about 20. 000 in your newbies plus, i think the haptics and thought sampling rate also could have been somewhat better here. As things stand, the typing experience on the galaxy m53 is simply not as enjoyable as on the viomi 9 pro plus other than that proximity sensor.

Carrier, aggregation and volte call. However, work flawlessly here so thats, good, okay, lets talk about the performance now and in this aspect too, i dont see improvements over last years: galaxy m52 because compared to the snapdragon 778 g on the m52, the diamond city 900 powering this phone is relatively underpowerful and Under optimized as well, be it in terms of cpu or gpu or the overall performance. The galaxy m53 is marginally behind its predecessor and even the diamond city 920 powered realme 9 pro plus for that matter. But does that make any difference in day to day usage? Absolutely not, as it turns out the galaxy m53 handles everything from loading up apps to keeping them in memory perfectly fine. I also ran my usual multitasking and speed test and the results speak for themselves. It is still chasing the realme 9 pro plus by some margin, but thats solely because of one ui, rather heavy animation scale, which is something you can easily dial down under the developer options. By the way talking about one ui, it still remains one of my favorite android skins out there, but um, unlike the galaxy a33 and last years, galaxy m52, which is guaranteed to receive three years of os updates. The m53 will only be getting two generations of updates. So only up to android 14., the bluetooth situation is also quite upsetting here, as it loads with a bunch of third party and samsung apps. Even the default lock screen wallpaper service here is glass.

Okay. What about gaming on the galaxy m53 then well, thats, where the diamond city 900 feels to keep score against the excellence of the snapdragon 778g. For instance, the galaxy m52 delivers smooth 60 fps on call of duty at high graphics and max frame rates, whereas you will have to bring down the graphics to low on the galaxy m53 and the real me 9 pro plus for similar results and its the same Case with other popular titles like pubg and genji impact 2., but what i am especially impressed with is the thermals on the galaxy m53. Samsung does not usually do passive cooling on its phones, but this one is a rare exception, since it has vapor cooling chamber inside and based on our findings, its clear that this cooling system works just fine to keep the diamond city 900, nice and cool at all Times on top of this, the galaxy m53 has an upper hand over the rear. Me 9, pro plus, if you play a lot of high fps ready games as well. Here, samsung has optimized titles like injustice, 2 and critical ops and also mobile legends to run beyond 60 fps. Neither of them hit 120 fps cap and i noticed light frame drops into the game as well, but its still better than being limited to just 60 fps Music. The galaxy m53 is the most affordable samsung phone with a 108 megapixel camera, and if you have checked out my review of the samsung galaxy 73, i was impressed with its camera output.

So honestly, i had high expectations with the galaxy m53s cameras too. For this we compared it against the vm 9 pro plus and found the m53s results from the primary camera to look slightly more natural. Most of the time it does somewhat boost saturation, but real mes image processing is a little overboard in this aspect. But besides that, i would say that these two phones compete very well in terms of details and dynamic range. Yet, in some cases the m53 shoots under exposed photos, especially when its about to get dark, and although it lets you capture a wider field of view with its ultra wide angle, camera the edge distortion can be a bit too distracting the realme 9 pro plus on The other hand manages slightly better details around the edges. Okay, the realme 9 pro plus also shoots more pleasing portrait shots in general, where the subjects are artificially brightened. On the contrary, the m53 sport rates are somewhat underexposed and have worse dynamic range, even its selfies. Have this distinctive warm yellowish tinge with very little details, thats, not to say that real me selfies are all that great though, since the subjects look a bit pale here too, but when it gets dark, the ryomi 9 pro plus shoots way better way. Sharper low light photos, since it has ois on board. On the contrary, the galaxy m53 standard, nighttime shots are noisy and underexposed, but with night mode turned on, it does bring exposure to a more acceptable level, all right getting to videos.

The realme 9 pro plus shoots noticeably steadier videos at both 4k 30 and 1080p 60 fps modes, mostly thanks to a little cropping in magic at 1080p 30fps. The m53 manages similar stabilization without cropping it. Okay, so shooting a selfie video from the vme94 plus and the galaxy m53, and evidently samsung has a narrow field of view, as it has cropped into maintained stabilization, whereas really has a wider field of view. Um. Having said that, samsung gives you the option to shoot at 4k, 30 fps and 1080p 60fps resolutions as well, whereas uh rearme only lets you shoot at 1080 to 30 fps. Apart from that, the video quality from both the phones is not that great actually and exposure maintenance is a very lackluster for the devices other than this. I also checked its cameras against the galaxy a33 to see if the 108 megapixel sensor is all that special as it turns out. These two camera systems are quite similar. M53S photos have a slightly better hdr and maybe a little bit better exposure maintenance sometimes but well thats about it. So, unlike the galaxy a73, m53s 108 megapixel camera is not what samsung has painted it out to be cameras aside, the galaxy m53s battery life is great. Under normal usage, the phone will easily last you through the day with some charge to spare before you go to bed but um. I guess the battery endurance could have been even better if samsung had implemented a dynamic, refresh rate feature here.

Likewise, while samsung at least shipped a 15 watt power, brick with the galaxy m52 last year, youre not getting one this time and um a compatible 25 watt adapter takes it from 0 to 100 in a little under 1.5 hours. Okay, lets wrap up this review now from everything that ive discussed so far its clear as day that the samsung galaxy m53 is not as impressive as i initially thought. It would be above everything else. Samsungs biggest selling point in the mid range segment has always been the cameras, but unfortunately, this guy does not live up to those expectations, maybe thats, because samsung has not optimized the diamond city chip well or maybe its uh, something else. Whatever the reason. The galaxy m53 needs a lot of work in the camera department and compared to the galaxy m52. Even the performance is somewhat of a downgrade here. So if youre looking to buy a reliable mid range phone right now, the m53 just does not make any sense. As long as samsung is still selling the galaxy m52 that do at a cheaper price, on the other hand, the realme 9 pro plus, is still a great option in this segment or, if youre shopping, for something thats uh better. Looking has a longer software commitment and even has an official ip weighting. Then the galaxy a33 is also a decent alternative, especially since it has received a healthy price card since its launch so guys that was all for our full review of the samsung galaxy m53.