Everyone kenneth here and welcome to my final video of the soundpeats 32 classic. As you know, in this channel we go through the sound quality, build battery controls latency in my test later so basically as in depth, as i could get here so make sure to watch until the end or use the chapters if you need to. But as always, my full disclosure is down below which reads. I always give you my own honest opinion and lets get started with one of the most important aspects. First, the sound quality. Now, in my top earbuds under 30 bucks video, i talked about how the sound quality basically destroyed the competition, but to be more accurate. Those were more like under 20 bucks, earbuds and the 32 classic was like 25 and then in the next video. I told you that the sound beats mini, which is like 5 bucks, 10 bucks more expensive is actually slightly better ill link the videos down below. But my point is: i just wanted to keep your expectations in check and today were going to see how well the free 2 classic compares to the best sounding earbuds, practically under 50 dollars right here. So lets get started right away with the orchestra version of orange. By 7 oops, i picked this song because not only we have a full band playing, but also we have an orchestra on top of it, and i wanted to give you a general idea of the differences in sound quality in respect to pricing as well, and starting With the volume, it really is quite loud for the price just pay attention to the volume bar right here as ill, listen to other earbuds at the same loudness and youll know the difference later, but lets talk about the sound signature now and i honestly really enjoy The sound, if you dont, know already first off it is typical sound beats to have plenty of power and presence in the low end, so the bass guitar is prominent, every bass kick is palpable, and then we move on to the mids, where we got clear and Defined vocals pianos, which is also a factor that i really like with the tuning here moving to the upper mids to trebles.

The free 2 shows a good presence of strings and guitar solo. They never feel harsh or piercing overall, a very good sound for the price here, then we got these more expensive earbuds and what kind of improvements do you get well at ten dollars more, the 35 bucks feel t1 lite offers similar volume level, which is actually a Surprise to me, since the feel t1 light was quite loud back in the days and also sound wise. We all know that this is a clarity, focused earbud, so right off the bat you dont get as much punch in every drum kick or presence in the bass. Guitar, but it gives more clarity in the upper mids to treble this means you hear more of the vocals, you hear more focus on the snare hits piano strings, all without being piercing or unpleasant, and at this point in time i found another surprise is between 32 And field t1 light, the sound stage is actually quite similar now moving up to the halo w1, which usually costs 40 bucks here on aliexpress. If you have watched my review, i actually like this better than the field t1 lite, since it brings a nice upgrade in one sound stage and two dynamics. So the sound stage improvement is pretty straightforward. Youll instantly hear the instruments to be more spaced out. Instead of being confined in a small space inside your head, but what about the second improvement the dynamics? Well, by that i mean you are getting the powerful drum kicks of soundpeats and the clarity of the feel just like into one so its not a choice anymore.

You are getting both sounds and more detail instrument separation. Everything is just a step up. The halo w1 gives me goosebumps every time towards the end, when the solo vocal is followed by the full band and orchestra, and just to give you a little example, the ride symbol on the 32 classic is quite mild. You dont really hear it much, and you can hear it about right here at your right eye, but then the halo w1 brings more clarity to it extends the projection. So you hear like the hit, is happening at the tip of your right ear. Thats one of the many things thats good about the hilo w1. You can hear the individual guitar plugs the transition between closed and open hi hats and despite everything, the vocals are always at the forefront of the banks. All that said, though, loudness is something that the halo w1 cant brag about as the free to classic packs a good two to three clicks more. I still dont see this as a problem. It goes loud enough for anything that i do, but again it comes down to your individual preference, and this might not work out for you. Finally, as the most expensive entry at 45 bucks at the time of recording the sound pizza, true, engine 3se offers similar warm and bassy sound signature after all, theyre coming from the same company, but here it improves upon the detail and sound stage. Dont mistake me: the free 2 classic is already amazing, but when things get crowded it will start to show its limitations, especially in the chorus with strings and everything in full effect.

Some instrument details like the snare hits symbol crashes. These mid to high instruments suffer. This is what youll immediately see improved on the 3sc, so not only the bass, guitar and the drum kick thats prominent on the free two, but the snare hits the tom tops become more distinct and impactful. You even get the same right. Symbol hits going all the way to the tip of your right ear, with the 3s e and theres a surprising amount of treble detail, thats unaffected by the strong bass, which is exactly why the 3se has been very well recommended over the years. This gives a warmer representation of the song without any loss of detail from the halo w1 and go slightly louder as well, which is nice so yeah. Hopefully you get the idea of how the free 2 classic sounds. Now, if you appreciated the video so far, please hit the thumbs up and consider subscribing. Also help me out if you want to buy anything by clicking through the links down in description below this very simple step will help me support the channel in a big way. So, thank you very much and lets get moving into the next important aspect: the build quality and fit honestly most earbuds under 50. Bucks have just okay quality. So, while the feel and halo are more expensive, the build quality is actually not much better than the 32 classic. In fact, one might see the leather textured plastic here as a better design, but no this feels cheap.

The others also feels cheap. The soft touch matte texture, especially on the 3se, is objectively better but features twice. You get the same: usbc charging port, a lid that holds itself open, but you only get one led indicator instead of the multiple leds on the other earbuds. But lets move on to these earbuds themselves and we see an even smaller difference since they are all excellent ipx5 water resistant, build speaking of which the field t1 light is an exception here, since it sports ipx7 waterproofing, but its still all plastic compared to the v2 Classic that has a bit of metal mesh covering the microphone here, whereas on the halo you got a shiny stem design with metal mesh covering the drivers inside and the 3se is probably the most fancy of all here, with some metal accent on the touch panel and A transparent plastic that lets you peek at the dual dynamic drivers here now, the frito classic fits very well just like the mini and mini pro its got the same small triangle like shape, so it gets support from the back of your ear. In addition to the ear tips, this is arguably more comfortable than the feel t1 light that has a more rectangular shape and yeah the others fit very well too, because these are some of the best earbuds under 50. Bucks remind you, although for the 3se sometimes here complains that this is too big for some, so maybe you can consider free to classic as a more suitable alternative if you have smaller ears now speaking of controls, as you can see on screen here, these are perfect.

As you expect from the company you get all the controls, including volume and touch sensitivity, is just spot on here. I really have no complaints whatsoever, but do keep in mind that the led will light on whenever there is no media playing. But this time its not super bright anymore, maybe thanks to the metal mesh here so its not as annoying at night time and finally about the battery life. This is something thats excellent for the free to classic, since it can play for eight and a half hours at 50 volume. This is quite rare in the sub thirty dollar price and yeah, with the feel and halo. You can get up to six hours of playtime and since the 3se is much bigger, it naturally sports bigger battery as well, and these can play music for a whopping 10 hours. Then, as for the case battery, you get 300 milliamp on a halo 350 on a 32 classic 400 on the field, which is amazing, considering its tiny size and finally, the 3se surprisingly only has 500 milliamp hour, despite having such a bulky dimension here now. Finally, talking about connectivity, while the 32 classic has no qualcomm chip, so no gaming mode, no special codecs whatsoever, but during my use i see no issue whatsoever. The dual mode connection is always solid. You can use one or both earbuds effortlessly and you can expect a normal connection range just like any other bluetooth device and yeah.

If you want gaming mode, then the feel and 3se offers that or you get a simple app support for phil. But what i regard as the gold standard here is both the halo and 3se pax qcc 3040 chip, which means solid connectivity and an extra bonus, codec aptx adaptive as well anyway, lets finally check out the latency and microphone test and well conclude the video right after And i will start by saying these have some really nice improvements, but they got a couple of issues as well, so were going to run through it all today, as usual here were going in lets, get into another review. Welcome to the microphone test. If you want to see the indoor call test head over to my channel to speak to classic versus my new comparison, video right there and yeah, this is my usual outdoor test scenario. We have the wind blowing actually at this side, so its not affecting this in any way, which is for sure it cannot handle the wind but yeah. You see theres a lot of cars and motorcycles just like the size thing right here, where you look at the sound quality and well compare it very quickly to the other area, all right. So here we are with the feel t1 light and first things. First, while talking like this uh, i immediately noticed that i hear more of myself through more introduction, because probably this uses an oval shape, ear tips that seals the ear canal better, so yeah.

Let me know what you think of the sound quality its actually my second time recording this not the best when it comes to microphone quality, but lets move on to the next earbuds. Now, all right now we are on the halo w1. What do you think of the sound quality? This is a stem design and it doesnt sport, ai noise, cancellation whatsoever, just a normal, cbc, 8.0, but yeah. Let me know what you think of the sound quality and yeah lets move on to the final earbuds and um. We all know how this is gon na go because this is really notorious for the bad microphone outside i mean you probably couldnt. Hear me this is only usable indoors, not very much but yeah so thats pretty much the quick microphone test. Let me know what you think lets get back to the video. I hope you see why the free2 classic is a great earbuds for the price. In a grand scheme of things you are not losing much, but if you cant spend a bit more for the feel halo, true engine 3se, they do offer significant upgrades in their own ways and yeah. It comes back to your budget and preference. I just hope this video would help you make the right purchase decision so yeah, let me know down below which one is your pick dont forget to use the affiliate links and follow me on social media to get a quicker update on whats coming next.

Thank you.