Is it any good lets find out Music? So what we got here is a cheap outdoor, wi fi ip camera from blue rams. That comes with four built in spotlights, which means the camera can record in full color even at night. Whats surprising, is how light this camera is. It feels like theres nothing on the inside, but the camera works. I guess there must be something on the inside image. Quality was unfortunately, not that great and to be able to identify a person or read license plates. They would need to be very close to the camera and at night i think it looked better using the infrared lights compared to the full color using the spotlights. It was very grainy when recording in full color at night, and this camera is made to be used with a blue rams app. So there is no web interface or onvif support. So at the moment the camera sells on blurams website for fifty dollars, but as soon as the camera is available on amazon, i will put my affiliate links in the video description below with the most updated prices and for full transparency to you. Guys, blue rams did send me this camera over for review. However, any opinions in this video are strictly my own, based on my experience as testing this camera out for a few days. Okay, so the camera uses a three megapixel sensor that records in 2304 by 1296. At 20 frames per second and it uses a four millimeter lens with a hundred degree.

Viewing angle for motion detection, the camera support normal motion, detection, sound detection and human detection, and you can set a detection area as well as the sensitivity and when the camera detects motion, it will send you an instant push notification to your phone through the blue rams. App and you can then view the recordings directly in the app from playback saved on the micro sd card. You can also use their cloud service if you want but thats optional, and you can have the camera to record 24 7 or only when motion is detected and it supports up to 128 gigabyte micro sd card. The camera do have a speaker and a microphone, so it supports two way audio. This is how it sounds like when i talk through the camera. You can also use an alarm to scare away any intruders Applause and for night vision. You get three different night vision modes to choose from which are normal, infrared night vision, smart night vision, which means the spotlights will turn on when motion is detected. And then we get full color night vision, which means the spotlight will stay on all night and this is an outdoor camera. So it should be weatherproof, but its probably recommended to place it under some kind of cover just to make sure it will. Last as long as possible, so what we get in the box is the camera, a power, adapter, quick, start guide, drill, plate, weatherproof, connector cover and a bag with screws.

On the front of the camera. We got the lens four spotlights two infrared lights indicate the light and the microphone and under the camera we got the speaker and if you open up this cover, we got the micro sd card slot and the reset button its really easy to connect the camera to The blue rams app, which you can download from either google play, store or app store, depending on what device youre using when you have the app open tap on the plus icon to add a new device, then select out or light 4 camera and just follow the On screen instructions and thats it in here we can change the image quality, take a snapshot record video turn on and off audio and view full screen down. Here we got the playbacks and we can switch between cloud and sd card, and here we got the alarm and talk through the camera up in the top right corner. We will find all the camera settings. I will just quickly show you the most important ones in notifications. We can turn on enough push notifications select what detection we want and the area and the sensitivity in here we can adjust the image quality and in night vision we can select what night vision mode. We want and in storage we can format, asd card and set 24 7 recording, or only when motion is detected, and i think thats about it. Lets have a look at some recordings here.

We have daytime recorded with the highest image quality at 2304 by 1296, with audio turned on – and here i am at around 10 meters from the camera whats up heres a daytime clip when a car drives by this is at night using normal infrared night vision also Recorded with the highest image quality – and here i test the full color night vision using smart night vision and when a car drives by at night here i test how long it takes to get the push. Notifications after motion is detected and im using mobile data.