In my opinion, one of the greatest advantages to netflixs platform is their extensive range of different movies and tv shows that a gadget user can enjoy at the time of writing. This video netflix has the largest catalog of all the streaming services. Personally ive found that no matter what mood i am in, i can find some content on. Netflix thatll satisfy my needs. You can acquire a 30 day free trial, which gives you access to the library completely ad free and once this trial expires, there are three plans available for a gadget user to choose from the basic plan starts at 10.99 per month and offers standard definition playback on One device, if you want to step up netflix, offers two more plans that increase both the quality of the content, playback and the number of devices you can play that content on simultaneously, along with the price for 16.99 per month, you have access to full hd playback On up to two simultaneous devices, and if you go up another level for 22.99 per month, you have access to 4k playback on up to four simultaneous devices. Another benefit of netflix is that it comes pre loaded on most modern, smart tvs. This is because the platform has placed itself at the center of the home theatre content watching ecosystem. This has also been possible in part due to netflixs amazing compatibility across devices generally. If you have a modern smart device, netflix will be available on.

However, i have to say that one of my favorite features that netflix offers is their offline. Playback netflix allows its users to download content onto the same number of mobile devices that the account that the user is paying for offers simultaneous viewing devices. I find this useful when im traveling for an extended period where cellular service may be limited. For me, this is most commonly on aeroplanes. Currently, on netflix, i am watching the latest season of lucifer and you and as of writing, this video ive just finished watching designated survivor. These are some amazingly well produced shows on the platform, which is only supplemented by netflixs. Own shows called netflix originals netflix originals are either shows made by netflix or shows that netflix has purchased the rights to some of their most noteworthy options include bojack horseman orange is the new black and kissing booth, all of which get amazing reviews. Unfortunately, it isnt all positive news with netflix one of the major gripes that most users have is that netflix tends to geolock their content, which means that people in different countries have access to a different catalog of shows. This is a frustrating situation. You may read about a new show online, but when you go to sit down and watch it, you cant find it to make it worse. Generally, there is nothing you can do in a similar vein. Netflix seems to have a significant delay in releasing the latest seasons of shows and sometimes movies, on their platform, like the situation before users can read about a new show or movie online and realize they cannot access it for sometimes months or years, because netflix hasnt released It on their platform – i personally have seen shows, come out on dvd and blu ray before.

Netflix has had access to him to make matters worse. Netflix also tends to remove, shows seemingly randomly from their catalog without warning. This leaves users halfway through a show or series of movies, with nowhere else to go personally id be completely fine with this, if netflix gave me some warning, even just a message saying, hey the show youre watching will be removed in two weeks. This would allow me to finish that show before its too late. Finally, something that seems to be missing for netflix that is available on other platforms is live sports now this wont affect all gadget users, but it will affect a majority that like to watch their live sports and will have to go to another platform like paramount plus To view this content, it seems that, with these gripes, users are finding it harder to continue their subscription with netflix, especially seeing as they just raise their prices again to what was stated at the beginning of this video, some recent news about netflix in a recent report. They stated that they now operate in over 190 countries and service over 158 million users globally. Unfortunately, this good news has been recently overshadowed by the news that netflix may be introducing ads into their platform. This is one part of netflix that i had hoped would never change, as i find it very disrespectful to users to both charge them for a service and then profit again from ads on the service.

If netflix goes ahead with this, they wont be the only platform that is ad supported, but theyll be joining the likes of amazon prime. However, i feel that the best way that netflix could navigate through this is to create a new lower cost, ideally free model where the viewers still have access to the content, but they must view an ad before each piece of content similar to amazon. Prime, however, amazon prime only shows you ads that relate to their shows an essential item you need with netflix, like all streaming platforms, is a stable internet connection for the basic plan that supports sd, video playback, a connection of three megabits per second or greater, will suffice. For the hd video playback plan, youll need a speed of 5 megabits and finally, for the premium plan, a gadget user will need a speed exceeding 25 megabits per second to support 4k video playback, some optional accessories that a gadget user may want to purchase are a Tablet arm for those of us who, like to watch netflix in bed, many brands make this slightly differently, but the basic idea is that one side of the arm clips to the headboard of your bed, whilst the other side holds your tablet. This is so that the user can lay down whilst viewing their content. Another item that a user may want to buy is a couch coaster. This is a cup holder that can clip to almost any armrest preventing spills for some of the clumsier gadget users among us.

To conclude, netflix is one of my favorite streaming services that i currently use. However, i feel that they are at a tipping point within their business model, where, over the coming few months, they will either see a massive influx of new users, or their current user base will run for the hills, as stated previously in this video, i feel that Their current offerings are solid, and most of my favorite shows have been or are available on netflix to make this service perfect.