I got a very quick and easy tutorial for today. This is the rebel b wing in one to one scale, so i’ve never done a b wing in one to one score before this is the first time doing this, and the last time we made a b wing was, i think, about two years ago, perhaps but I’Ve only ever done it in uh to one scale so yeah. This is pretty nice there’s, sadly, no room for a cockpit in this, which is, which is a shame it just really. Um came down to it that it just wouldn’t fit so yeah it’s, one of the smallest uh rebel vehicles. As you can see, i mean it’s even smaller, in length than the a wing so yeah. It really is a small one, but obviously the width is is where most of it comes from, and this will be made in just one form today, uh, maybe in the future. There will be alternate forms for this, but this is the the thing i think of when i think of the b wing. Obviously, if you were to tilt this kind of 90 degrees, you’d have the long wing at the bottom and then these two side, wings kind of go off to the sides and the head will be at the top that’s. Another way you can kind of see it, but with it being a 360 degree rotating cockpit, you know it really. Just can be any orientation really well.

Yeah you’ve got all the main features on this. Obviously, you’ve got your engines at the back. You’Ve got these um little side. I actually don’t know what these are to be honest. If you go to the bigger model and see them a bit more clearly uh here so yeah, just kind of i don’t know pod things yeah uh, obviously, would it be a one to one scale model the detail on this isn’t isn’t perfect by any means like I wish this could have been made thinner, but in order to get certain details on it in terms of um, i added these walls and stuff to make it a bit more sloped and you kind of have to compromise with that, but yeah anyway, we’re going to Get on with the with the bill: we’ll! Probably just do it all in one one or two takes so yeah let’s uh get on to that on to the first section right so for later, we’re going to take these materials stone, light, gray, wool, smooth red sandstone scientists, polish downside, stairs, stone, brick wall and Sidewall and bars and then a temporary block. So i say layer, one technically it’s more like a section because we will be building just the entire body and wing straight up and then doing the top and bottom wing afterwards. I’M gon na do one two three four, and this is where the wing is gon na be but we’re doing. The body first, like i said so, we’ll come to that afterwards.

Take your stone block just do uh, because this is obviously a asymmetrical, build. It doesn’t really matter where you start um above this block i’m, just gon na give it a stone there stone nest down. There stone there and then same again to make a two by uh, two by three and then polished and decides there’s one, two, three and four and again one two. Three and four there like that grab yourself, a with a skeleton school. We can do the engines now and again, as usual, facing towards the green and purple crystals uh on my world, obviously, is the front so just keep that in mind. So these are the engines on the back and then in this gap here actually we’ll come to that in a second take uh your stone again and you’re gon na do one up there, two and three and then also add another one on the back here like That and then you’re gon na do two here two here and then one there light grey wall here, stone there, light grey wool, another light grey wall, smooth the red sandstone there stone, block, smooth, sandstone here and then another one and then uh two more stone and Then we’re gon na take our stone, brick walls now do one just there and do one above and below and then on this side and the side wall above and below, with polished underside in the middle. If you just grab some of that one two one two take your iron trap: doors you’re gon na do two on the top side, two on the bottom side, throw that away, take the stone brick wall to two and then two iron bars and then on the Front side you’ve got the one there already and then four am bars like that: okay, another and uh no stone brick wall and another iron bar go there like so and then take the sine terracotta and do two towards the front and then a and side wall.

On the back i’m gon na take a lever now put that there flip it throw that away grab some end rods and you’re gon na do two on the front here, and also one single one there like that with a stone button. Just there like. So you can do a stone button on the underside as well, so you should get this so far. Take a birch sign, that’s here and we’re gon na do one two three and four of those throw that away and then, from there we’re also gon na grab a uh n rod again one and two there and then from there we’re going to go to the Uh back here where the engines are i’m gon na, do another two stone blocks and then take a birch sign and just do two like that. Now, just replace this stone block here with a chisel stone, brick, so that’s just going to go there like that and the uh, i think, it’s, just a stone block on the front. Yeah that’s fine stone block here two and three i’m gon na take a birch fence gate one there one there flip both of them, and this is that, like side pod thing, i was telling you about before there one here and again same thing: perfect. Next up, let’s make the the cockpit itself. So if you grab a stone block again a lot stone in this build, i will admit: uh it’s but yeah whatever.

It is what it is: two iron trap, doors above and below and then stone again, one two and then one on the back, get yourself the undersight walls and the stone brick ones and the sides stone brick and then, on this side, it’s going to be stone. Brick, stone brick and the side. Okay, polished, underside, stairs upside down one there like that, and also one on the back upside down iron trap door is going to go there and on the front and you’re going to take some slabs it’s going to be undecide and stone slabs there sort of polished On the side, one polish downside in the middle and then actually oh, no it’s a stone, brick one nice stone one there you go just like that. Finally, just a polished black stone slab there, like so and then on the underside we’re, just going to take our iron trap doors and do one. I want to say it’s three but i’m, not sure yeah. Just do three underneath that’s fine, yeah let’s see that’s. Basically, the main body done to be honest with you, so uh let’s see. I think i need to jump cook really quickly. Just so i can get the design for the wings, but then once i do that we’ll uh be done with the build it’s. Literally, that easy so yeah on to that all right, so for the top and bottom wings we’re going to start by doing two stone, brick walls there, like so with an iron bar and the side wall, and then a red sandstone wall and then an iron bar.

Then, on top stone, brick wall, iron bar on the back same terracotta, here skeleton school, dark oak fence, gate and then n rods times two one and two on the bottom. Half delete these temporary blocks. Don’T need those anymore it’s going to be one two there and a sidewall red sandstone there stone brick wall in the middle and same as before, really so yeah i mean once we’ve done that it’s it’s exactly the same on top and bottom, so not hard to Uh basically copy that down, but yeah i mean that’s, literally the one to one b wing. Someone did ask to see this. I thought you know what it’s gon na take like 10 minutes. I might as well just knock it out and get on with it. Well, yeah, i suppose that’s that’s, it really um yeah. I don’t really have anything to show you uh new lat that’s. Coming soon. I was gon na. Do that today, actually but um yeah. I ended up going with this. Instead, i will be recording tomorrow anyway. So uh we’ll we’ll see what happens anyway. With that guys, i’ll see you in the next one and yeah bye, bye, all right guys. I hope you enjoyed the video massive thanks to all the current patreon supporters who helped make content such as what you just watched possible. Please check out the link in description if you’re interested in supporting the channel there’s awesome rewards on offer for your contributions too.