Now. What i will definitely tell you is this is a very solid mouse and, if its the only mouse that youre going to buy or if youre, just considering any mouse to pick up, this is a pretty decent option. I mean its not like the craziest best build quality, but for a mouse, its in really good condition, and i do think its actually a very solid option for you. So if you want to pick one of these things, up, links will be down in the description you can get them from there. You can help support the channel. At the same time, now, with this specific mouse, we have a little bit of an interesting design. This is pretty much familiar with a lot of the you know: kind of office, tier and professional type of mouses that have been coming out recently, at least in the last, like 5 10 years before we had like you know the magic mouses and those type of Things, but this thing arguably gives you way more functionality within it than even like a magic mouse. For example, now theres no glass touch pad on this thing or anything like that, but the amount of functionality behind a mouse like this is actually really really awesome. Now a cool thing with the logitech mx master 3 is that it works very, very well with mac and windows. So any operating system that youre rocking for the most part youll be able to actually utilize it with this specific mouse which is really cool with the magic mouse it doesnt have like its full feature set on windows, which is kind of disappointing.

Unless you like, modified a little bit with something like this mouse, you have all the features built in which is really really cool. Now, on the top and looking around of this specific mouse in the front of it, we actually have a usb type c port, which is really cool. So you can use this thing while youre actually charging it, unlike some other mouses, that we own. Now, that is, without a doubt, one of my favorite things about this type of mouse im more like a track pad type of person myself. But if im using a mouse, i dont want to have to worry about charging it and having to not use it. While i charge it thats actually very, very annoying, and in this specific case we dont really have that which is actually really cool so that in and of itself is really nice and its usb type c, its not even micro usb, which is really cool. Now, on the top, we do have the mag speed wheel, which is what they call it. I feel like im going to keep calling it magsafe but its the mag speed wheel, and this actually allows you to go ahead and scroll through pages. I think most people probably know it by now. You can click into it. If you want to and whats really really satisfying is you can just pretty much go ahead and just scroll through and just kind of zip it around, and it goes and zooms by so fast and its so satisfying to do it its a little annoying, sometimes im Sure, if you do it so for a long period of time to co workers or people around you, but its really nice and thats.

Another thing i really like: now you have the right click and left click button that you can go and map to different things. If youre on different operating systems, so thats a really cool thing too, you also have a little button over here, which is the mode shift button. So what this allows you to do is it allows you to quickly toggle between ratchet and free spin mode, so thats, another really cool thing too. Now, on the side of this mouse, we actually have a really interesting thing, so we have something called a thumb wheel. Now, what is a thumb wheel? Well, this actually allows you to scroll horizontally on the page. So, with the mag speed wheel, you can scroll up and down this thumb. Speed will allow this thumb wheel, allows you to go ahead and scroll side to side from a page. So this is another really cool advantage that we have on a mouse like this. So not only can we zoom up and down or scroll up and down. We can scroll side to side as well, which that ended up itself is really cool. We also have a led light right next to it and right below that we have a back and forward button, so we can go and quickly toggle between pages, if we want to and thats another really cool feature that we have and that kind of covers up. The majority of the things youre going to be using on a mouse now we all know when were going through when you know actually utilizing the mouse.

You know within our os that were using or mac or windows, whatever were using its going to be exactly the same thing. I dont really think its going to be that big of a difference. It gives you the same functionality as really any other mouse, but there are some really cool things about this specific mouse that i actually like a lot and another cool thing that we have is actually with the bottom of the specific mouse. So what were actually allowed to do, for the most part is actually go ahead and toggle a few different modes on the specific mouse. So we can go ahead and actually go ahead and connect it to. I think three different specific devices at the same time. So if we want, we can click on this button and we can go and toggle it from one device to the other, so we can quickly just fast switch from one device to the other, which is really cool. I will say the build quality of this mouse. It doesnt feel extremely cheap, but i will say compared to something like a magic mouse. It doesnt feel as premium. I really dont think its a deal breaker, but if you want, i mean this is not a uncomfortable feeling mouse. It feels really really good and if youre, using for prolonged periods of time, i think this is a really comfortable feeling. You know mouse now my hands arent crazy. You know, i would say i have about average feeling in average looking hands.

You know if you want to believe that or not and with something like this mouse. It does feel pretty good in the hands which you know personally compared to the magic mouse is the main i feel like the most brilliant thing, but its still a really good feeling mouse in terms of battery life. Logitech actually mentions that this thing can go 70 days on a full charge and it takes about three hours, and it gives you about three hours of charge, time from one minute of charging, which is actually pretty insane and, like i mentioned this test, take usb type C so personally, i like being able to go ahead and pretty much have something like this specific mouse laying around just in case. You know for its long periods of time i mean this is like over two months. You can just have it sitting there and thats from using it if youre, not even using it im sure its going to last way. Longer than that, and like i mentioned, having that little easy switch option enabled you can go and switch from mac os to windows, to linux, on the specific mouse too and thats, another really cool advantage now theres, not a lot to hate on this type of mouse. Like i mentioned im, not really a mouse type of person, i prefer things like trackpads and even like the microsoft one or dell, one that they made too. I, like those type of you, know ways to communicate with my device rather than a mouse.

But if i have to choose a mouse and if im using something like a mac or windows or whatever, this is a really solid option, and if you want a mouse thats going to last for quite a bit of time. This is a mouse thats, probably one that youre probably going to look into and ill probably recommend buying it. I think its still completely worth it in 2022. There can be a successor of this thing coming out very very soon, but as of right now, this is still a very solid option and honestly, i would probably recommend buying it right now, so that kind of covers it up. If you have any other thoughts or questions, let me know in the comment section below hit. The like button know me so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button. More importantly, everything else i love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch.