We want to see, if its great for your body fat percentages, these scales, they typically arent – that great ive been going through a lot, but lets go ahead and get right into it. All right get all of the tape out of the way i have so many of these smart scales now and geez theyre all pretty much trash, since none of them do body fat percentage that well, but im hoping this garmin index s2 is going to be working. I did get this recommendations from somebody on the channel, so im going to go ahead and post that right there, if you have any recommendations for any smart skills, youre looking for. Let me know in the comments down below it, has its manual right here and, of course, the scale, and it even has these little feet and it comes with triple a batteries, so thats all a big plus. Let me go ahead and get it all set up. All right, you can change out the kilogram or lbs in the back, and the reset button is in the back and of course is where were going to be putting our batteries. All the batteries are in garmin. Lodo logo is popping up front well, it does actually look like it wants me to connect to the garmin connect app, so lets go ahead and connect it to that app right here. So i am connecting it garmin devices. Add a device, perfect ill, go ahead and connect that completing the setup.

It has a number on the screen right here that im just going to be typing on in, and we are done perfect, so its going to do bmi, which is you could do that anywhere online body, fat and body water as well. What is my daily exercise? Pretty high typically so it does have wi fi, which is nice, so im gon na go ahead and add in wi fi all right. We are all connected, so im all done with the setup im gon na go ahead and see if this is accurate, ill get right back to you, guys all right and im back after a little bit of testing and surprise surprise. No, it was not that accurate, with body fat percentage im going to pull it up on my phone, real, quick to show you what its all about, and why am i so hard on these devices? I want you guys to get the best information you possibly can from your device, so getting into the garmin connect app im, assuming this is where everything is going to be popping up so uh. We have this weight thing right here now. 190. Has my body fat percentage at 27? What did i use to get my accuracy? I used one of those in body scans. Those are relatively expensive, but they are fairly accurate. Had me about 16, 17 percent and 27 percent is just way off. Usually these just go by bmi your body, mass index and kind of calculate body fat percentage between all of that.

So this just isnt that accurate people with higher bmis, like myself, that might have a little bit more of dense muscle mass its just not going to be that accurate. For those of you who dont have that high muscle mass these actually might be fairly accurate. With you, as your bmi, will kind of in line with your body fat percentage, but the garment index is not it. Yes, it was helpful. It connected right to my garmin app and all of that was very seamless and integrated, but at the end of the day, if youre looking for a body mass index scale, this is not it. If you guys have any recommendation, please post them down below. I am trying to get a good measurement for somebody at home for body fat percentage and the best thing ive seen so far is the samsung galaxy watch 4. It does body fat percentage on the watch and it gave me around. I believe 21 22 body fat, which has been the closest of any of these scales ive done thus far and thats relatively disappointing, but hopefully this video was helpful guys if it was please smash that like button, if it was really helpful, please make sure you subscribe To the channel hit that notification bell, so youll be one of the first ones to know when my newest video comes out, but as always guys, stay happy, stay healthy and, above all, stay positive, ill.