Super cool, okay, grab, ice cream doesnt have to be perfect and just push it in and its not if its not full enough or too much. You can just scrape it on the side and you can just push it. Multiple times till its full boom then grab your plate, push it down and let it out boom, and you have right here a little ice cream. Uh pretty awesome lets. Try this one more time see if i can make it better ice cream melting a little bit. Now its a little bit easier, so you have a piece in here: put it down, let it go that is so unique. I love that ice cream. Scoop super interesting and another strange ice cream. Scoop theres a button over here for some reason: okay, its locks in and whenever you want to drop it you push it, you push it and drops so locks in then you grab your ice cream and you push it and twist and get as much ice cream As you need until youre happy with that, then push it up a little bit and then you press the button and pull it out and boom. You have a little unique way of serving ice cream. This definitely a way beautiful piece right here and again, the ice cream doesnt have to be looking beautiful or anything just set it. This way, then scoop it up perfect and then uh push the button inside there and release it very easily a little bit sticky to it, but thats ice cream super nice.

Look at it two beautiful pieces. You can almost stack them as well. Thats funny gutter here. Another big drive um so comes with one of those in the case, so very good, all different types, and why im looking for a different one? First of all, its been pretty good over here, but whenever you plug it in you see you can just push it lets say like this: push it and turn. This is actually very, very comfortable. Look at it. A lot of them are not comfortable. This one is pretty comfortable. I can hold it and twist no problem, so youre very unique. Every day care screwdriver, you see how it spins or spin it the other way so makes it a little bit faster, titanium, cage and thats all giving us so yeah. Another pretty interesting screwdrivers this thing are really popular. In my opinion, this is pretty comfortable for the big hands gathered here. The most powerful um arc lighter check this out. Look how wide that is, so you just press it wow its glowing its so wide. Do you hear that spark and its just a really thick uh in the daytime, not so thick its brand new, but yeah lets uh turn off the light, see what it looks like oh looks like mirror, polished, okay, a little bit darker check this out. You see its just glowing. Oh oh looks like its got overheated because right now, theres only a little spark and just like that that lighter have given up on me uh that lighter seems like couldnt handle its own heat yeah.

It happens, uh. What they should have done is automatic shut off after so many seconds its burned. It didnt have that um definitely still feels a little warm. I tried to let it cool off youre still kind of working. It was on butter tree and now its completely dead yep. This is why we put them to the test for this video. I got a couple. Uco folding, five bits lets see what theyre all about first, one is the mini. It is super easy folded and unfolded. Comes with a really cool pouch, so all it is, it just goes like this, and then this gon na go in between of each other like that boom super simple and the grill is gon na go slide in into this part and fold it in here, and This side here is a little lifter, so whenever its hot and you need to add on more sticks, you can lift it like that and then put it back onto it. They go very cool. So once it cools off super easy to fold it back up and this one is pretty much same thing except much larger, so yeah one is mini and i guess this one is ergo. So lets pull this out in a picture. It looks one way, but in the video you could actually see uh what it looks like and how much bigger that is. You see it and again same thing: youll have to put the grill through into this little.

You see slips and thats much much bigger fire pit, its huge plenty of charcoal to put in or you could use it wood plenty of dual ventilation over here. This is nice and obvious. It will ventilate from the top as well. So whenever you want to lift the gale, if its hot just place it this way, lift it up and then um kind of hard to put it back in, but once this like full, it probably will stay more open this little flaps but yeah. They kind of want to close a little bit because theyve been folded and i think theyre gon na stay a little bit more open once you have some firewood in here but anyways. This is not a problem, super cool, so its just folding. It does not take apart all in one piece except the girl and comes with this beautiful doable. Pouch got it here. Kendall lenta by uco, very nice packaging lets unbox it real, quick thats. What she expect to get beautiful says right here: nine hour, candle, uh, 60 lumens, and you got it here: 5 000 btus heat, so it provides a little bit of heat um. So how do we take this out? So it looks like this pulls up, and then you take this out and the candles are really cool, looks like it has a spring on it. So once it burns out, it will push them up. So you just pull it out, and this wont talk about if the candle only half size and lets demonstrate pretend its burnt off im gon na just cut it off in half to see if the candle works or not.

So, as you can see, i cut off uh, quite a nice chunk of this candle and lets see if this spring will keep it together. This is so cool. I would stack up on the candles boom. As you can see, it shows you how much candle have left. That is one of a kind for sure. 60 lumens seems like not a lot but its plenty in a complete darkness for camping. It will last you a lot and you dont have to worry about batteries, and it is also produces a little bit of a heat, and then you can carry it and hang it with this little holder. So this was going to look like obviously caramel already overexposing boom and also you can buy some refills um wax candles. In this case.