This thing is fast lightning speed were talking a custom. Cpu gpu and solid state drive that uh just really overwrites the rules of what a gaming computer can do. I mean youre going to get a gaming computer in a unit. That is a lot less expensive, with a lot more capabilities: theres, two versions of the ps5 theres, the standard and theres the digital edition. So if you go for the standard that one still uses blu ray disc, its about 100 bucks, more than playstation digital edition, the specs are identical, with the exception of the blu ray disc drive. But with the disc drive you can watch blu ray movies. If you still have those, you can also borrow and trade games on physical blu ray discs. Otherwise your library is going to be online only and you wont be able to share games or blu ray movies. Oh and the ps5 with the disc, will also play the ps4 game disc. So if you have an extensive collection of ps4 games, you can play those on the disc edition. But if you dont have the disk drive, oh im gon na have to buy the digital editions and a bunch more money and disk space. All right lets talk about video opera were talking hdmi 2.1 output youre going to give you about 4k at 120 frames per. Second and 120 hertz, so that is awesome youre not going to miss anything therell, be no ghosting, anything its going to look amazing.

It theoretically also has 8k output when that arrives via a firmware update and of course they are hdr compatible. If you have an hdr, compatible, uh monitor or tv theres, also really really cool 3d audio. If you have compatible headphones or speakers so thats pretty neat too. The controller itself is pretty cool theres, something called controller based immersion, which is a cool gaming experience. Youve probably tried before that has haptic feedback, meaning the controller vibrates or moves when applicable during gaming, its not new. But it feels like a smidge more powerful, because these controllers are heavy theres adaptive triggers on the back, which is a kind of a new thing, and it applies uh dynamic resistance. So you can amp up or pull back on triggers uh. I dont know when youre driving or flying rockets and stuff to give you a little bit of resistance there, Music, plus the controller, now has a microphone for speaking blowing yelling or whatever, and also has a tiny speaker built into which is pretty deep. Hello, hello, uh lets talk about. Specs of the unit were talking about an amd ryzen zen 2, with eight cores up to 3.5 gigahertz, so pretty darn, peppy um interesting. They went with the amd, but im kind of digging that, because uh they seem to be a lot more efficient. The gpu also amd or radeon rdna 2 based graphics engine also has ray tracing. Acceleration runs up to 2.23 gigahertz uh system memory were looking at a 16 gigs of ddr6 a solid state drive.

It only has 825 gigabytes its kind of disappointing in that i was hoping they go at least a couple of terabytes um and of that 825 youre. Only going to be able to use about 660 gigabytes to store your games and videos and all that stuff it has gigabit ethernet and also 802.11, a b g n, a c ax wireless. So you can use either of those, of course, gigabits going to be the most reliable and the fastest in most cases, but that could change as well ill. Tell you what one of my favorite features of the ps5 is right out of the box. It comes with a game called astros playroom. You can play its loaded on the machine itself and it is an amazing little game that actually helps. You understand how the controller works. It is kind of like a mario like a super mario game. You go through these adventure worlds and do all kinds of stuff, and it really shows you all the really cool things that the controller and the gaming system can do great family game and ill. Tell you what were playing this too.