Everyone we’re playing some more of the breath of the wild challenge series great to be back today, we’re, not taking on guardians no we’re, not even going to take on janet no we’re going to take on our skill. At case golf look all you got to do here. You grab a key spool yeah. You get your club there’s, my club, fantastic drop it on the ground charge up your shot, get your driver out here: bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang and then you’re set. Here we go here. We go look at this Music, oh hello, that’s! How you play keys golf isn’t that amazing it’s, just like boulders but we’re, the keys to eyeball so it’s funnier. Today we have four golf courses for you: we’ve got the akola wilds golf course: the hebrew mountain hole in one chip shot challenge the satori mountain par 3 and the lake hylia angry crowd, Music Applause, absolutely dismal weather to play golf today, but we’ve got our little Golf buggy here we go just just you got ta, have to use your imagination for some of this all right, hello, oh wow, here’s, our hole right here. Look at that that’s, beautiful we’re, starting just a simple thing. To start things off start things off just in this little house here hold on we’ve got he’s not authorized to be on the track. Get out of here. Get out of here. Man see ya hello game! Welcome! Welcome to our game! Game of golf wait hold on.

This is a gentleman’s game. Oh yes, first round par 18, no driving. Just you doing doing your hits. One two don’t mind me now game three, four it’s in the rough five, six isn’t it Music. Okay, you can’t get a part. 18, but this is ridiculous: Music, all right par 18 garbage we’re getting out driver. The driver welcome back now game here we go. Are you getting ready to see some skill? Let me show you what real power is? Oh no, that’s a bad angle. There we go there, we go Music go! Oh there we go that’s, some golf. That is golf golf golf golf. I reckon this is more of a par five course. Looking good for our path, life, Music Applause for an eagle, small crowd – has started to form on the golf course just ease it in Applause, Music. Applause on the aquila golf course look at that. That is beautiful, link very happy with his performance. So far, today, it’s looking absolutely good for the next hole. Make sure you pick up your ball don’t think he uh really cares hole. Two hebra Music Applause. Oh man, look it’s a gentleman’s game, but uh link is cold. Hey. How are you with my golf club? Oh he’s dead: where are we looking? Oh here we go here’s our hole and there’s our chip shot challenge pop it on the ground. No, no come back. I really should have tested these before we uh do this.

Oh there we go good. Can we get a hole in one i reckon we can. I reckon it’s doable. Look at that. Oh that’s, good, good angle, right there. Here we go perfect Applause. Oh went a bit too far, not as many hits Music there we go. Let’S have a look. Have a look it’s got: is it good Music? Oh that’s, phenomenal! Absolutely ecstatic! Look at it! Oh man crowded, absolutely make sure you pick up your ball. The par 3 satori mountain Music Applause, Music, nothing like a round of golf to get the hunger pangs gone. Here’S. The t right here and down this hill is another hole. Legend has it. You can get this in three shots, it’s a path recourse. Normally you get the boulder into the hole, boulder pull, but no we’re, not gon na. Do that we’ll use keysport, here’s our hole here and uh here’s our adventure all the way back up beautiful davis of golf here at satori mountain by the way, absolutely loving the scenery, loving the vibe it’s it’s. Sometimes golf is just a game where you can just get in touch with the nature. Oh please you’re kidding me Music. Here we go. Oh look at that it’s. Looking good, looking fantastic, oh it’s just dropped right into the forest nice shot. Here we go. We just beat it straight down hold on. Let me check the map. I think we’ll be right here. Just keep going just keep keep going, keep going Music there’s the ball there’s, the ball it’s rolling, it’s, rolling it’s on its way, it’s still rolling it hasn’t stopped.

The ball has not stopped. It is still rolling down the hill Music. Now it’s stopped all right here. We go nice approach, all right. Okay, here we go, this is it. This is it this. Is it quick, quick link? Oh, this is a bad Applause approach, missed the whole heartbreaking scenes here on the satori mountain he’s missed the hole, definitely be having some words to his caddy that’s. Looking good, are you kidding double pokey all right here we go angry crowd edition. This is not good weather for golf, visibility is low, morale is down, there will be no crowd. This is literally the worst possible conditions for a game of golf. I can’t even see just in this giant. Abyss, oh, is that is that the brain clearing, oh, the rain, is cleared up it’s a miracle we’re here to play some golf. No, you know what i lied. I i lied. That was that was big giant lie the rain’s back. Oh here we are we’re at the hole, here’s our hole. However, the distance to get to said hole is a big one. This is a part eight, if you will big par eight night time is set on the uh. Wonderful viral lake hylia edition hole is all the way down there. That’S gon na be uh it’s gon na be a big one. We’Ve got an angry mob. We have an angry mob breaks. His face get rid of them they’re. Not even human thing is.

We have to start the game at the pin. This is going to be one wild thing. Now. A couple rules, part of the crowd, hits golf ball. That doesn’t count as a hit. I myself must hit the gold ball snake snakes next sneak snake it’s about golf ball at the ready as well running in here we go just gon na drop got ta drop the ball gon na drop the ball. There we go ow. Now. How are we going to get? How are we gon na hit that we have to hit the ball okay, we’re gon na stasis? I know i’ve got an idea. I’Ve got an idea. I’Ve got an idea. Okay, here we go yep they’re, all electric go, get it out, get it out, get it out. Go go! Get the ball out of here, good the ball’s, looking good we’re, getting it away from the crowd away from the crowd, they’re still they’re, giving up they’ve they’ve. Given up, have they given up i’m gon na give it a quick just go just get get the ball out of here. So we’ve got one here on the par eight course they’ve, given up the angry crowd. Angry mob, angry mob is gone there. We go good here, good hit out into the fields: oh no he’s, in a behind a tree to go around the tree. That should do the third here very good out to the open just over that ridge.

There! Oh no! Oh i’m! Not what what? What do you want? We’Re playing golf don’t lose the ball get out of here. The rain has started to fall again, it’s, not a good day. Hello, no leave this alone leave us alone. We don’t want any part of that. Oh dear, that doesn’t sound good hold on hold on stop the game. Stop the game. This. This whole game is being thrown into disrepute. Here we go all right. This is just this. This is ridiculous. Okay, looking good getting it up here, oh my gosh that doesn’t that doesn’t look good, no he’s giving up. If i remember correctly, let’s get a bird’s eye view. Oh look at that. Oh we’ve got a dragon ghost going into the ocean. This for an eagle Music Applause. Key swing is going it’s, going down the hole, it’s it’s, rolling, it’s rolling for the eagle for the eagle he’s going for the eagle Applause. That is absolutely amazing. What a time like to thank the dragon making that possible, somehow i i don’t, know how it happened, but it did everyone. Thank you so much for watching if you like, the video make sure you smash that like button, if you liked the video, why don’t you subscribe, so you can see more breath of the wild challenge series thanks so much for tuning into this round. Keith’S golf that’s.