Do a quick unboxing to see what comes in the box were gon na check out the instrument to see how it works and were also gon na, go over to the computer to have a quick look at the cyride pc tool to see how you can configurate Your instrument yourself so lets get into it Music. So here we have the cyride itself open it up, see what comes inside. So first of all, we have the usb cable to hook it up to a computer and also for charging. We have a protective box inside on this side of this. We have the instruments itself here we go. It also comes with some stickers and a bag. If you rather have it in this one. So here we have the instrument itself. So before you start it up, you need to charge it. It takes about two hours to fully charge and when youve done that you press the middle button here to start the instrument take a few seconds and then with the count live. You can see here its the ultimate over ground and this one will reset in a couple of seconds to zero. So every time you start the instruments, it will reset itself. Here i have a wario here. I have flight time, and here i have the clock. This is screen number one, as you can see up here. I can go to the right here and here i have the screen number two and this is qnh height and i set this to 40 meters, so that means its 40 meters over sea level.

Here i have altitude over time, so it will create the graph to see uh yeah its to see the ultimate over time. I have a volumetric third down here and also a g meter continue the next screen. Here we can reset the instrument, push the middle button here here i can change the altitude the q and h altitude lets set it to 140 meters. Then i go back to right to the meter symbol again and press the middle button here and you will see the instrument did reset itself again to zero meters over ground level and to the right. We have 140 meters settings. Let me go back and now well reset it again, 200 and now to 40 meters, which is what i use use you you silly usually have there we go and the instrument is calibrated again. The next screen number four here is recorded flights. Here we can check out my last flight, which i did on the 20th 22nd of may. It lasted 22 minutes. My max altitude was 576 meter and my max climb rate was 2.3 meters per second, and here we have settings. First of all, you can check out how much battery i get left, how much memory memory i get left, which version it is next screen we can choose. If you want to have some sound in the instrument which i dont uh, we have a rising threshold, which means when it starts to beeping and also falling threshold.

Uh thermal sniffer, so dont use that uh you can choose to turn off and on the backlight and then you go back so thats pretty much what you can do inside the instrument. So now lets go over to the computer and were gon na. Do a quick setup there and im gon na show you how the cyride tools work in the computer so mounted left and in the middle button, and we turn it off. So here we are at the computer. Now you go to This is the home page. Then you click on tools. Here you come to this page, and here you have. Software were gon na download and install the software on the computer, so click here, then you choose your operating system on your computer. I have windows 10. and then, as soon as i click here, the download of the system, pse tool will be downloaded and you can see it down in the left corner here. Then this will pop up here. Like this, you choose your language. You can create a desktop shortcut if you like, then you press next and install. I have already installed mine, so i will cancel this, but you just following that and as soon as you install it, you can connect your cyride to your computer with the usb cable that come with the instrument. So it will take a couple of seconds and uh cyride will show up on your computer after you connect it, and it will look like this from here.

You can do some setup and configuration here. You have something you can play around with. I leave my stuck and then you go to cyride tools. You can either click here or you can go direct on the website. I click here. I show you that will open a new tab. Then you go ssc tool choose the instrument i have. This is altimeter, and here you have screen number one and screen number two on the screen number one. I would like to have height about takeoff with the big size, as i showed you earlier, and i just drag it in on the screen here. Then i choose the next one. I would like to have the time that the clock, so i know what clock it is, what time it is of the day. I would like to have flight time, so i know how long ive been in the air and last maybe i want to have a geforce meter or something – and i can put down at the bottom here, so you can also choose your next like qnh altitude. You can choose altitude history and when you are happy with your two screens, you just directly configure your instrument. Click on this link here and your instrument will look exactly like you chosen here, and you can play around with this, and you can change it as many times or whenever you want to so. This tool is really simple to use and really nice that you have the ability to configure it as as you like it.

So sarah thats done a great great job with this, and i really like how they set this up so good job there cyride. So this was the quick review and test of the altimeter v3 from cyride. I will leave a link down in the video description to the cyride webpage, so you can check out all their instruments. I will also leave a link down in the description from where i bought this He is located in sweden, but i know he will ship through all of europe. So please go check him out. Just send him an email and im sure he will help you. So, thank you guys for watching this video. I will put out more paramotor videos in the future, so maybe subscribe.