You are watching gadgets sphere, so in todays video im gon na talk about the oneplus 9r, so i have been using the nameless os in this phone for quite a long time. So im gon na tell you what are the things which are really good in this and what are the things which are just okay. So, first of all, this is the latest update of the rom. So let me show you in the settings, lets go in settings system update and, as you guys can see, this is running the latest update so now. The first thing that is different is the launcher. Now, in the launcher you get all of the icons are now customizable and, as you guys can see, it looks pretty damn good. So that is one thing which is new in this and then the second thing which i love about this room is this new navigation bar, as you guys can see now its a lot like ios, which we get in iphone. So now, if you swipe up there, you go, it looks a lot more nicer and adaptive. So that is one thing new which we get in this room and then the third thing is the notification shade. Now we can actually expand notification like we already did, but we have three options here that is watch play turn later. So, if i tap on watch later, it is going to save and watch later and i can watch that video later.

So these are the things which are new and then we are going to talk about the smoothness, so this rom supports 90 fps in bgmi and also 120 fps in this call of duty. So, as you guys can see, if i try to show you bgmi in this room, let me just try to first open fps counter. So if you go in settings, you go in one plus settings scroll down and you guys can see. We have an fps overlay. Double tap on it and you can see we have this fps and now, if i open any of the games like bgmi lets, wait for it to open, and then you will see that it actually runs on 120 fps, which is just amazing. So let me just wait for the game to open yeah. Let me just wait and its very hard to play in 60 fps. So this supports 90 fps, which is just awesome. 120 is supported in that call of duty game. Not in this one, so yeah, as you guys can see it is 90 fps, smooth and extreme like smooth and lets just play. Okay, wait im gon na start a normal match and show you that it actually works in 90 fps rather than just saying so. Lets just start the match, and i think the camera angle is also really good. And overall, the smartphone heats up a lot while playing in 90 fps for too long like for two hours or one hour straight.

But it doesnt matter because the gameplay is smooth and thats all what matters right. As you guys can see here we have the fps counter, which is showing 90 fps there. You go 89.90 all the time. No problem super duper smooth. So that is one thing. So, if youre planning on installing this rom for gaming, its definitely worth it, it has no problems in that so yeah its a good good room to play, games right so yeah. Let me just do one kill and then lets just talk about n2 to score right. So in into two i get a pretty good and decent score. Let me just open n2 2 and show you so its actually giving very good scores like 7, like 23 000 is a lot for a smartphone like a oneplus 9r, and if you compare it to the other smartphones, i think we can right. Okay, yeah. We can compare to other smartphones, no, we cant, but normally it is as good as a pixel 6 pro. So that is also very good yeah in ranking. We can actually compare it and, as you guys can see, the best of the smartphones are getting like. 9 lakh 8 lakh and our smartphone is somewhere around here, like 35 out of 100, very good, its like one of the fastest phones i have so enter to score. Is super awesome, no problems in that, and then we have the geekbench, because geekbench is also very important.

So let me just show you the geekbench score of this smartphone in case youre, thinking of installing this rom in the oneplus 8t. Its still worth it no problems, and this is the latest score. It is a bit lower as compared to the scores i got earlier like this one but thats just because of the stability of the room. They have updated it so thats why its a bit lower, but no problems in that overall, the room is buttery smooth. Do whatever you want its super smooth, open, any apps and wow? That is the smoothness you get right and then we have google camera. Google camera works. Absolutely awesome. You have this 6x that is 0.6, which basically shoots in ultra wide. So let me just try to take an image and you can use sdr auto white balance. Everything is working and it also this rom also has the official one plus camera. That is, this stock camera, as you guys can see. That is also working present and working. Everything is working even the ultra wide angle. Camera is working so no problems in that, but, of course, the quality from google camera is way better. Look at this versus that so theres a big difference right so yeah. It depends upon you. How do you want to use this? So i like the g cam, i dont like this one, so you can just easily take an image, no problems in that and the quality is going to be.

Super awesome. Look at that right. So, overall, google camera is working. No problems in camera, cellular quality is absolutely awesome. You can call anyone, you want no problems in that and then the last part how about the battery life. So i have been using this since a very long time, so im going to show you the battery life lets go in digital well, being lets just show how much time i use the smartphone – and i think i have to tap here and lets see the screen On time of, like yesterday, look at that six hours and 27 minutes and its continuous bgmi gaming right still the battery life is absolutely awesome. No problems in that so battery life is also no problem, its working, absolutely awesome. In terms of security, we have the fingerprint scanner working look at this. There you go, i have applied it to both the fingers, so its working perfectly fine, we also have face unlock and the one tap to open is also there, then double tap to sleep. Double tap to open is also there. We have the face unlock everything is working, absolutely fine, so thats about it in terms of cpu throttling its also really good. Let me just try to run a simple cpu throttling test to show you but yeah. The performance is really good. No problems in that look at that two lakh, four to like five. Sometimes it goes up, but normally its on an average, really awesome, no problems in that as well.

So what do you guys think about this custom? Rom, the nameless os? I think its one of the best custom rooms for the oneplus 9r, but still it depends upon your usage. If you want a rom which is great for battery life and good for gaming, but heats up a bit, but you dont have any problems in heating, then its the perfect room to have. What do you guys think tell me in the comments below and hope you like it? I will see in the next one stay happy make sure to subscribe.