Conduction headphones that ive tested on this channel. More than two years ago – and that was my gateway into testing cool awesome bone conduction headphones. So it has always been a great genre and ive been continuously looking for that, one that i can bring swimming and has its own internal storage, that i can use them without bringing my phone out, and i think the search stops here. So this headphones is sent over to me by nine curve for review and although these were sent over to me, ill still be sharing with you my honest opinions about these headphones. So this headphones retails for pretty premium 170 us dollars, which is around 740 ringgit malaysia. But if you use my code, onlinecards website youll be able to get 15 discount off your order, so definitely check out my links in the description below so the runner diver is another rendition of the original runner pro and is yet another bone conduction headphones. That is also made for swimming. So again, comparing these to the aftershocks competition. The x trainer is the only one that is marketed for swimming, so you now have way more choices with nine car compared to after shock. So with that said, the run diver is a well built headphones, not sure if its the same military grade, titanium, alloy silicone that the runner pro had, but the runner diver. You will also be getting a combination of titanium and silicone material, so the build of the headphone is great.

Everything is very well designed and very polished. No sharp edges around everything just feels like a premium product, so starting with the band itself. I believe this is where nanka puts in the titanium material in a band, so the headphone feels light and very flexible. They definitely do move around freely. So when youre moving around with your activity, they will flex according to your movement and make sure that you feel comfortable so moving down to the main unit here on the right side. Youre going to get charging pins here to charge up the headphones, and you can also use the same pins here to connect to your phone to transfer files. So im not getting super. Transferring speed here uh with transferring music to the headphones and it averages about 500 to 1000 kilobytes per second, so on top here, youre gon na get your volume controls and they also act as track skipping and on the outside. Here, theres no branding here uh only a gray stripe in front that lights up to indicate that the headphone is charging or the bluetooth status and on the left side itself, youre gon na get the nine car branding and its super subtle. The colors that nika used here is very fitting, so they do blend in very well with the color of the headphones, giving it a very nice stealthy. Look that i love so the main headphone unit that sits on the tempo here is also extremely well built and has a very nice shape going on, and i believe the tail poking out here is to help the ear plugs that nine car provides you so that It pushes it into your ears and secures it there so also on the temple unit itself.

You can see that on the left side here, youre gon na get your power on off button, which also acts as a mode switcher. When you double tap it, so you can enter into mp3 mode and youll use the internal storage. Ninja dean, leave the right side blank and also includes a logo to give it a more symmetrical look which is really nice. So, overall, from a design standpoint, i think im very happy with the design build of the nine car runner diver. So the runner diver has a very good battery life coming in in 10 hours compared to the six hours of the runner pro. So these are all tested at a moderate volume at 65 thats really promising, at least for me. I know im not doing any activities up to 10 hours long at a time, so this will definitely last you through your activities, so charging the headphones up will take about one and a half hours, which is also very fast using the proprietary charger contacts that nine Car gives you volume on the runner. Diver is decent but very typical to most bone conduction headphones, so listening to it open or without any ear plugs. A comfortable listening volume for me is about 60, so quite high up and a loud, but still comfortable. Volume is about 80, 100 is bearable, but i do notice certain high frequency starts to get very piercing, which is odd for bone conduction headphones.

So using it in a pool or with the provided ear plugs. It definitely amplifies things a little bit, so they do get a lot louder with the same volume. So this is because, as you are swimming, so the water does cover up the outside of your ears, making it feel the same effect as using ear plugs. But when youre using it in the water itself, from my test, the audio and everything still sounds very pristine. But if you use the provided ear, plugs music does sound very muffled. So the new nine car runner diver does come with slightly upgraded tech, which comes with a bluetooth 5.2 chipset that supports sbc only and similar to my runner. Pro review. Theres really no need for advanced codec for any bone conduction headphones, since they are not built with sound quality as its main priority. So definitely you can save a lot of money in terms of using a cheaper chipset else. This would really be a lot more expensive. So the headphones also comes with an ipx 8 water resistant rating, very similar to its older brother. The runner diver is designed to be swimmable, so you should be able to get to a depth of about 3 meters and more than 30 minutes thats. The typical standard testing for ipx8 certified devices so youre pretty much protected from swimming with no problems, so the best part of all nine carbon connection headphones is that they really taught it through, and it includes an mp3 player feature with now: 16 gigabyte of internal storage.

So you can use your headphones without the need to bring your phone out. Also, a super convenient feature that all bone conduction headphones must have moving forward. However, nine card does mention that the runner diver only supports mp3 and flag file format. Lastly, there is no multi point connectivity on these headphones, but then again do you really need multi point for a bone, conduction headphones. So, for me, im pretty surprised with the sound quality of the runner diver and it does mimic the sound signature of an airpods alternative, which means it is pretty good giving you a pretty nice and immersive sounding experience, considering that these are bone, conduction headphones. Of course. These are still not going to give you the in ear, monitor level type of sound quality, but for an open style headphones. The runner diver is actually one of the better sounding bone connection headphones that ive heard, so i personally prefer it to be open. However, nine cards do give you ear plugs out of the box if you prefer to block out sound while using your headphones, and the result of that is that the sound quality sounds very muffled and youre getting about 90 of the sound from your cheekbones. Therefore, it makes it a little bit warmer, so unless there is an absolute need, i recommend using these headphones without earplugs. Secondly, using it in water feels great and sound quality is generally the same as using open ears, although water acts as a barrier, so your ear canals still register a small amount of vibration.

Hence some signature here underwater still feels like how you use it normally but slightly louder, and i like the execution here with nine car, and i think they really did a great job with these headphones in terms of sound quality. So this is the test to see if the nine car rather diver is a good headphones for making phone calls. So this is mistaking a relatively quiet environment, and this is the call quality that you can expect. So what im gon na do now is to turn on a simulated background noise, so you can hear a difference so now theres a simulator back on us playing in the background. This is the call quality that you can expect from this headphones. So what do you think of the calls? Let me know in the comment section down below so im, absolutely impressed with the latency that nika puts out with his headphones and using them to play. Games like pubg is absolutely amazing, with very minor delay noticeable in real time, so this is impressive, even by earbud standards, but with a bone connection headphones. That is not designed for gaming, its actually pretty impressive, so anyways lets take a look at the latency performance of this headphones, so these are slightly more expensive than the aftershocks x trainer, but i will think they still have an edge over the aftershocks, no matter what, Since it comes with four times the internal storage size compared to the aftershocks and still supports bluetooth, which the aftershocks doesnt support, easy win for the 9 car runner diver.

So that is it for this review.