My name is daryan and today were going to be checking out. The anker 622 mag go to see if this magsafe compatible power bank is worth it. The anker 622 mego is a 5 000 milliamp hour, magsafe compatible powerbank. That can extend your iphones battery life by around 17 hours. It works with all magsafe iphones, with the exception of the iphone 12 and 13 mini its very lightweight, weighing only around 5 ounces or 142 grams and costs around 70 us dollars. It comes in five different colors, interstellar, gray, buds, green dolomite, white lilac purple and a misty blue, so lets take a closer look. The 622 mag go features a bi, directional, usb c port, a power switch and a battery level indicator. The usb c port can be used to charge the power bank or to supply power to another device on the back. It has a built in kickstand that will magnetically hold its position and on the front it has a strong array of magnets to securely snap onto your phone and begin the 7.5 watt wireless charging. The magnets are very strong, so no need to worry about them. Falling off now that weve taken a look at the anchor 622 mag go lets talk about some of the pros and cons that may help aid your decision, whether this is the right power bank for you lets start with the cons like all magsafe accessories. Not all cases will be compatible with it, even if you have a compatible phone.

A thicker case like an otterbox, will not allow the magnets to connect the usb c port is located on the bottom, not the side. This means that you cannot use pass through charging while using it as a kickstand. Some more issues would have to be that you cannot use qi, wireless charging and usb c charging. At the same time, youre only limited to charging one device. Another issue would have to be that you cannot turn off the qi wireless charging if your phone is connected to it through magsafe, which is annoying if you just wanted to use the power bank as a kickstand or you cant, and the final issue would have to Be that the seven and a half watt charging may not be as fast as all of the other competitors on the market. Now lets talk about some of the pros of the anker 622 mag go starting with the fact that its super lightweight and its ultra portable, which makes it great for travel. I take this no matter where i go and the added kickstand is especially beneficial if youre on a plane and youre trying to watch something on your phone, you can just fold down your tray table and place it on there and watch whatever another great feature. Is it supports pass through charging in case you would like to use it more of a desktop wireless charger. You can just plug a usb c cable into the bottom and it will charge the power bank and your iphone at the same time.

Another great feature is that the 5000 milliamp hour capacity gives you enough charge to get through the day without having to become overly bulky. A larger power capacity may sound nice. However, it usually comes at the cost of size. So here i have an anchor 26 800 milliamp hour power bank and its just so much larger. You cant, like justifiably, take this out every day, its something that you more like taking a backpack with you, its not like a pocket size in any way. So the 5000 milliamp hour is definitely a good amount. Specs wise, the anchor 622 mango is definitely not the best power bank on the market. It doesnt have the largest capacity and doesnt have the fastest power output. However, its portability is its power. You can take this almost anywhere and have a power bank and iphone stand all in one. Its power capacity is enough to get most people throughout their day and i definitely believe its worth the investment. If you would prefer a magsafe compatible power bank with a higher capacity, i would have to recommend the bigger brother of the anchor 622 maggot, which would be the anker 633 mag go. It has double the power capacity costs around 10, more and features a usb, a port on the bottom and a side facing usbc port. However, it weighs around 50 percent more and is a little bit thicker, so its not as portable as always anything seen or mentioned.

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