There wasn’t a lot of new entries in the pre registration, but now we’re. Finally, getting back into the mode we’re gon na start, seeing more and more new releases as we move forward, the lull is over let’s, get back to work starting off from the top league of legends wild riff we’ve talked about this for months now, um as we Get closer and closer to the spring we’re. Finally, gon na see this bad boy released in global, so stay tuned for that um argos choice, not the type of game that i’m normally into neither is this lee lulu lee lulu, i mean it looks pretty reminds me of like some type of journey experience, but Once again, not really for me um, the first game here that actually looks interesting is going to be omega. Legends um looks like a third person, overwatch battle rate yeah battle, royale um, so i mean i feel like the battle. Royale genre has gotten a little long in tooth. At this point, um, i feel like if you love battle, royale you’ve, already kind of found, a game that is your home i’m, not really sure, if there’s more room in the market until at least apex legends hits mobile, which has already been announced – and i think It’S going to be releasing in china first, so games like apex legends and, i think fall guys are both going to china first. Hopefully they both come to global, eventually um, because i think that’ll give both of those games kind of like a second life not to be confused with the actual mmo called second light.

All right, diablo immortal, um, yeah we’re, just holding we’re just waiting. Hopefully we get closer and closer to the release of this bad boy, but i have heard nothing whatsoever: greedy, kitties kitty, clicker uh, no um, my goodness, dude people love these types of games. Don’T they, like these little building, farming, simulator puppy, happy little fun time games, not me crash bandicoot. On the run this one got delayed last year, um. I was very confused because it doesn’t seem like the most complicated game in the world, but maybe there’s more to it right it looks pretty decent. It is kind of like an endless tower runner, which is still kind of a fun genre. You know just because the genre is old, doesn’t mean it’s, not funny anymore. Look at things like match. Three, for example, still people absolutely love that genre, so tower running has probably been out for like when did tyrone come up like six years ago. I don’t even know they’re still making them, so some genres can actually hold on some can’t um and i do think, like tower running endless tire running can hold on and i’m looking forward to seeing what kind of twist they put on the on the old genre. Next up is gon na be modern dead. We looked at this game last time, i’m gon na go ahead and give you guys a quick nightmare. Real quick. You ready look at this. Look at this nightmare fuel i just wan na.

I just wanted you guys to see that um. This is a very generic empire. City builder. You guys know how these screenshots try to make the game. Look like it’s all action, packed ain’t, no action packed in this game. I assure you all, you’re gon na be doing is clicking buildings and waiting on timers that that’s it that’s it, and i i used to really like that genre for whatever reason, but back then i didn’t know no better. Now i do of this rebirth. Phantom welcome to the abyss: okay, poor, oh god, a portrait mode old school idol game where you’re just kind of yeah, not not. For me, i i do like idol games, but this is my least favorite type of idol game where you’re just spamming, gold and levels and it’s this little tiny screen where all the action is and most of the game is like ui nah, not for me story. Picker look at this. Let him do it that’s all right! I could do it myself, that’s what i said: um yeah i’m good i’ve, already played one dating game. I’M, probably not going to play anymore after that magic of ben magic have been another little house builder type of game yeah, not not for me now summoners were lost centura, so we did play this game in closed beta and, unlike i would say, dare i say, 82.7 percent, a real percentage 82.7 of closed betas, usually don’t change much once they go global and actually have a full release, but believe it or not.

This one might be a different beast. They’Ve already announced a slew of changes, they’ve done since closed beta new gameplay modes, better graphics, better ui, so we’ll take a look at this game again. This is going to be a type of game that you really are either going to just really like or you’re. Really not going to be all about it now. I know you could say that about almost every game, but when you have a game that’s all about 1v1 live pvp. It definitely takes a very you know, very specific type of person to enjoy that type of game. Like there’s, never a relaxing day in the game every day you got to be on your game. You got to be active because you’re going to get another real life player and that type of gameplay isn’t for everyone. I totally get that, but i will be there day one to check out the new changes since closed beta. It already looks much better than it did before so very, very nice that summoners were lost, centura, um, blade and soul revolution. This is an auto path, auto quest, auto combat, auto, grind, mmo and i’ve already played it. It literally follows the same exact flow quest and zones, just like the pc version, like i played the game for a few hours and it was like. I was literally playing the pc version with just a little bit more auto play involved. This game probably was a very inexpensive game to make because they already had the assets on the pc version.

All they did was just scale it down and then add. You know the ability to auto through it um. It might be a really good sightseeing game, like you guys, know, that’s, like my new thing when it comes to these mobile mmos, this one actually might be a pretty decent, uh sightseeing game, especially since this game actually has a full afk, questing mode and it’s very Similar to black desert mobile as well as v4, where the game will auto through the main quest, but you have to actively make your character go to the side quest, so you can go afk it’ll, go through all the main quests, but you’ll miss all the side. Quests, which is a you know, a place we’re going to get a lot of exp and gold. So do keep that in mind, but i think it will be a pretty decent, a sightseeing tour um. No thank you disney! Wonderful worlds. No thank you crowd. Buffets um! We have disgaea rpg the most evil rpg um. We did play this game in closed beta. I will be playing the game in global launch i’m, not sure how i feel about it. Long term, like i am a massive fan of this ip laharl – is my favorite main character of all time, and i do love me some printies. However, i didn’t really like the gameplay loop. When i first played it, maybe you know sometimes you play a game differently.

When you know your progress is going to be wiped, so i am gon na give the game another shot once it’s in global launch. But i didn’t really like the gameplay loop and all of the different methods to power up your character and i know that’s a staple of this series. I totally get it, but when you make it into a gotcha – and you have you know a money motivation with it, it’s not the same as when you were playing all of these different systems on the stand alone offline. You know console versions, it’s different it’s, just a little bit different and i i did think there was just way too many systems to power up your character and it just made the game feel a little busy, but not in a good way. But, like i said, i am going to take a look at it once it goes to global launch, but right now, as i stand i’m, not sure how long i’m going to be playing that one, which is a shame because i love the series now this one Kind of surprised me, devil book, the hand drawn action mmo. I i think this is. This is kind of cool looking. It looks, at least at the very least, a unique experience right, i’m totally down for it. If this is going to be kind of like a ragnarok online experience, maybe that would be kind of cool. I do absolutely love the hand drawn art very cool, maybe got a little endless tower mode as you always do, but it doesn’t look too bad.

I will be there day, one 100. I like how that looks. Uh drop number! No! Thank you! Ludo emperor! No thank you and uh that’s. It that’s all for the month. Now wait a minute! Fg, hey didn’t, you just say february’s gon na be better. I did, but you know, it’s it’s progressive, it’s gon na continue to get better as we move along all right. Don’T worry about that um, but while we’re here let’s go into my blue stack, so i’ll, let you guys know what i’m gon na be working on here very shortly. Um abyss horizon is going to be getting shut down so i’m going to be jumping on that. To make a shutdown video, i missed a couple of shutdowns with tales of radiance and then ruby arena, because i was, i was knee deep in the game. Stop dude! I was having a good time: um exo’s heroes, nothing there, um immortal soul. What is this black survival? I think the name of the game is. It came back. I i played this game years ago right and it shut down, and it came back so i’ll be taking a look at that again. We also have last claudia that has a devil may cry. Collaboration live right now got ta make a video on that one. On my ogi sponsored video birdie crush little golfing gotcha, which looks pretty good, and then i have two premium games i’m gon na be covering for you guys as well slay the spire, which i hear really really positive things about.

So i can’t wait to do that and then titan’s quest a game that i’ve played like three times already on pc. It keeps coming out, it keeps getting remastered and i keep buying it um. So i’ll give you guys kind of a review on how good the mobile port is for titan’s quest and then, of course i was playing a little bit of blade and soul and then what you can’t see currently on my phone is the kick flight shutdown matches. The gathering the arena, which i’m gon na cover and then i’m gon na do a mini on battle battlepalooza. So there you go and answer the last and final question, which i know is going to come up now: wait a minute fg. Did you quit that game and did you quit that other game i sure, did once again my name is fg3000. I thank you.