For you guys, my friends over at every bot sent out theres three spin robot mop. This thing looks absolutely awesome: im gon na go ahead and do the unboxing then im gon na use. This thing for a bit im gon na, have some sweet footage of the actual mop working. Well talk a little bit about the app and get everything set up, so obviously its a pretty big package. So i got my handy unboxing knife here: im gon na go ahead and unbox. It show you guys what comes inside just real, quick and then well go ahead and get into the actual operation of the mop. So theres the seal go ahead and open it up. Lets see what we get inside were going to get a mop, probably going to get some replacement pads im just going to lean this down here back towards the camera. You just have to bear with me im much used to shooting phones versus larger products, so trying to get my camera angle and everything set up to do a huge box like this. So here we go heres what comes on the inside of the package, so you got some operation manuals which im going to need to read, so i can get this set up ill show you guys some footage, see how amazingly well this cleans my floors. I know my wifes going to be really excited about. This looks like we got part of the dock for the mop itself, set that to the side over here and then the main attraction there.

It is theres the mop and, of course, weve got some replacement pads ill set this over to the side. So we got some pads here to use with the mop different colors back here were gon na have a power supply. It looks like, and of course this is a mop, so were going to have a sweet remote so that we can actually control our mop dock. It set it to do things and things like that im sure we can probably see if we can do something with our phone as well to control it, but youve got intensive focus edge drain water 50 minute water control play pause. Everything you need even comes with. Some sweet batteries to use with the remote so overall a pretty comprehensive package from the people over at every bot in terms of what you need to get started with the mop, so im going to take this out of the way ill show you guys the mop Itself – and we can take a look at that – so move that out of the way sit down here, we go, we got the mop pads. Like i said, charger lets, take a look at the actual mop body, its fairly small. Actually, i thought it was going to be a little bit larger. They claim that this thing is library quiet, which means you can basically run it at night, its going to be a huge test of that, because we have a little kid hes, one and a half.

So when hes napping ill see, if we can run this and still allow the baby to sleep, they claim you can design award 2021 red dot winner pretty exciting. This is where the pads are going to go there on the bottom. Get this set up so im going to go ahead and get it set up the docking station, the mop pads. Everything also try out the remote im going to get some footage of this thing. Actually, working and the setup will come back and talk about how the everyday operation works and ill give you guys my review all right guys. So here we have the every bot three spin. This is in the area that we typically use it in the house. Ive been using it now for a little while, i just want to give you guys sort of a tour of the remote and also the mop itself. We use it here in the kitchen, as you guys can see, this is like a high traffic area in our kitchen over there, youve actually got the dock to charge. It well take a look at that in a second, a little closer you guys can see here. The every bot three spins powered on and i have the remote as well. You can manually control this with the directional buttons here at the top, as well as the play and the stop so very simple to manually control the mop and have it clean any trouble areas that you want.

The directional buttons are quite responsive and they do a pretty good job. You can see its spinning around there when you press the side to side buttons to go side to side, and then it goes straight forward or straight back as you press the up and down buttons now. One thing i do want to mention about this mop in using it is its not just like a broom. It doesnt just sweep up dust or anything like that. It actually does put its weight on the floor, so youre actually able to get up like debris, and things like that that you would want to do with a regular mop. Just like you would have like imitating a human and its also very quiet as well. So you can run this if you have children, if you have a baby, you can run this mop, no problem. If theyre sleeping downstairs, we have a one and a half year old and we can easily run the mop, even while hes sleeping with no problem at all. So there are some other modes on here. Just on the remote you got intensive mode, which you can impress, and this will clean kind of intensively in a particular area. Youve got focus mode which will clean in a localized area right around where the mop is thats like. If you have a really big. You know problem area, thats got quite a bit of grime or something like that on your floor.

You want to get rid of it. It kind of does a spiral. Youve got edge mode, which edge mode kind of cleans. The edges, it does have object detection, so it can kind of like detect your drawers and things like that as well. You can press stop and then you can go back to controlling it manually as well when youre in any of the modes which i just did right there y mode, which basically does a y pattern here. Let me move this uh over a little then ill. Show you guys if you press the uh y mode here. This is what youre, gon na get kind of goes in up and back and then up the other way kind of situation and stop it and then go back to manual control at any time as well, and then youve also got the 50 minute clean. So this is like, if you want to really deep clean in one room like here in the kitchen. If we want something really clean well, you just set it kind of forget about it and then the mops going to do a good job of cleaning it. So i do think this thing is great. I mean the battery life is pretty solid on it. Sometimes it does take a couple charges if you want to get the full kitchen. You know clean because we do have other area here around the dining room and stuff, but it does do a pretty good on battery life, its very simple to clean um, the mop pads and everything like that draining the water is very simple: thats also controlled right.

There from the remote overall, a very nice little robot mop, i think its great. If you have a localized room where you really want to clean, you want to keep this in there to kind of do the cleaning in that particular room. Its also great for, like an apartment area, if you have like a studio or one bedroom apartment, this mop would clean. You know the entire apartment. If you have hardwood floors, um or if you have you know tile like we do here in our kitchen, all right. So that is kind of the usage summary of the every bot three spin uh lets go ahead and talk about kind of my summary and closing remarks all right guys, so that was my review of the everybot mop very, very cool mop. If you need something just to get up simple spills and things in your kitchen, its a very simple process to replace the pads on the bottom and filling up, the tank is also a breeze weve. Just been setting this thing to clean when were not in the kitchen takes care of any little bit of spills and dust and thing that we might not notice from our two year old son, and i think its really great value for people who dont want to Have to be mopping all the time manually, you just do that, maybe once or twice a week and then the rest of the time you dont have to be doing the maintenance, because the every bot mob will take care of that no problem at all.

Anyway, if you guys want to check it out ill drop, the link below in the comments and in the pin description you guys can also get any relevant discount codes or things like that that every bot provides for me huge shout out to them for sending out This mop for review.