If you watched the end of this video guys, you are going to be able to get 6 000 diamonds for free, which is two tens times summonings and about 50. Odd stamina, because stan is just a random rewards, so guys make sure you watch to the end, and i just wanted to show you before i jump into anything it’s. Just the team that i’m, using at the moment, it’s it’s, just very, very good and my fountain has got some brilliant levels getting there. I kind of still think that um that they should definitely uh give you more drops in those fountains, because it is a bit ridiculous. I’M. Also, upgrading these two now as well so i’ve got so many of these to go and the xp is so so so expensive um as you progress through the game, guys. Why can’t? I do that i think it’s just being a bit weird let’s, try again. Okay, as always, this game is a little bit glitchy guys but yeah. I want to get straight into the redeem codes for you today, guys um, okay, my my hometown does not look. It does not look very well laid out, but it it’s built for um built for precision and when i started the game i didn’t realize that you could skip through stuff, so yeah i was a little bit of a noob guys. I was a little bit of a noob and what i will do now actually is um.

I can upgrade my storage again because i just get so annoyed when it runs out there we go and the next one’s going to be. Oh, it just starts to cost diamonds now to expand the storage, which is fair enough. I don’t really think you need to expand it any further anyway. Um yeah – and i just want to get my train filled up here as well. Let’S let’s get all that sword. Um but yeah it it’s all been going very, very smoothly on this game. I’Ve actually matched a few decent summons, which is the first time for me ever in this game, i’m. Normally quite unlucky, but doing four of those is annoying like they’re they’re, never nice. To me, in this game, on the drop rates and in the trains guys, because it’s sometimes so annoying when you send a train out and it comes back and you get nothing and it’s just it’s just how annoying how long it takes to get these trains sorted. As well and uh, there are a lot of things in this game which do quite rustle my jimmies. If you know what i mean guys, um yeah let’s just get all this brood, because these are quite important. So i do like when you get these 6 000 diamonds, guys, obviously i know it’s very, very hype to just make sure you spend them all on the game all on summons. You know to see if you get anything good or anything like that, but i do recommend guys that you know sometimes you you just you, take a minute and actually spend some on your buildings, because it will help you a lot like you’re going to see lots Of different things happen if you do spend that time on getting your buildings upgraded because it’s, just such a good use of getting your extra slots, because when you get to the stage in the game, there’s lots of things you need to build over and over again And it gets very, very, very difficult, as you can imagine, so you can see kind of how quick and easy it is.

If you just get into a routine of just triggering for everything on how quickly you can build and go for everything, you know, i try and do some of the hardest stuff. First, i don’t know why it keeps saying that i’ve – maybe maybe i just need to reset the game, but anyway yeah so it’s, not all awful guys and it’s all going relatively well so yeah. I want to show you guys how to get everything free here. So you can see here that i’ve got 500. 500. 500. 500. 500. 500. 3. 000.. There are 6 000 diamonds there guys now. I will put this in a link at the top of the description for you as well, but it’s important that, obviously you do make sure that when you do this, you do um follow what i tell you so i’ve i’ve made this word document. For all of you guys here so let’s zoom in and get it one page, so you can see here guys. I’Ve got a word document with all the codes and what they give you and it’s going to be top link in description. Guys, word document. Word document word document word document, word document where documentary as you go down like that, so there’s gon na be a lot of exciting codes and things to pull in there guys one two three four: five: six: seven, eight nine ten eleven yeah so you’re going to Be getting a lot here so just copy those, and then what you’re going to do is open the game up and it’s important that you do it this way, i found you click the bar up here.

You click coupons, it loads. This screen up here and your dev play account, is not your username. What you need to do for this guys is make sure that you open up your game and you go into the tick here and you go in so it’s. Not. This is not the your name is not the account guys. Your name is not what you need to type in. You go back, you click here you go into settings, you go into info and you grab that i don’t care. You can have my email. If you really want to uh, you grab that email there guys the one there on my dev play. You get that and then you go back to um click coupons again, so it reloads it like this. You copy you paste your email into there and you paste the code in there. You click claim reward. This screen, pops up and it says well done. You’Ve claimed the reward. Then you go back into the game close off of that, then click the mailbox and it’ll be at the top claim it close out of there. Click here, click coupons again and do this six times over and then claim it reopen the game close off of that open up and you’re gon na be able to very very easily type in all of those codes guys just like that, bang bang, bang one off Each other click that top link guys and yeah it’s all gon na be very, very good.

So what i wanted to do, um in today’s video guys was basically just showing the codes. I also want to show you my team and let you just see where i am and how well everything’s going at the moment see i don’t know what’s going on with that. I think it’s just going a bit glitchy this game is, does have a huge tendency to just be unbelievably broken, but i do love this game. They are, they do they are quite they are actively updating it to be fair. So i need to get one more cookie to level 24 because i’m, trying to upgrade my castle again so let’s see who oh, this guy only got one more level. We go so he’s up to 24 now and i need to get 2 000 decoration points. So, as you can see to do that, i was just going mad on the gnomes or my all my little fire names my heroes. Here there we go i’m, nearly there i’m nearly there, and these are so cheap. I mean okay, they they barely give you any decoration points, but still the fact that they’re so cheap does make this quite nice. Here we go. I can move that up there as well. All right so i’ve got my 2000 points, but now let’s see how much it cost like where the car deployed it’s, probably gon na – be a million. How many two, of course i need 2, 200.

Okay let’s get some more names put down guys here. We go here, we go i’m coming for you, i’m, coming for you 200., so this is kind of i. I will eventually build up a base properly guys you don’t have to worry about that. It will happen, and my town will look incredible, but for now, i’m, more focused on just the absolute grind on this game at the moment. To just keep in a good position make sure my views don’t overtake me, you guys know how you guys know how it is so like that lovely now i can see how much it cost to upgrade it cost 700 000 to upgrade. So i am quite close to that so um later on today, um i should be able to get it relatively easily guys i’m gon na refresh these make sure i got some easy ones for later on whatever sets but yeah i’ll get that upgrading later on today, Guys, i think, because it’s always good to have a little bit of over money, because what you don’t want to do is run out of money, then you can’t craft, anything, obviously the fountain or is always going to give you money which is good but yeah. Okay, my free stamina, there i’ve got. I got a few things done in here now as well lovely, so i am going to be. I am going to do um some summons now, guys let’s see so i’m going to do one summon just to see what i can get.

I forgot i’ve got a few treasure tickets, that’s, not good that’s, not good. Five of these, oh okay i’ll. Take that, even though that character is pretty useless, the new one – yes, three more shah, torai, that’s, brilliant, yes got an epic character from a single summon that is lucky and that’s um. Not. I don’t use her a lot but i’m, not complaining about that guys. That’S from a single summon so now let’s do a free time, summon and see what i get here. We go. Ah that’s, not good. Okay, two for a cat. I didn’t need didn’t need that didn’t need that oh that’s, a full character, though oh wizard, another full character, muscle cookie okay, so that was an absolute waste of 3 000 diamonds. But still you know that that’s how it is it’s all about just luck, isn’t it and then i i’m buying a milkshard cookie. Every time i get enough in there now nice so that wasn’t too bad. I got loads of stamina to go through the new mode, but guys i do hope you’ve enjoyed this video guys make sure you take advantage of those codes before they expire. I will be bringing you codes as much as i can. Whenever i see them guys. I’Ll be giving you as much free stuff, as i can possibly find so make sure you like and subscribe for more guys, and i will see all of you beautiful people in the next one i’m.

Very happy that i got another one of her, though, because she’s quite a good character and also getting her to one star is good it’s, just another epic that i’ve got to one star now good. There we go so i got her up to one star. I’M. Very close to getting him up to two stars now very close to getting her free stars very close to getting milk cookie up to one star as well, and when i can guys this is the character i’m going to get rid of because i’m, not too fussed About this character, i’ve kind of just put a rare defense build on him for now, but i’m, not too fussed about this character. The one i want to work on more is him. As you can see, i’m i haven’t i haven’t managed to get any i’ve got a couple of epic defenses here, but i’m also just going around and doing the rest as well, but it will take a while to get it always does take a while guys, it’s Just the way it is unfortunately, and my ride, guys i’ve gone for quite a controversial, build on him. Look i’ve got him. All of these are speed. Ups, they’re all epic speed, ups, guys and what’s good here, yes and what’s good here guys – is that these just make him attack. So, quick, bang, bang, bang, bang just constant constant, constant constant, but what i’m focusing on now more than anything is there we go so that’s maxed out rise, cookie, lovely, so he’s all maxed out now guys on his attack, speed and he’s absolutely mad.

So the next character i’m working on here is all of these um. Obviously i want this all to be epic, but for now we’re just kind of leaving him where they are and i’m going to be swapping in and out epic cooldowns just so he can get his um special over and over again and honestly that’s.