So titles, like kind of clickbait and you’re er, i wan na, say three years ago i played fortnite. Give me none of this before i came out much 2017. I think around season seven i switched over to ever since season. One i play fortnite on pc, but then i think around season, seven i switched to controller and then my account got hacked because of the winner waiter, uh wasn’t. It probably wasn’t a good idea to wear it in public lobby, so that’s on me. But enough about that let’s see see how i do see and then so it’s really hard to do. Not much is coming back to me yet, but like every five seconds i’m going to look over at my uh pc controls or look at my uh, i can’t even remember what it’s called i’m gon na look at my uh keyboard thing just to check and see Where my controls are see i’m, so trash so freaking garbage, my jump is all what am i even doing i don’t understand, but on the bright side i can edit on pc, which is always a good option. So let’s see uh hold on gamers there you go let’s, see Music got a pokemon mouse pad right over here. Um y’all should know on this channel at my uh favorite smg is the attack? Yes wait. My move left is q. What were you freaking doing? Bro? What was my past self doing, though, making his move left cue on what? What? Even actually you know what i don’t have a bind for my last weapon.

Do i that’s that’s the problem that’s a big problem? What about my god is so freaking cringe, dang bro. I hate having to reach you over all the way to f four and five but that’s. My only option right now so looks like i’ll have to work with that um i said swap i have macros on this mouse. By the way, i have two two uh macro slots on the side here, one here and then one here so i’d use this one to aim, and then this one let’s see here it’s much easier. Actually so wait. I think i’ll do open song one and then, for that i’ll do this that’s gon na be the most weird controls ever but bear with me here, gamers dang. I need to turn my sensitivity like way down. Hold up Music uh uh apply so there we go now see what this should do, see let’s see, let’s see, let’s, see um. I like that. I like that. Oh i like that. Yes, i do i like that. Oh i do like that. Oh sorry, gamer nope a little bit more a little bit less in this case um and bring all the way down forty percent there we go see what this does. Oh keep the color blue. Oh hello, see this. I like that. Okay, yeah, i see a csc good. I see, i see ac what in the world were you freaking doing past me? Jesus my controls were pretty solid, but i’m being honest.

I could use a bit of work. I’Ve also got a button right here to adjust my sensitivity really quickly, but i got absolutely crazy, like this. Jesus, like one inch mega moves so much so like i’m sniping, and i need a lot of sensitivity because i’m trying to catch up with my target. I can just press this button and get a bit faster because i’m going again, so i need in time ahead of the target where i need to be and press again. I need more. I like this, this uh this one best, though yeah i think i do use my alt key to jump. This is these: are the weirdest controls i’ve ever seen any fortnite player use, so my left is q. My forward is w my back. Is s and then my right is d that’s that’s, weird? That is weird! Actually what was past me and doing? I don’t understand bro f to build the stairs. This is so freaking weird. I am going to lie to y’all so c, and then you do f. Then you do oh supreme 90’s like wait and then oh edits, hey you got it uh, so let’s see here uh my keyboard is about to fall for the table, so so up go stupid mouse. Now i see why i quit pc so see you on the next one bye, bye, don’t forget the like button is my subscribe button.