Now this phone is not available in the us, but if you look around online, the cheapest i found it for was around 415 bucks. I repeat: 415 bucks. Now what is naruto its an anime show other than that i dont know. Okay, now shout out to everybody who put me on with goku and the super saiyans and the final form i dont know about anime. I watch family guy, giggity and thats about it. So all yall, anime fans cut me. Some slack were gon na go through this. Together, all right so lets go through the specs real quick for the display. You got a 6.7 inch amoled panel with a resolution of 1080 by 2412., now thats ‘4 for the ppi patrol. You also got gorilla glass, 5 on the front for protection. Now for the processor, you got the mediatek demensity 8100, with the mali g610 mcgpu. Now, what does that mean? In english? Mid range, specs, bro mid range specs. Now you got 6 8 or 12 gigs of ram 128 or 256 gigs of storage, no micro, sd card slot for expandable memory. Now its running android 12 with real me, ui 3.0 skin. On top now you got dual stereo speakers and check this out for the battery. You got a 4500mah battery that features 150 watt fast charge. Now real me claims, you could charge your phone from zero to 50 in five minutes. I repeat: 150 watt fast charging. Now you also got dual stereo speakers for the cameras on the rear.

You got a triple set up, so you got a 50 megapixel wide angle, 8, megapixel ultrawide and a 2 megapixel macro sensor on the front. You got a 16 megapixel wide angle lens. Now you got bluetooth 5.3 nfc, always on display, face unlock and an on screen fingerprint sensor all right, so all that for 415 bucks lets see what it is. First things first shout out to white shoes back in the building Music. My shoes calm down. Okay. Here we go now again, i dont know about anime, so im hoping uh im, hoping that i pronounce the name right naruto on the rachel im saying the rutu, but i could be wrong. Okay, now heres the presentation: okay, that was a nice little fail right there. Okay lets do this slow, okay, little struggles right there anger levels, increasing frustration mounting okay there. It is okay, right now, heres the presentation. Now i will say this. I did do a little bit of research to find out who knew ratu was on the route 2, and one thing that i did find out is the presentation. This is supposed to be a ninja scroll. Okay, now i used to be in ninja, so it does kind of look like a ninja scroll all right. This is pu leather, okay, shoot you see this height! This is kind of dope. Now one more side note shout out to realme for doing this kind of stuff. Samsung apple google pay attention.

This is how you do it: okay, stop just bringing out 100 ones of the same phones. Give us some different stuff, like this yall seen the super saiyan version all right. This is the real me goku edition. Okay, in this final form, we got one more. We got the real me free fire im gon na unbox this one too, but as of right now, all right lets lets stick to the naruto naruto. Okay lets open up the ninja scroll. Okay. Can we take a second though, and just appreciate this? This is kind of dope for under 500 bucks. Look at this presentation. Okay, you got a little ninja scroll lets pop this out. Okay, now, im saving this all right, im, saving this ninja scroll put that to the side. Okay lets see what this is gon na be now again, if you know anything about naruto leave it in the comment section help people out this is gon na, be your usual books and okay. Now this is a special naruto themed, sim ejection tool: okay thats pretty dope. This is the family, crest. Okay, i did a little research. This is the naruto family, crest. Okay, here we go now. This is gon na be a device lets see. What else is in here? Okay, this is gon na, be your usb type c to usb type c charging cable. It does come with a case, a nice gel skin case, and this is your 150 watt fast charging brick.

This is insane again. Samsung apple pay attention. All right white shoes, you see what this is fast charging brick in the box for under 500 bucks now lets see. Is there anything else in here? All right lets see all right, so thats pretty much it for that. Lets make sure okay, nothing else. In the box lets just check the ninja scroll make sure make sure theres, not some secret ninja messages in here. You know what im saying lets make sure this is nice. This is actually nice, though look at this now. Can you can you actually open this up? Lets see: okay now you can open this up now, im going to put this back together, i just want to make sure that we seeing everything we got to see yeah. This is a nice real piece of leather on the scroll, okay, ill, probably write. Some uh write some of my secret ninja diaries on here all right when im going out on one of my kills at night. I write all my uh my hit list on that little scroll right there, okay, now heres the actual phone all right. This is the gt neo. Three now did a little. Let me let me let me take it over to my cheat notes. Okay, now this is the classic naruto headband, okay, on the top in silver, then this is the naruto pattern. Okay, this is the naruto family badge. Lets get him peel this off and on the bottom, flaming orange accents.

Okay. Now again, i did a little cheat sheet because i, like i said i dont, know nothing about this, but this is naruto all right so definitely matches up. This is so sick. I now, if you enter anime devin im talking directly to you, you probably at home, creaming on yourself, calm down. Okay, real me is doing it so big. The goku version is tough. This looks so sexy and on the side note one of the most underrated phones that i reviewed in a long time. The gt uh the gt2 pro the paper thin one with the paperback. This is an epic phone and when i do my phone awards at the end of the year, this might be the most underrated phone winner anyway, back to the naruto edition now i hope im pronouncing that right. This is this is kind of dope, though all right, this is the power button. We got to check these animations and the wallpapers out. Okay, now im not going to make this video take too long lets see if we got any power idea. It is, i said, let me let this boot up and ill be back in talk amongst yourselves. All right, josh will be back in now i promised yall. I was going to keep this video quick, so im not going to go through all the settings and all the features and a little options if yall want to see a full review on the gt.

Neo3 hit me up in the comments and ill do that, but as of right now were just going to focus on the route 2 edition, okay, build quality, excellent, again, thats the headband, alright, the family, crest, flaming orange and check this out. It comes pre installed within the route 2 wallpapers. Now i want to show you all those real quick, oh one, more thing before i do that im going to plug this in watch the charging animation all right now this is in the routine themed charging animation. Now, if you enter the anime scene, you probably know what this is. I dont know i im not im, not even gon na front. I dont know what it is. It might be the uh, the router five families. I dont know the five families of naruto. I dont know but its pretty dope. Now, if you check this out also, you got custom themed, icons, okay, thats, pretty epic, and of course you got your wallpapers, so lets go to our wallpapers, real, quick, okay, now heres the first one, all right now, if yall into anime yall, know these characters. If you know who they are hit me up in the comments, let me know i like this dude right here. He seems pretty badass. He might he. He might give uh goku a run for his money, all right, they, both rock in the same orange. You never know they might know each other, they might be cousins, you never know, and this one right here now.

I like this one right here with the big headband. This is pretty dope. Now i will say this as far as anime. Back in the days i used to watch voltron like when i was a kid i used to watch the voltron with the five lions i dont know. If yall can see that anime or not, i dont know, i know my man. Devin is at home right now or moist creaming on itself. Alright, devin! If you want this one, let me know all right: this is the anime fans dream right here. So im gon na apply this one right here and lets see how it looks. Okay, lets get this uh google bar out of the way: okay bong there. It is the naruto edition. Okay, now one more thing again lets see. Um now i didnt install any more apps. So this is all the apps that came pre installed, so not too much bloatware, okay, but the apps do have a custom theme all right. This is pretty sick all right. So this is the real me gt. Neo3 naruto edition now lets. Do a quick look at the realme nine pro plus free fire version now, if yall never heard of free fire, this is one of the most popular android and ios games on the market. Again, do i know anything about it? No, all right! So if yall played free fire leave it in the comments, let people know what free fire is all about.

Now, as far as the nine pro plus im, not gon na go through the specs, and all that i did a full review on the nine pro and the nine pro plus so lets just see what it looks like. Alright, just the free fire version. Let me grab a little unboxing knife, all right, shout out to my man. The medford guy bless me with the medford knife. You know what im saying its a real knife like it all right there we go. Let me calm down. We got that all this anime stuff is um activating my nerd glands, my nerd gland just swelled up real quick. I like this kind of stuff, though okay. This is the real me. Nine pro plus free fi edition now lets see what this one is about. Now you know this phone is definitely under 500 bucks. Now i dont want to mess up the presentation. Okay lets see. Okay, there, it is, did a fight now check this out. You got the full map. I this is one of the maps from the game. You got the hangar all right. The observatory clock tower all right. People probably get embodied in all of these uh areas. Okay, so lets open this up now. This is a little easter egg. If you buy this phone open this up that nerd, you know what im talking about. Hang this on your wall, all right in full nerd glory! I might hang this up down here right now, im about to hang this up all right.

So this is the full map. Okay, lets see. Free fire now lets see what this is. Okay, come on, ive been getting trolls with these all day. Okay dear to fight. Okay now check this out thats right im back here smiling, i cant see my face, but even on these 500 400 phones im having more fun with this unboxing experience than something like. Let me see. I got another box right here. Look at this now im gon na try not to knock everything down back here, but i feel, like everything come down hold on this right here. You see the galaxy z43 now youre gon na spend 17 1800 bucks on this, and this is what you get charging cable. No nothing else! You spend 400 bucks. Look at this. You get the free fire stickers, all right, free fire dead, elite, boo yeah! I you got the booyah sticker got the shoddy. You know whats this little corvette monster truck all of the symbols all right now. These are two heavy hitters right here she got the sniper rifle, so you know she aint playing around. Look at that haircut. You know he about that life. Anybody that you see wearing pants with flames on them. You know they kick gamers on point all right. They will kick your head off. I got the energy box. Snowboard was a little penguin right. The penguin want the smoke all right. The penguin went to smoke and you know yall know i love cats, yo shoes where you at this cat, this cat will bring it to you.

I know you scared. This cat will bring it to you. Look at that hat all right. This is pretty sick. Let me calm down. Okay lets, see um, oh check this out. You got your real me. Nine pro plus card all right, specifically number just in case you got to get into the free fire after hour spot you got to show them the card. Otherwise, you know you cant get in all right, so this is pretty dope. I know welcome players. Okay, here we go real me. Nine pro plus free fire edition all right now this is a 5g capable phone yall seen the specs already okay, 60 watt, supercharged 90 hertz display under 500 bucks. Okay, here we go lets see, dare to fight all right, so this game is all about fighting because theres a lot of fights on the head heavy on the fight theme on this one. Okay, oh look at this yo. Look at this that looked like a little knife right there. Let me see is that a real knife, oh check this out, it came with this – is the sim ejection too? Oh, this is kind of sick yo. Look at the sim ejection tool. Bro come on bro good. Lord now look, i know, look all yall nerds. I know yall smiling right now, dont! Look! If no! If your homeboys is around you, you play tough guy, but when they walk away smile you i you know you like this.

I nerds you like this because i like it. This is a rambo knife. Silver jackson, oh, this is tough. This is tough. All right lets see what else youre getting i use your books and plug them in follow them. Lets. Take a look at the device now again, i already reviewed this one, okay, so nothing to really get into okay lets power. This up real quick in the meantime, lets see if we got any custom wallpapers on this one. Okay lets see anything else in here. This is going to be okay. Of course, you got a case: okay, gel skin case pretty similar theres, your 66 watt fast charging, brick and usb type c to usb a charging cable okay. So this is the now i like this pre, i like the ninja scroll better, but thats sim ejection tool, man, i i dont, know man. I dont know why that activated, my nerve gland so hard. You all right. Let me um. Let me let me let me pause the video real quick. Let me set this up and well see if theres any uh themes on this okay. Here we go so i just powered it up and check this out. It does come with the free fire lock screen. Lets check the charge animation. Okay, the standard real me charging animation, nothing fancy on that one, but it does say free fire lets see uh the icons that you do have some themed icons.

Okay, all the google ones are stock lets go to our wallpapers and see what we got on deck. Okay, so lets see. We got this one and this one. I will leave the girl right here, like she got the tattoos on the face she been through some stuff, though all right she she she didnt, grow up easy. I you know im saying she aint playing around. I like this, though i like this okay, so this is the real me nine pro plus free fi edition. Actually i remember the goku version all right. This is the final form of this phone, but the star of the show the naruto edition. Okay gt neo3, like i said, if you want this phone, its not available in the us youre gon na – have to get it imported from china, but ive seen around um. Three or four of them on online so far, all of them for around 415 bucks anyway, real me gt, neo3, naruto edition. This is tough all right. This is tough again the ninja scroll all right, yall see. I had to put it back together, im about to throw some chronic or something up in here stash this up in the whip. I might throw some kunais in here. I know a little about anyway. I know a little bit i throw my kunai up in here. Hold on a second, let me see you see like when im traveling, i throw the hawk up in there, throw a couple of phones in there.

You know what they please. I get to all my faults on the charger the brick well lets see. Can i craft this in there? Okay close this up, then ninja scroll bro? This is kind of tough anyway hit me up in the comments. Let me know what yall think about this. One shout out to everybody rocking with me on facebook, foursquare, twitter, google plus shout out to all the google gangsters. I see yall holding down that facebook page shout out to everybody. Hit me up on box up and a special shout out to everybody rocking with me on instagram yall, know thats, where im at full time 100 full throttle and a special shout out to everybody rocking with the new stream on sundays. Yall already know stream gangsters on deck, get your drinks ready. No meat boys are left Applause – oh yeah special shout out to everybody following me on snapchat flossy, underscore carter thats, where im at and a special shout out to the notification squad. I see all in the comment section early salute Music, oh yeah, one more thing. I almost forgot fellas ladies say it with me all: yall haters, all your trolls close your eyes and pitch your boy: floss, Music Applause, energize, Music, Applause, Music. What a situation where everybody in the world uses technology and if youre gon na buy some of that technology, you got ta understand certain things subscribe to flossie carter. It does reviews of all the latest technology, the iphones, the ipads, the galaxies, the samsungs, whatever the the beach by that doctor guy.

He puts his kitty cat in the video stool for you, something to look at. You know im an animal lover, so i like that.