Instead was a massive relief on paul with emptying your bladder after downing an entire keg of strongbow in comparison to the ultra. This nord 2t feels refreshingly compact, even though it is still a 6.4 incher. If you cut my unboxing youll know this blower isnt exactly a massive upgrade over the older nords 2.. Hence its called the nords 2t. Not the node 3. youll find a lot of the same hardware from that node 2 packed into this t model, including basically the same camera hardware. But on the flip side, the node 2 was one of my favorite mid range mobiles of last year. So did they really need to change it up that much and is the nords 2t gon na be one of my favorite mid range mobiles of 2022 worthy of a place in your pocket purse or pants well, ive been using it as my full time phone, so Heres my oneplus nord 2t review and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do plug subscribe, ending that notifications bell cheers now. First up, this phone feels proper dinky, its not too heavy, and you do have some one handed help to boot. So no worries if you are trying to use your phone while clutching say a nice cool pint of lager or a nice tepid pintervale and its a pretty tough bugger to boot. Youve got that gorilla glass, 5 display. You got a pre installed, screen protector for added durability and around back gorilla, glass, 5, once again, and so far touchwood after a good few days of being banged about the place, no scratches or chips or anything to speak of this right here is the shiny, jade Fog model – and it is a bit of a grubby bugger.

Admittedly, that mirrored finish is nice and all, but it doesnt enjoy being funded with fingers that have just been all over deep, fried chicken wings. So, certainly over the last few days, theres been plenty of this going on trying to get off the worst of the grime and while theres no official ip rating for water resistance. The oneplus nord 2t has no issues with being absolutely doused with water. If you live around london, you may recall last wednesday there was a sudden, violent, thunderstorm and downpour at around 11pm. Well, it just happened to be staggering back from a google thing at that time and myself and the oneplus note2t got absolutely soaked. We were both about as moist as we could possibly be, and yet the oneplus nord 2t still functioning absolutely fine, just to prove one plus thoughts. Two th is fine in this storm. Here it is in a storm. Now, on the software side, no shocks there oxygen os 12.1 on top of android 12 complete with a couple of years of android, os updates and three years of security updates and yeah ive heard lots of complaints that it feels like oxygen. Os is kind of losing its identity a bit its just slowly, morphing into basically color os. Now that uh, oneplus and oppo are getting all smushy super, you know and yeah fair enough. I cant really argue against that, but at the same time, all of your fan, favorite features, are still packed away.

Inside of the oneplus nord 2t youve got your zen and life mods, which can help to block out unwanted distractions or the phone only buzzes you with notifications from people you actually like the smartphone personalization options are still very strong. Indeed, although those bit emojis can definitely get right in the seat and just stay there, and i do prefer the new game mode as well, although for some reason it seems to be a complete for me to pull out that menu while playing. Sometimes it takes a couple of swipes, maybe thats just me being cack handed as usual, and even still have a good old, dependable alert, slider up top here as well, so you can quickly flick it into silent mode. Whenever youre, you know going into a meeting or something like that, you dont have time to scramble around in the menus. As for storage, well like most of the mid range mobiles, this base model comes back in 128, gigs of space, ufs 3.1, so nice and nippy. But there is no support for micro sd memory cards, and that is a shame because a lot of other mobiles around this price point do offer that micro, sd memory card expandability and if you do want to upgrade the storage to 256 gigs well thats going to Cost you an extra 100 quid now the oneplus nord 2t sports, a 6.43 inch amoled display and its as good as any other that youll find at this price.

Its a full hd plus panel boasting smart contrast, including full hdr, 10 plus streaming support, along with some appropriately poppy color reproduction. No complaints at all here, especially as that selfie sphincter, is tucked away neatly into a corner causing minimal amounts of havoc. The oneplus has apparently used a fresh new ambient light sensor for adjusting the brightness automatically, and this seemed to work perfectly too. I cant actually remember manually tweaking the brightness a single time as for the refresh rate. Well, this can be scaled between 60 to 90. Hertz youve got that fast refresh for nice silky smooth experience, so you can bump it down to 60 if youd rather preserve battery life, but more on battery life later and the node 2ts stereo speakers are okay, theyre, not as powerful as i would like. So theyre not great when youre trying to watch something with lots of racket going on all around you, something that definitely becomes an issue with the introduction of small children in your household. Although the quality of the speakers is okay, however, another bit of a ball lick with oneplus nords 2t, akin to the lack of micro sd support, is the fact that you dont get a headphone jack on this thing, which is a feature that a fair few mid Range mobiles do still offer, although that said, jacks do seem to be dying out, uh right now, which is a real, bloody shame. However, i have been streaming an awful lot of audio from the oneplus notes, 2t to various speakers and headphones using bluetooth, 5.

2 and no issues, no quarrels to speak over there whatsoever and youve got full support for the likes of ldac, aptx, aptx, hd, etc. So if youve got some decent kit, youll get a strong audio experience. Now, one of the biggest changes here is the mediatek chipset, which runs the shore. The nord 2 rocked a 7 nanometer. Dimensionally 1200 ai thats been upgraded for the north 2t to a 6 nanometer dimension 1300 and the version of the node 2t that ive been reviewing is the base model with eight gigs of ram. But you can upgrade that to 12 gigs of ram again for that 100 quid. Well, i got ta say the overall everyday running of this thing was perfectly fine, certainly with the eight gigs of ram. That was more than enough. Occasionally, one of my apps would get stuck in a kind of permanent state of buffering, randomly kind of like my brain on a sunday morning before ive quaffed, my own body weight in nescafe, but touchwood after a recent over the air update that problem hasnt popped up Anymore, so, hopefully its just shitty water under the bridge that dimensionally 1300 chipset has been optimized for gaming and certainly ive got bugger all complaints. On that front. Everything i tried to play on the oneplus nord 2t ran really well, although i did keep gentian impact on the lower graphics settings to avoid regular drops in the frame rate. The onboard gaming tools allow you to tweak the screen sensitivity, which is a godsend for frantic online murder sims like call of duty allowing you to pull off grizzly headshots with glee or, at the very least, occasionally point your machine gun in the right general direction.

Before some bloody skull, kid blows your nuts off and i had no issues whatsoever with overheat and either even after an hour an hour plus of gaming. Constantly on this thing, it was something to get ever so slightly toasty, but nothing even slightly worrying and connectivity. Excellent. As well, youve once again got 5g and wi fi 6 support on this thing, so no issues with getting online downloading uploading. Whatever you want to do now. Battery life here on the oneplus nord 2t is rather bloody, good got ta say you got a 4 500 milliamp capacity cell crammed in there, and this never ran out of charge before the end of even quite an intensive full on busy day. In fact, most years i staggered to bed with at least 20 still left in the tank and thats with around five to six hours of screen on time and plenty of audio and podcast streaming in the background on top. If you were to go away for a weekend – and you were really conservative with your use – you could just about stretch a full weekend of use from a single charge, but then, on top of that, youve also got 80 watt fast charging as well. So you can plug it in just for 10 minutes or so and get hours of use out of it again, its particularly great, if you want to give it a quick boost before heading out on the town for an evening or something like that or if you Forget to charge it overnight or you simply dont want to charge it overnight, but even if you are a little bit skeptical about leaving it plugged in all night long, you dont need to be youve, got full adaptive battery charging tech on here.

So it wont overcharge. Now this helps to prevent long term battery damage. Now one slight letdown, when the oneplus nords 2t was launched, was the fact that it didnt really improve the camera tech at all over the nords 2. youve got the same primary hardware here, including a return for that 50 megapixel sony imx 766 camera sensor, but to Be fair: this does still produce some pretty solid results all around, especially at this mid range price point, and especially with the optical image. Stabilization lending a hand. Most of my test photos look pretty natural with vibrant colors when appropriate and enough sharp details. They look good on a proper big telescreen. The focus is fast to react and rarely messes up. Even when the subject is in motion at night, you still get attractive, looking picks with that imax 766 sensor, even without employing oneplus dedicated night skate mode, thats, possibly helped along by the dimensionally processors, upgraded abilities. Things have to be really dim before you finally get some green and ugly stuff creeping into your shots. Indoor snaps do tend to come out quite warm, but again with impressive detail, considering they were spaffed out by a mid range mobile, oh, and by the way. You are very welcome for this here horrific nightmare fuel, which comes courtesy of that mental google event. All i can say is, thank god i was hammered by the time i shot these photos now, if anything in this camera setup needed upgrading is definitely that eight megapixel ultra wide angle snapper.

This is all key ish for outdoor snaps, with good light, and although colors do look a bit wonky and the results are pretty bloody dreadful. Once you move indoors, you try actually snapping stuff at night. You can also shoot up to 4k resolution. Video on the oneplus. Note 2t, and this again does the job for your home movies, offering sharp detail accurate, colors more often than not and strong enough stabilization. So your footage isnt reduced to a junky shaky mess whenever you twitch your arm a bit in lower light things, dont immediately. Look terrible and the audio capture was good enough to clearly pick up and emphasize vocals, both in front of and behind the camera and finally up front. Youve got a 32 meg imax 615 sensor for shooting all of those lovely selfies, and this works fine in good light. But in more ambient conditions you will need a steady hand to avoid blur a steady hand. I clearly didnt have after quaffing too many random vodka and tequila cocktails and so that right, theres, my full final, frank review of the oneplus nord 2t and while not a massive amount, has changed up from the original oneplus nord 2. Its still a very respectable and very enjoyable mid range mobile id love. To hear from you guys, if you happen to have been using the oneplus note 2t as your full time smartphone as well, definitely great to have you on mini review shoved into the comments below.

Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech. I have also published a video on the best mid range mobiles. You can grab right now for around that sort of 300 to 400. Pound price points go check that out for more on some of the oneplus nord 2ts hottest competition and have yourselves a bloody good rest of the week.