So hi guys how about the gadget psychic and welcome back to my channel – and i have here the really gt2 pro now but im saying in a great quest over. So i came to review this one and im really excited because theres a lot of good specs inside this phone, so simula manatees a quick unboxing, Music, Music, Music, Music, and i heard that this is made out of recycled material and by pharah salaf. Now filner silicone – and this is color white by pharah. Silicone is Music, is very attractive. So there goes the triple camera select code and there goes the 50 mp in a triple camera setup. Silicon and kita nadito, meron print nang, realme logo, nanaka, chrome and etching. Channel plain parang, gt2 pro and setup the lagano by fargo magaling designer texture. I love it. Okay, so really i! This is probably one of the more premium phone in hawaiian for this year. 2022. loud speaker, type, support microphone and, of course, dual 5g sim slot. So power button design our phone, nato, is equipped with the latest snapdragon 8 gen. 1.. 972. 000 im gon na score due to two and by far its really impressive. What kind of score and two weeks financial bit bit and as my daily driver and im, really impressed with the performance that its given me la lana, when im browsing through social media very smooth when im and when watching videos, im, smooth and full nato? That mirrors a 6.

7 inch, the amoled display ltpo2 naringsha, meaning kinematics switched nodes from one hertz up to 120 hertz dynamically. No sorry, uh dependence, environment and ginagamita more than one billion colors of canada and produce hdr, 10 plus and im going to support 1400 needs some kind of maximum brightness meaning when youre under the direct sunlight grab. It is very tough corning, gorilla, glass, victors, meaning scratch resistant up to a certain level, im sure the sus and this phone is already running android 12 and really ui 3.0, its one of the more snappier the ui in the gamut called the channel and by far Im really impressed lito and and opening apps is very fast and snappy simply something like that: gen one, the cinema but ui 3.0. Definitely a kind of performance is okinoki. Now watching my favorite videos, details of nato – i can say nah displaying this really nice and ganda and by far is almost symmetrical, and this one has an 88.6 screen to body ratio almost 90, but not yet there and massasabico senior the display is nice uh watching Videos here on youtube on netflix, okay, now, okay, the only problem with is the phone is level three, a kind of wi fi security. But if you can flash this to a global variant, well, yeah magicking level, one, but of course uh. You can always opt to buy the global variant ill, be posting it on the description box below just check it out and by the way guys.

This phone has stereo speaker its a limb and the other one is the little speaker right now for a flagship phone or in the shadow im sure, but we would find it out right now: Music, Music, Music and placing the speaker to the maximum. I can see okay, i love the sound im gon na get a reproduction hindi but of course, listening to the sound here coming from the left as compared to the right. But you can always use your favorite tws or bluetooth headphones for better enjoyment than gaming and, of course, listening to your favorite music. Now, speaking of gaming, this phone, because you walk in the park – and so i did play two games here – call of duty mobile and asphalt 9., so both of the games i was able to enjoy it and then response and stream yeah. It touches these smooth and, of course, i love its genuine. I dont expect less from that, so upon playing after two, any of ours has 25 minutes into the game as high as 44 degree celsius. Now uh, not much of a problem. The man seems 44 degree celsius is still uh tolerable, uh gaming, so like a london cooler, theres cooler from really and other brands, which can make this one a lot cooler. This is what nato but playing your favorite games. Engaging phone, nato, 5 000 milliampere arsenal battery liter polymer, and it can fast charge as fast as 65 watts of fast charging and xavi realme.

This one can finish charging in just 33 minutes 200 percent and tinnitus charging here on in here in the philippines, so thinner, mug charged from five percent up to a hundred well in roughly 45 minutes, so its a little bit far from the advertise, the 32 minutes. Maybe casa lana netoni, you know, and this phone has a lot of colors palette, guys paper, white and tomato paper, green still, black, titanium, blue. Those are the colors available for this phone. So guys, right now were down to my favorite topic, its the camera discussion. 50. Mp main sensor, silicone, then 50 mpd, now kind of ultra white sensor, nah grab a imagine the low 50 mp nuggets, then medicine 3mp, microscope lens first time containing a microsoft lens and a macro lens a microscope. So it can take in muscle, enormous detail. Zooming up to 40 times some kind of magnification also imagine imagining this camera. I i was really impressed, though so im going to microsoft, camera and ill be showing you some of my shots later and, of course, at 32 mp, a front facing camera, so bringing this one outdoors i can say na amashat lito is clear and very nice. As expected in the month and bringing this phone outdoors, i can see now be it outdoors indoors, performer camera and taking a quick look, some microscope shot, so i did take in some microscope shots and then uh. I dont know mousepad here on my table and get it up to 20x, which is kind of fun, also youre going to set things up to 40x, but of course you can always try it little its really fun.

So this is the microscope mode by Music and checking my shots from the front facing camera 32. Mp. Definitely sharp im gon na kind of color reproduction, quite natural and taking it indoors, is also nice, and i call them video camera both front and severe, very stable attention, rear camera, very patchy animal colors and using the front facing camera. Okay during channel uh, the helmet image stabilization, but there are times the parameter, jerky a bit um front facing camera, but of course you can always correct it with a good gimbal. You can use it as your vlogging device. Im sure im going to videos of all nato so guys right now, gt2 pro i mean it has all of the specs that gusto monotony so ram 256gb of storage. Then, of course, the dragon 8 gen1, another kind of cameras, uh front and cellicode, and very sleek companion, design, plus sobrang, smooth im gon na screen. This one right now is priced at thirty, four thousand nine and ninety and comment about flash sale, gt2 pro and young. Thirty four nine, ninety magicking thirty 30 990. Imagine that typically the four thousand pesos thing and by far guys i can highly recommend this camera and ganda. So brandon got a camera and im gon na decide its definitely for the books, probably one of the best design. Nafona, we really need to date, nana, and i highly recommend this to anyone whos seeking for a new flagship to play with and, of course, guys on channel dont forget to like subscribe and, of course, hit the little bell icon.

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