Now Music is the ecobees new flagship model. Ecobee smart thermostat premium Music ecobee launched two different versions of this thermostat one is the smart thermostat premium and the other one is smart. Thermostat enhanced the premium ones comes with sleek sync body, while the enhanced build with a plastic body, there is a built in speaker for the akobi premium and there is no built in mic or speaker comes with an enhanced model. There is a built in amazon, alexa or apple cd on this device, but there is no built in voice assistant in the enhanced model and one additional indoor air quality meter, built in with the smart premium and also there is an additional smart sensor comes with this Package, this one is a premium that comes with an additional sensor and lets check the open, bolts and other features: Music theres, a smart thermostat premium bigger than the previous version, and here is the additional sensor. There are the labels for your wiring connection. There is a quick installation menu, there is a thermostat mounting plate and our extender kit – and this is very helpful if you dont – have any power, supply or c wire wire to your existing thermostat, and you can use it if you dont have any power supply to A thermostat and the trim place is up to you if you want to install it, and there is a detachable stand for smart sensor and finally energies. You wall mount for your smart sensor: Music, the new flagship premium model comes with a nice sink body and expander lcd display.

The premium thermostat has four inch touchscreen lcd display with a 540 by 540 pixels resolution. There are four sensors, including in this thermostat one for the temperatures and another one for the humidity. The thermostat can detect the occupancy at your home and automatically adjust your air conditioner and also there is an additional proximity sensor on the back of the smart premium thermostat. This comes two mice place bottom of this thermostat and there is an additional speaker for responding to your cd or amazon rsa commands. The connectivity supports dual wi fi, both 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz. The additional sensor can be used to control the thermostat based on location temperature or the average temperature of both the sensor and the internal sensor of the thermostat Music im going to replace my nest, thermostat and install this ecobee thermostat. The installation process is simple and you can get a walkthrough step by step instruction through the ecobee app. Both the models will come with a 4 inch large display with 540 pixels resolution, and it is pretty big enough and you can easily read from the distance. Since this is a touch screen. You can change the heat or cool settings right from the active screen by default. The screen will stay in a standby mode and if it detects any motion, it will switch from the standby to an attu screen. The standby will at you after a time, delay and it will show you the outside temperature inside temperature and the current time you can access the weather directly from the itunes screen just to tap on the icon here, and you get a current today, weather forecast and Additional four days, weather forecast right from the screen from the main screen.

There are a couple of additional icons where you can access the weather information, indoor, air quality, which shows you voc and co2 reading, and you can have the siri voice control button right from the iq screen itself, and here is an additional button that you can access. The complete menu of this device – Music, the ecobee premium – comes with amazon, alexa or cd voice control. You can use one at a time and if you want to switch from cd to amazon also, you have to integrate your thermostat with your amazon, also using your phone. If you want to use siri, you must have a home, pod or home pod mini connected to the same wi fi network, the built in speaker dedicated to respond to your voice command, and you can ask your calendar appointments. You have more than 24 upcoming appointments here. Are the first three weather information it might rain in the afternoon, starting at 2 pm tomorrow with rain continuing into the evening or ask the thermostat to change the settings? Okay, cooling to 76 degrees, fahrenheit, and even i try to find my watch find my watch its nearby pinging. Your apple watch now or find my iphone comments. Looking for your iphone its nearby, you can mean your iphone now, Music. If you switch to alexa, you can use the voice controls to control any other smart home devices. Alexa did i close my front door whats the weather tomorrow tomorrow in orlando, there will be lots of clouds and thunderstorms with a high of 90 degrees, fahrenheit and a low of 73 degrees.

Even you can ask alexa to ring your phone if you misplace your phone at your home alexa. Where is my phone? Do you want me to call your phone now? Yes, okay, im calling your phone now, since the premium has a built in speaker, you can use for bluetooth streaming play music or play your spotify playlist. In addition to that, you can have a hand free calling or you can do an intercom from a home pod mini placing in a different room, its a message to ecobee thermostat Music for home kit usage, its good news for them. The additional sensors like motion, detection and occupancy sensors are exposed for home kit users, but for alexa and google assistant. I see only the temperature changing option while you are using with the routines or other smart home automations. The ecobee app is pretty powerful and you can do everything that you do on your device right frame or ecobee app. In addition to that, you can have a web interface, you can directly log into your ecobee account and you can access this thermostat premium and do the changes or settings right from your pc. So the conclusion is that the premium has a large display and supports all smart home platforms. This thermostat is for you, if you are planning to switch from a traditional thermostat to a smart thermostat. If you are a nasty thermostat user, and if you want to get an integration with your home kit, you can control to upgrade to this thermostat.

And always you have two choices: the ecobee smart thermostat premium and the enhanced one. If you have a tight budget. Thank you for watching this video and dont forget to subscribe our channel.