You all are doing fine um today, im here with the product from jbl a commercial shotgun, microphone jblcsd290, so im gon na do my unboxing and share my first impressions with you, so without wasting your time. Lets get right to the video. So this is our product uh. Let me get you off the box uh. We have a logo on upper left corner, it says, table commercial comment and on the right side upper right side. We have cwsd tonight on camera shotgun mic. Now we have a pretty good picture of our product, and this is how we have thank you for choosing jbl and hashtag sound your best. We got some key features and specifications and dimensions on the back. The same logo yeah the same thing: csg 200. We have some product details on this side and playing side, and some purpose and thats all so now lets unbox the product so table microphone and double a battery which is 1.5 volt and a divider for using this microphone on your smartphone ill. Tell you about it later so now lets keep this aside and talk about the products. So this is how our mic looks like it has a windshield which have a specific cutout for this product and a jbl logo and yeah its c double sd to an answer. Its written here and you have battery categories where you put the double a battery which is 1.5 watt and syo. I wish this one was a little bit more long and yeah thats all we got on the product yeah and we have a hostile mod which helps you mount this microphone on.

Your camera now lets look at the key features. We have a high sensitivity, convulsion capsule, with super characterized pickup pattern, and the second feature is adjustable microphone gain in three steps, which i just told you about uh minus 10 tb, 0 db and plus db are three gain stages. We have built in high pass filter to cut noise below 200 hertz. Well, i dont think its working well, maybe its just my unit but yeah theres some issues and we have a standard call shivan which helps you to mount this on your camera. Conveniently i think the coolest feature of this microphone is built in sharp mount if you dont know about shock mode its a its a thing that helps you to reduce mechanical and vibrational noises yeah, like i told before it, is powered by a 1.5 battery which can Give you approximately 80 hours of battery life uh. We have a battery indicator which brings green, very small and rare, very slow yeah like useful right, so thats all now lets move the audio test. The whole video was recorded on 0 db, with noise cancellation and now im going to change it to minus 10 db with noise cancellation. So now we are hearing on minus 10 db with noise cancellation on. So this is how it sounds like now: im gon na move it to i mean switch it to plus 10 db with noise cancellation. So this sound sounds like with plus 10 db, noise, translation on and now im going to switch it to 0 db without noise cancellation.

So this is how it sounds like in a b without noise cancellation, so this is plus 10 db without noise cancellation. Now, im going to switch it to minus 10 db without noise cancellation, so this is how it sounds like in minus 10 db without noise cancellation, so thats all so. Im gon na wrap this video thanks for watching and do subscribe.