With this 100 watt power delivery socket its a unique unit on the market. At the moment, you can connect it to a dewalt battery and you can use it to either charge that battery from a usb power delivery charger or you can use it to work as if it was a charger to power, something like a laptop or a mobile Phone or actually a host of other things up to 100 watts, so here we go were going to put it to the test. Show you what it can do and possible uses you might have for it. So, first of all the obligatory unboxing because thats what youve got to do on a youtube review of a product youve got to unbox it, and you know destroy that joy of unboxing things yourself. This is the gb unit, great britain, and so it has a slightly different plug socket to the rest of the world. Uh first of all, lets have a look inside. What have we got here? Some cardboard? We have some things to hang it on a shop shelf. We have a belt clip which im going to just gloss over, because i dont see the point of it myself, but you could walk around with it on your belt all day, showing off. Look at my new dcb 094 here is the charge cable. The charge cable is rated at five amps hundred watts at thats, five amps at 20 volts and its also a data cable in case youre wondering you can use it to transfer data.

This is the massive massive charger rated here in the uk and europe at 100. Watts, the usa, one is only 65 for some reason, and this is the actual unit, the nine dcb 094. The hyphen k means kit, meaning it comes with a cable charger, and i guess the belt clip probably comes with it if they ever sell it separately as well. Uh – and you see here, it conforms to lots of things um, which is good. We dont want it catching fire. No, and this is the instruction manual uh, which is just basically plug in um and the warranty, which appears to only be one year here in the united kingdom or great britain. We like to go by both and theres a bit of cardboard in there as well. I dont you might use that for something you never know anyway. Onto that charge, brick 100 watts its 100 watts. Now i dont quite get the size of this, because i already have 100 watt charger and its this size. Also, it has two ports on it, so you can charge two things at the same time: power delivery pd, i dont quite get it look how much smaller that is – and i bought that over a year ago. So i dont know why its so big, maybe its a safety issue, maybe its a costage. I dont, know thats to give you an idea: thats a macbook, 65 watt charger. So yeah i mean, i suppose, its bigger than that.

But look at that look at that. One ive got there chow tech, but this is the great one. This is an anchor anchor. I said anchor 65 watt nano two charger and look at that compared to the apple one, its so much smaller and look at it compared to the default one. How many of those could you fit into the same space? Um thats, my favorite charger, just if youre in the usa, its even smaller, look because you have tiny little pins on your chat. Yeah! Look because its only 110 volts 120 volts 120 volts its its about an inch by an inch by an inch thats, really small and thats great, for carrying around with you now lets compare the dcb 942, its older model, which is the dcb 090 and um its About the same size um, it actually kind of looks and feels smaller, so its slightly smaller and, of course, the old one only had two usb usb a sockets and theyre rated only at 1.5 amps across both sockets. So even from when that came out. That was pretty poor, whereas this, the usb a is rated at 2.4 amps, which is about 15 watts and then, of course, the power delivery. Is it says theyre 100 watts in and out you can charge your battery and you can use a battery its bi directional, but yeah much much better unit um, the other one i dont know why. I mean at the time 2.

4 amps was a thing that it had, but it never did it uh you, the old one slid on you: didnt need to press the button on the battery the new one clips on, but, and it had a charge gauge, you dont Need that in all the batteries now they all pretty much have all the ones. Ive all got a charge gauge on. So you dont really need thats a pointless feature. Uh, you can see. Ive got a lot of dewalt batteries and a lot of dewalt tools. So, im, not just in this from the tech point of view heres one of my flex, volt tools, its a nine inch concrete cutter and you can take that battery out and oh yeah, theyre 54 volt theyre, also 18 volt or 20 volt. If youre in the usa same difference, theyre the same battery, theyre just different marketing and you can take that battery and you can charge it but one of their fast chargers. They do a fa, a fan called fast charger um and then you can take that battery out of the charger, and you can use that in this as a power its to deliver power to something like a laptop or a phone, and you can do that down. The pub, if youre in a beer garden, you can take your flex volt battery. You can show off to all the people. Look ive got a 9 amp hour or they even do up to a 15 amp hour battery.

Currently, look, i can sit here for several days on my laptop or you can build a building site uh. You can see here im doing some coding on the building site rather than looking at plans, or things like this building site is actually my house, and this is currently what im living in um, which is great fun um, and this is when you need tools like This theres no power sockets, i took them all off the walls, no packs just thought wed see what it was like inside the pub, as well as in the beer garden, because its not waterproof, but it wasnt raining um. But you know you might want to see what its like inside another use would be if youre charging something like a drone youre in the middle of nowhere. Youve got no power, youve drained all those little batteries and you want to charge them all up. It will do a fantastic job of charging, those up what a great piece of kit – and you might go to another pub after that, maybe – and i can confirm it – does continue working in another pub. You can charge your phone at the same time. Add your laptop! I mean, obviously you can charge your phone normally off your laptop, but it charges it quicker from its second port, its usb a and you might then get on the park, and you might be like right. I still need to charge my laptop but its fully charged already, but because ive done no work and ive just been drinking beer, but i want to keep it absolutely topped up to the max and then you might return to the beer.

Another beer gun in a in another barn. We, we really thought wed wed, put this to the test because look see here were doing. Some work were editing the video and um drinking beer. I mean what thats about and then you might go to another pub as well um. Obviously i think its the main use for this device, because they dont always pubs dont always have you know, sockets that you can plug into. Quite frankly, you know you should use your own electricity now, another use for it, and this is a really a really useful and important one uh. They do all do have a charger that plugs into a socket its quite expensive. This is a 30 watt rated anchor again anchor. I said anchor cigarette cigar lighter adapter. That gives you a 30 watt power delivery. There are other ones in the market ive seen up to 100, but i trust anchor as a brand, so ive only got this 31. I think anchor might do a 60 watt one now, but you can see here look its charging the battery in your car. So if youre a builder or something going site to site great, you can charge your batteries up in the car. You can see there as well its not kicking out ive got this little gauge its kicking out almost 20 volts at 1.5 amps, so yeah about 30 watts. Um here we go. This is a very useful thing.

Ive not got one im gon na get one. This is a 100 watt, rated solar panel array. You can see its about a foot wide by half a foot if youre in america and this outputs usb c. So you could charge your battery up from the sun on a building. So theres got limited power. You dont want to start a generator up. You could have this and you could be charging up your dewalt batteries or it might just be. You have to run a really long, cable or something, whereas this you just unfold it. If its a sunny day and thats output, 100 watts thats going to charge the battery up as quick as it will off the mains so absolutely great. To have that as an option and theyre about 50, so theyre, not even that expensive. Now i wanted to test how quickly it will charge up a battery and and that it does output 100. You know, will accept that 100 watts uh. I didnt. If you actually put a battery thats fully charged or nearly charged, it actually slows down the charge rate, so i had to discharge it in the heat gun first and then i put my little gauge on it and its with the actual 100 watt adapter, and you Can see here, look its 20 volts 4.745 amps going up slightly increases as time goes on, thats, thats, 100 watts. Almost you know five times 20. there we go and heres a heres a chart from the instruction manual.

You can actually see here that, with the 5m power battery, which i was using there, it charges it faster than their normal kit mains charger, which is the dcb 115. Actually, charges up that 5m power battery in 65 minutes rather than 75., its actually faster thats. Amazing. Nice, you have to press the button to deep to unclip it, but im just going to show you. This is my favorite battery for carrying around if youve got it with a laptop, its the dcb 189 and its a 4 amp hour battery, as opposed to this is what im using most of my tools is a 5m pack, but its a lot chunkier and to Fit that in your laptop bag, its quite bulky so thats, not what i miss, what id use in most tools, but for powering a laptop i use the other one, its slim, its got slim cells in it and its a bit lighter as well that 4m power Battery will charge up a macbook pro a 13 inch macbook pro. My ones rate is a 50 watt hour battery. Well, that battery is rated at 70 about 75 70 watt hours, so it will give you a full charge and then some now a 9 amp hour battery like this one flex fault it works for that you can charge from that. You can charge it as im. Just demonstrating here that well that youll get many charges. You know you know at least four charges of a macbook pro from from that, i would say um so really good um, i say at least four at least three well go with three.

You get some loss. You know heat loss when youre charging between these things and through the electronics, so um yeah, no, not not four, three, you get three and you might get two out of five amp power, but not quite of course, when you discharge a battery in a laptop you, It never completely drains it otherwise. Itll kill the battery for our american viewers here, thats a 20 volt one, the same difference but in europe theyve never brought this in. This is an 8 amp hour 20 volt battery thats lighter weight than the 9 amp hour. Flex fault: they also even do a 10 amp hour in in the usa um, but theyve never brought it to europe for whatever reason um, but i find quite useful. I bought that on a trip to the usa uh, and you see that im just testing out the little meter just to show its charging its charging uh the laptop up thats connected to thats my favorite one, the the four pound. You can see all these together. If youre, not a dewalt person, look at all these different batteries by different shapes, different size, different weights, theres a lot of options. Now the thing is its coming to the market. Soon, theyve got these other batteries. They dont use cylindrical cells, these flat cells that you get in a laptop or a mobile phone and rumored to be coming in october. Is this one, its a 5 amp hour power stack, its branded and so its flat cells, and these are rumored to last longer be more powerful, but also a lot smaller and lighter.

So when that comes out, that will be the one to get because youll get at least two charges. I would have thought pretty much for something like a macbook pro here. We are showing it look its charging up from that 100 watt, uh adapter im going to just show you where the anchor anchor 65 watt charger um. You can see the flashing light. It changes depending how quickly its charging a little bit slower from the 65 watt, but still ive actually used it ive charged up a battery from flat, its pretty quick. You know, youll do an hour and a half something like that. You know you will charge up a battery from flat a 5 amp hour battery from flat, so its a lot more portable and certainly, if thats whats in your laptop bag. You dont want to be lugging around that massive brick from dewalt thats great for like under your desk or something, but i dont want that. I dont i dont want to be carrying that around with me, its just too bulky, especially with its uk three pins poking out, but just just to show you as well here um. This is a amazon basic usb. This is only, i think, five watts right its a really basic, just normal charger. Youd get with this comes with like an amazon fire stick or something like that. Will it work with one of those or does only work with power delivery.

Wow. To my surprise, look you plug it in. You obviously need a cable that goes to usbc, but look you see how its blinking slowly yeah it will charge you dewalt battery from any usb power source, thats really cool. I really like that. As a feature. It means you could use it literally anywhere with anything. Just show you again the speed difference when you plug it into the 65 watt charger, much quicker, blinking, much faster and obviously thats the fastest is with 100 watt. I dont know how many people can use it as a charger but its there, but that thats, if you wanted a more compact one, you can get them. But those are my favorites that little tiny one inch by one inch anchor anchor charger that one thats it thats. What you want you want that one and that thats, what id get in an ideal world, if youre carrying around with you in your laptop bag or even on a building site, really, because its so small, now im going to show you using it with a macbook Pro so this is normally comes with a 65 watt charger and i found out thats what it all it can take through its usb c ports. It has four usb c ports and coming from that, as a usb power source, look, you can see its running there. Three times, like its around 60. 60 watts of training, ive purposely put something that taxes, the processors and ive made sure that the laptop is drained so its trying to charge the battery and its running the processors at full, pelt and yeah its its doing it.

I mean its charging now i tried it with a 15 inch. I got a 15 inch dell, a 2017 xps 15, which has one usbc port on it and, to my surprise, it warned me that i was only plugging in a 65 watt adapter which its rated at 100 watts, and i was surprised they said. Ah, this is something odd games. Ive got nothing that will drain 100 watts. That was the i thought i did. I thought i had this and you can see that recommends 130 watt power adapter, which it comes with a barrel poor traditional barrel, port adapter. Well, it turns out, even when you connect the 100 watt, which i definitely know can do 100 watt adapters have put the measurement engage on it, uh, even under a stress test that can only actually draw a look 920 volts, 3 amps, so youre up to about 63 watts there, its maximum input, is 65 watts. Now you might be saying, hey, i dont have an expensive macbook pro dell, whatever i dont have a usbc laptop right im, not upgraded, yet ive got an old laptop. Well, of course, i have an old laptop too. You know ive got loads of laptops. Here is an old lenovo, its a bit of a cult laptop the x 230. This is 10 years old. Usbc power delivery. Didnt exist, then it wasnt a thing right. Its got usb 3 connections on, but theres no way of charging it from those all it has is a sort of its own proprietary barrel, port and thats it well.

Can i use this youre thinking? No. This is useless to me its no better than charging my phone up whats the point of spending the money on this wow, those clever chinese people. They have produced a usbc to many different barrel ports, so you just need to type in on something like aliexpress. What your laptop is and usbc – and you will find one of these theyre about five dollars as well, and look its charging it now. I mean theres no warranty with this. You do so at your own risk, but hey its 10 year old laptop. I dont really care and ive been using it with this, and it works fine im using it a lot and its great. This is the sort of thing you want on a building site. You dont want a macbook pro on a building site because you know youd die if someone dropped a brick on it or something or a piece of 2×4 um. Now one thing i did wonder: can you use it as a ups unit? Could you connect a charger to your laptop and connect this, and then it would charge that when it was full and not no, it doesnt work? It only wants to work in one direction. However, you can connect a usba to something like this macbook and it will give it 12.5 watts of power and its not under heavy load yeah. It will work as an ups unit, look its charging the battery and outputting to the laptop.

At the same time, okay, thats the end of our review and test of the dewalt dcb 094.