Maybe this one not that one and remove the rest and now to peel it. Youre gon na place it inside this rubber cylinder and just roll it in between your hands like this, and this removes the skin from the garlic clove. And then it just drops out the bottom, and then youve got your clean clothes here and just some skin on the side: okay, dispose of the skin and now to crush it. You just place it down on the cutting board and you crush it down with this new open designed, garlic crusher, which is really cool and easy to clean, and you can just scoop the garlic out just like so there we go great little gadget: Music, mangoes, a Notoriously difficult fruit to cut because its got a long, thin curved seed in the middle, but with this special gadget you can just press from top to bottom, just like this, and you can cut your mango into three each to manage components. Two flesh pieces, one on either side and the seed easily in the middle. Now i can just use this for whatever i want and all thanks to this great little gadget Music. This here is an oil mister. I really love this gadget. Im just gon na take some oil and first take the lid off and then unscrew the spraying component and just pull it out and then im going to fill it up with oil. In this case pure toasted sesame seed oil.

But you can fill it up with whatever oil you want: olive oil, walnut oil, coconut oil, whatever you feel like once you fill it up. You just want to put the spring component back in just pop it in and then screw it on nice and tightly, and now you want to pressurize the canister. You do this with a lid, you just put it on and pump it up and down, and this forces air into the canister and later it will force the oil out all right. So once youve done pumping it, you just press down the button and you spray out a thin layer of oil wherever you want now. This has so many cooking applications that you can use in so many ways, a simple way to use. It is just on a pan if you want a thin layer of oil, you spray it on, and now you cook, with very little oil or if you want, you can also make it a vinaigrette and add it into the canister. This here is olive oil, vinegar, mustard and honey. A very simple vinaigrette and im, just gon na again put the sprayer on top close it and pressurize the canister Music and once ive done that, i can add a very, very thin layer of vinaigrette to my salad. In this case, just some simple rocket style just to show you voila now i like to keep many of these canvases with different oils ready to go whenever i need them Music.

So this here is a herb trimmer. It comes with little holes to put the stems of the herbs in and then the leaves fall into the little bottles. Now, its very simple to use you just feed the stem through and then pull it through just like. So you just put the stem into the hole and pull it through and the little holes of different sizes for different kinds of herbs for coriander. You just use the biggest hole and its very simple to use and very effective. It quickly separates the leaves from the stems, as you can see now, im just going to do one more last one, so you just feed it into the hole like so and then you just pull it through and voila separated all the leaves from the stems. So here we go, ive got all my coriander leaves on one side and all the stems on the other and all thanks to this nifty little gadget, the herb trimmer well. So these here are known as herb scissors, theyre multi bladed scissors that you can use to quickly and effectively cut through a bush of herbs, so heres a bush of herbs coriander to be exact and, as you can see just with a couple of chops, you basically Trim down the entire bush of herbs into something that you can use to cook with, in whatever way you want now, the only problem is the scissors, do get clogged up with herbs and for that theyve got a solution.

This little brush, you can use to just remove the herbs from your scissor blades, and then you can use all the herbs youve cut. So there we go herb scissors, a simple, effective tool to cut herbs Music for this next one. You want to take a lemon and just roll it on the cutting board, so it releases some of the juices inside then you just want to cut off the top just like this great and then you want to take your spraying device and screw it into the Top of the lemon just like so and once thats in you just want to cut the bottom off a little bit, so it can sit on its stand and by stand i mean this thing. So when youre not using it, you can just leave it on there and then you just take the top off and you can spray your lemon juice on whatever you want. How awesome is that epic, and when youre done using it, you can always put it back on a stand so its ready to use. Now they also make a shorter version for limes, so here im just going to take a lime and again roll it to release some of the juices and again cut off the top just like before, and then you just want to take your lime, juice, sprayer and Screw it in now its a little bit more difficult to get into the lemon, but it goes in nonetheless, and then, when its done, you can spray your lime juice or whatever you want.