It generates negative ions that pull unwanted contaminants out of the air and safely onto the floor, where they cant enter your lungs. Its the same ionizing technology that is used in hospitals and airplanes to keep the air clean and safe negative ions have been scientifically proven to clean air and have been used for decades. Keeping a pure affair in your space will keep allergens and germs, out of it. Purofare is extremely portable, allowing you to enjoy its protection wherever you plug it in its so quiet you can literally sleep next to it. The unique elegant design of the pure fare provides a tasteful accent to any room. Its high grade. Aluminum construction is rust, proof and scratch resistant, so it will stay as sleek as the day you bought it since it doesnt use filters. Purofare is much cleaner and cost effective than its oversized competition, even though its small one pure affair is powerful enough to protect up to 200 square feet of space. In addition to protecting you and your family from bacteria viruses and pet dander, purofare also provides a usb port to conveniently charge. Your phone purefare has been featured in usa today, nbc cbs fox and more with more than 50 000 plus units sold already. Its trending popularity is also confirmed by over 5 000 five star reviews. The environmental protection agency has ranked indoor air quality as one of the most concerning dangers we face today, but keeping a pure affair plugged in close by can keep you breathing safely and easily protect yourself and your family with pure affair.

Today, Music – hey guys, kendall here, so i want to share with you a new product i recently found. It has helped me a ton with my allergies, which i have struggled with for years. Its called the purif air. It is a portable, really compact size, uh personal air purifier, and i have loved it im able to take it with me anywhere. Let me actually go ahead and show you guys what it looks like and how portable it really is. So this is my purif air. As you can see its very compact, you charge it with a usb charge right here and something i really love is that it actually has an output right here on this side. So i can even charge my phone while its purifying the air, which is awesome uh when the blue lights on thats, how you know its working and as you can tell its super quiet, i cant even hear hardly a thing. So i actually sleep with this right. Next to me, and my allergies have been so much better when i wake up. I also use this in my car, along with at the office just to keep the air around me, really nice and fresh. So if you are looking for a way to purify the air around you and have something compact and affordable, no matter where you go, i highly recommend getting yourself a purist air hi, guys its ashley im on my way to work right now, and i wanted to Stop and show you a product that ive been using a ton recently.

This is the portable air purifier from pure affair. I dont know if you guys are like me and you like, having an air purifier at home, theyre awesome for getting rid of any dust allergens in the air. They really help me with my allergies that i suffer from, but this is awesome because its a portable rechargeable air purifier that i can take with me, i use it in the car as a way to get fresh air without having to roll the windows down. I use it in meetings at work, its perfect because its really quiet and its super stylish, so it works for any of my client meetings that i have its rechargeable and the nice thing is that theres a usb port on the back. So if i ever forget to charge my phone, i can actually use it as a power bank and one of my favorite things about this product is that theres no air filter inside so you dont, actually have to buy a bunch of replacement filters and continue to Change those out and what ive noticed after using this is that it really helps with my allergies and ive been breathing a lot easier. Our office gets really stuffy and this has been helping a ton and even my co workers have noticed a difference as well.