That theyve got me to review. Are these vitex waterproof all season footwear? Now they feature nano technology, thats, the technology that allows you to breathe or or water resistance. So, actually, if you were to drip water or to run into a puddle or to spill a drink or even to step out into the rain, your feet are going to be fully safeguarded against the the wet and the moisture so um very exciting. This nano technology and allow you to be all seasons with the same footwear with the same fabric, the same clothing so were going to get stuck in and were going to open the box and see how these footwear look and feel right. So here you have it so these are the vitex waterproof and breathable shoes featuring nano technologies, so they look very similar to a normal pair of sneakers. As you can see, uh you know quite a nice design, quite simplistic, which is good. Dont want to be over elaborate so that they suit everybody um and they come in range of different colors. We have a black pair here and a gray pair. So actually, these v tex footwear feature a 360 breathable and fully waterproof membrane, which is actually unbelievable. They do these two things at the same time, because, generally, if you have waterproof ability, then what they need to do is block the pores of the fabric, so they dont absorb water. Now, as you can imagine, if we block the pores of the fabric, then you cant breathe right means your your feet are going to get very hot in the summer youre going to be running around and you say wonderful.

The the waters not going to come in im not going to get splashed. I can spill anything on these shoes, but gosh is it hot because i cant breathe in them. So actually, one of the features of these vtec footwear and one of the things is is very special to their design and customization is that the pores of this fabric are so small that they dont allow the water to get in, but theyre just small enough to Allow the air to get out theyre very much like wearing socks or slippers outside the house, very much. The style of them and the comfortability of them and the way theyve been designed, is theyre, very soft and very flexible, and they adjust to the size of your feet and the exact specifications of your feet. So you have ultimate comfort and you have, of course, these extreme conditions of air breathing and waterproof ability. The nice thing about this material is its actually antibacterial as well, so thats antifungal anti odor. So, in the summer months, when its extremely hot and youre running around to all places, you can be sure to not have that stinking feeling in your feet wearing the v tech footwear. This high top is another exclusive feature to vtec footwear that allows you to ensure that no matter what terrain that youre running around in that youre protected from the outside from the the actual material seeping, the liquids in, but also from the top of the shoe.

So actually, one of the things about these, this footwear is its a very, very lightweight design. Now you know, lightweight is comfortability, but its also people with back problems and posture problems to have heavy shoes is uh very straining to the back and the muscles. So actually theyve made an extremely lightweight design, i say very lightweight, but this is extremely lightweight. The sole of the shoe is is made with a special membrane that is heat resistant up to 200 degrees celsius. These are available to purchase on kickstarter. The cost is between 89 and 119, depending on the style and the size that you choose um, so theyre very affordable. I think its time we put them on and see how they feel and and test them out. So here we are were wearing the v tech, footwear and, i must say, theyre, ultimately comfortable um. This is really just like feeling like youre wearing your slippers around the house or youre wearing some very thick socks, theyre very, very lightweight and youll sort of theyre, almost like moon boots, very very light and very floaty, so im enjoying wearing them, but heres. The crunch: do they really repel the water? Does that nano technology really resist water and liquids were about to find out all right here goes nothing wow. I mean thats thats. Really quite amazing. You see that the the fabric looks like its absorbing the liquid, but it really isnt this liquid sort of just drips off.

And if i take the shoe off youll see that my sock underneath is bone dry theres, certainly something that im going to be using and trying out, and certainly when im jogging around town splashes puddles leaking of my water bottle are all an issue. And these are something of the past when ill be wearing v tech shoes. So i think these are really quite an ingenious invention. Um. I cant wait to see the other styles that they come up with.